7 Surprising Tricks to Have Natural Straight Hair


Straight hair slays or curl captivates? Well, this debate will never end. One says having straight hair saves your hair maintenance cost due to no requirement of costly hair crème and conditioners to make your hair frizz-free. The other says due to lack of volume, straight hair appears to be thin and dull. Whatever it is, but one cannot deny that straight hair comes with so many attractive hairstyles, be it a pigtail, a chignon, or just a simple stylish plait. Straight hair can make it all!


The artificial hair straighteners available in the market, which most women use to get their hair straightened quickly in a few minutes, may give you flawless straight hair but can damage your hair severely. So, why not get aware of some home remedies to get straight hair naturally at home without any extra cost? They may not give you pin-straight hair, but can surely straighten it to some extent and make it smooth and shiny. Come, without further ado, let’s dive in!

7 Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Silky Straight

A mixture of Coconut milk and Lemon juice comes into play

Coconut milk is quite popular for making frizzy and curly hair straightened to some extent. Having vital proteins and fats in it, coconut milk also helps in preventing hair loss and promoting the growth of new hairs. Hand in hand, lime juice conditions your hair thoroughly. Enriched with vitamin C, it also nourishes the hair roots and your scalp as well. This mixture is proven to be pretty effective to make your hair smooth, silky, and straight.

Milk and honey will help your bunny!

The essential nutrients present in milk silken and soften your hair and make it lustrous. Thus, nowadays milk sprays are also used as hair conditioners. Honey, which is rich in antioxidants, strengthens your hair follicles and thereby prevents hair loss. Also being a natural moisturizer, honey nourishes your hair and enhances its gloss. So, to get great results, mix honey and milk accordingly in a bowl and apply it slowly to your hair.

Fuller’s earth, rice flour, and eggs have it all

If these 3 ingredients are mixed together with proper measurements, can make your hair straight, at least for some days. Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti in Hindi) helps in cleansing your hair well and softening it. On the other hand, rice flour is also known to reduce split ends. And, eggs, which need no new mention, have got immense benefits to your hair. Containing biotin protein, vitamin A and E, and other essential nutrients, egg helps in making your hair wholesome and soft. Just think, if each of them proves to be so nutritive to your hair, what will their mixture do! The mix of these 3 ingredients is very effective in making your hair smooth, straight, and shiny.


Aloe Vera pulp, that enriches your scalp

Filled with essential proteins and proteolytic enzymes, aloe vera replenishes your hair with all the nutritious elements it has, along with providing a straightening effect to your hair. Apply the aloe vera gel 1 hour before taking a bath, or you may also apply the gel mask all over your hair and keep it overnight to gain the best possible results.

Apple cider vinegar does the trick

Believe us or not, apple cider vinegar does wonders to your hair. Apart from improving your hair texture, it also fights various kinds of scalp infections due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Works against the annoying dandruff of your hair and restores its normal ph. Besides these, it can actually keep your hair straight for quite a few days. What you gotta do is, pour some drops of ACV into the water and wash your hair with that solution just after shampooing and applying conditioner to the hair.

Go ahead with banana, papaya, and curd

The main problem that arises after artificial straightening of the hair is the typical volumeless appearance, which we can actually solve. Packed with vitamins, minerals like potassium, and natural oils, a banana plays a great role in moisturizing your hair and adds volume to it. So, next time opt for a banana treatment rather than having your hair artificially straightened. Having said that, papaya is also no less. It stimulates hair roots to produce sebum, natural oil of your scalp that strengthens and nourishes the hair throughout. We all know how famous curd is for hair, due to its conditioning property. Mix these 3 and apply them to your hair. You’re good to go with frizz-free, silky hair.

Olive oil, your savior

Olive oil, among all other oils, is quite renowned for promoting hair growth and softening it. If you take a hot oil massage before going to bed and rinse it off the next morning, it is bound to show some good results.


Now as we’re done, we would like to say that every hair type is unique in its own way, be it the shiny straight hair or captivating curls or a beautiful wavy one. Nevertheless, if you feel like getting your hair straightener, you can follow some above-mentioned tips for straight hair at home. Imagine getting more or less straight hair, naturally without even visiting the salon and spending a single penny! Isn’t that awesome?