Baby’s 1st Christmas Photos


Christmas has always been a time for revelry, celebration, and exchange of gifts, but this year it is special; you have become parents. The first Christmas of your baby is etched with milestones. It has come a long way from being just a cuddly bundle of joy to a toddler. You too have learnt tits and bits of parenthood and have been enjoying the journey thoroughly. It is time to celebrate the milestones and the journey with your baby so far.  A Celebration does not make sense if it is only transitory.

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Ideas for baby’s 1st Christmas photos

It has to be special so that the image is etched in your memory. But the baby would not remember anything about it unless you keep lively souvenirs of your baby’s first Christmas party. The best way to make a souvenir of your baby’s first Christmas is to take photographs. These are not meant to be just photographs, but souvenirs of life of a human being that has just started the journey of life. So go ahead and get the most beautiful of your Baby’s 1st Christmas photos.

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1} Natural light

While taking baby’s photographs you must take care of the light. Natural light is the best for babies. Young babies are very uncomfortable with strong light. It is difficult to capture them in full bloom in strong light. So the best time to capture the most beautiful moments of the baby are early morning and twilight. At these times of the day the light is mellow, but strong enough for good photographs. Go for a baby photographer if you are not confident about getting the best snaps. Baby photographers also have tons of ideas about props and positions for photographing the baby. The photographs are meant to offer a kaleidoscope of the milestones and activities of the child so far.

An infant travels through various phases to grow up a toddler and then to a child. There are so many subtle moments to capture in frame. Baby photographers are well conversant with those moments and what they mean for the parents. He is the person who can make a lively repertoire of photographs and videos of those adorable gestures, cute postures, innocent smile and all those activities that parents die for. But before hiring a baby photographer for Baby’s 1st Christmas photos do go through some portfolios that he has created. This will give you some idea about the possible props, postures as well as the abilities of the photographer.


2} Postures that can make a perfect souvenir of life

You can get the baby in any position you like and take any snap you can imagine. If the baby is sleeping you can literally do anything with it – put it inside a stocking, get it inside a goodie bag or make it pose in any posture. It just needs some imagination and lots of care for some of the most adorable Baby’s 1st Christmas photos. You have to see that the baby is not hurt in any way.

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3} Baby in birthday suit

Babies look so divine when they are in in their birthday suit. Get the baby in birthday suit with a sparkling Santa hat. Pose it in any way you like. It may catch a cold, so keep it a short session.

Christmas Photos

4} Baby inside a stocking

A nice warm stocking can be a great resting place for the baby. It will fit in it, feel warm and get a good sleep. You can only get it this year, since next year your baby is not going to fit inside a stocking. So, get the most cute snaps while the baby is sleeping in the stocking.

5} Baby inside a bag

Get the baby all dressed up, get it a santa hat, put a baby umbrella in its hand and get it inside a goodie bag. Take snaps quickly, it may just wake up and start crying.


6} Background ideas

There can be so many ideas about background of photographs for your baby.

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7} Light in the background

You will just love the snaps for Baby’s 1st Christmas photos that have lights in the background. Prepare the baby in Santa hat and cute dresses and just leave it on the bed or a prop. Get some lights behind him or make him pose in such a way that the Christmas lighting is just in the background. Take photographs in different directions and capture the baby in different shades and moods.

8} Baby in Santa outfit

Your endearing baby all dressed up in a Santa outfit and sleeping, oblivious of the hullaballoo around him can be a great photo idea for Baby’s first Christmas photos.

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9} Baby in a gift box

Christmas is the time for gifts, but the best gift this year is your baby. Let the baby sit inside a small box, casually wrap the box in Christmas light and take photographs while the baby is playing with Christmas lights.


10} Inside a basket

Babies love to get inside baskets. Once inside they just love to play with tits and bits placed there. So sprinkle the box with Christmas accessories like bulbs, ornaments, blanket or other tit bits of Christmas and make your baby sit inside. And don’t forget to toss the Santa hat on its head. This can be one of the best Baby’s 1st Christmas photos.

11} Sitting in a sleigh

Get into the traditional groove while photographing the baby. Spruce up your baby in a miniature Santa dress and put it inside a sleigh. You will just love the image.

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12} On Santa’s lap

Your baby’s first Christmas photos on Santa’s laps can be a real souvenir of his first Christmas that he will cherish for a long time. Though his first encounter with Santa is going to end up in tears in his eyes, this is something that can really light up your mood in the solitary years in future.

13} Inside a toy car

If it is a baby boy then he is definitely going to love toy cars in the years ahead. Dress it up in warm clothes, make it sit on the wheels inside a toy car and spruce up the car with Christmas decorations. Your baby will really like the image.

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14} Baby in penguin dress

Penguins are cute and so are babies. Get the baby in a warm penguin dress and get photographs. You will love the snaps. Dressing your baby in the shape of adorable animal dresses such as penguins and rabbits can be excellent ideas for Baby’s 1st Christmas photos.

So these are some of the baby’s 1st Christmas ideas that you can incorporate. Try to grace the occasion in a perfect manner, after all it is once a lifetime occasion.