Baby Shower Ideas for Dad


In the modern world of gender reveal parties, fathers can also get in on the pre-parenting fun. However, what is the etiquette for throwing a baby shower for a new or expectant dad? Here’s how to throw a fantastic baby shower for the special dad-to-be.

baby shower ideas for dad

What is a baby shower for a dad?

A baby shower for a dad is the same premise as that for a mother’s baby shower. Typically, the baby shower is hosted by a close friend or sometimes a family member. Guests are expected to shower the new or expectant parent with love, good wishes, advice, and baby-related gifts. 

What do you call a baby shower for a dad?

Baby showers for fathers are more common in certain parts of the world. For example, Hungary calls the celebration a “Milking Party” due to the event traditionally meant to bless the mother with abundant breast milk. Here are a few other expectant baby ceremonies and ideas from around the world:

South Africa – Nappy Braai

In South Africa, diapers are called nappies, and a braai is the local name for a bar-b-que. A close male friend of the expectant father will host a braai and invite their male friends for a ‘bring and braai’ in which everyone adds meat to the fire and tends to drink beer all afternoon. Guests are expected to bring a case of nappies for the new parents as a gift. A similar event is thrown in the United States and called a diaper party.

United States – Dadchelor Party

A new trending name for a party thrown for expectant fathers. It is a play on words with a bachelor party and follows a similar last hooray type of merriment.


United Kingdom – Head wetting

In England, Wales, and Scotland, a new father and his friends will often convene at the neighborhood pub for a head wetting after the birth of a child. Wetting the baby’s head is simply a celebration involving a few too many drinks but rarely with much other event planning or décor requirements.

Can men and women be invited to a baby shower?

Co-ed baby showers are becoming the norm and are often dubbed Jack and Jill baby showers. For couples that prefer to stay away from gender norms, a merged co-ed event can be an ideal compromise and bonding experience.

What do you do at a baby shower for dads?

There is massive scope for tailoring a baby shower for dads to the preferences of the expectant father. If planning the festivities before the baby’s arrival, then male friends could celebrate by planning

  • A fishing weekend
  • An overnight camping trip
  • A day of skiing, snowboarding, or indoor rock climbing for adventure seekers

It’s integral that new fathers stay relatively close to home, as the last thing they would want is to miss the delivery if the baby decides to make a surprise early arrival. For dad baby shower ideas closer to home, take a card from the more traditional women’s baby showers and include baby-themed party games and plenty of snacks.

What are gift ideas for a baby shower for dads?

Traditionally, diapers are given by guests as baby shower gifts for dads. However, it is worthwhile first checking if the expectant parents intend to use cloth or disposable diapers.

Any seasoned parent knows that newborns quickly age out of the first few sizes of diapers, so it is sensible to ensure that guests purchase a variety of size requirements. In addition to piggybacking on an existing baby registry, gift ideas for a baby shower for dads can include:

  • A video baby monitor with all the latest tech
  • Grocery delivery vouchers so that they don’t need to leave the house
  • Restaurant takeaway vouchers for when they inevitably forget to cook
  • A quality car seat because it is way easier having one in each vehicle
  • Fathercraft’s parenting course for first time dads
  • Coffee of the month subscription for when dad inevitably needs more caffeine
  • A single cup coffee machine for when you need to make a quick brew one-handed
  • Diaper backpack that could go undercover as a regular backpack
  • Mobile diaper changing kit to keep in the car in case of emergencies
  • Audiobook subscription for those long nights rocking baby
  • A family holiday package to a baby-friendly destination so that the happy parents can take advantage of their maternity leave
  • A homemade dad-to-be survival kit including such items as:
    • Energy drinks
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Headache pills
    • Protein-rich snack packs
    • Earplugs
    • Childproofing kit for plug sockets and cupboards

Becoming a father is a life-changing event and one that deserves to be celebrated. If you are planning a baby shower for a new dad, then take the time to consider how they would want to mark the milestone.