Is Cold Hands and Feet in Babies Normal?


Becoming a parent is exciting as well as a fine job of responsibilities. A newborn baby is felt small and fragile by his or her parents. He or she is taken more care by parents. Parents seem to be more concerned about everything related to their baby. Such a condition is discussed in this article. If parents feel their baby’s hands and feet cold without any fever , it makes them worry . Moreover if the baby stays calm without any discomfort, the worry level increases. It is common to seek baby with cold hands and feet and it is not a problem. The baby’s body is just doing its best for proper functioning.

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Is Having Cold Feet Common in Infants?
Why Babies Have Cold Feet or Hands?
What to do When Your Child’s Feet are Cold?
When to Worry?

Are Cold Hands and Feet in Babies Something to Worry About?

Is Having Cold Feet Common in Infants?

Yes , it is. There have been lots of cases in which the baby’s hands or feet are colder than his/her body. Usually it occurs when baby falls ill but it can be seen without any other signs of discomfort and it is considered normal.


Why Babies Have Cold Feet or Hands?

As the baby is just led out of the womb, the development of child is still progressing with a quick speed. Newborns have more chances of developing this condition than other kids and the reason behind is simple and logical. Their circulation system is trying to cope up with the body’s demands. The basic requirement of body is to focus all its effort on keeping vitals like the heart , lungs, digestive at optimum temperature. During this, sometimes distribution of heat in less vitals like hands and feet are reduced and this is the reason why they seem to be colder than any other part of the body. This simply implies less blood flow , the baby with cold feet or hands.

What to do When Your Child’s Feet are Cold?

Generally, babies with cold feet might not create any issue. However, many parents feel it may irritate the baby and so they can take the following measures to resolve :

  • If baby is naked or just with diaper, make him/her dress. Make him or her wear socks and shirt to cover the body completely for heat redistribution. Make sure you don’t bundle him or her with blankets or woolen clothes if the surrounding temperature is normal.
  • Also keep the head warm because heat loss occurs through surface. Therefore, cover the head by making the baby wear cap.
  • As an over concerned parent, use of thermometer can be done. In case the body temperature is less than 97 degrees Celsius , blankets and woolen clothes could be used for keeping the baby warm.

When to Worry

  • If the baby shows high temperature or fever with irritation signs such as continuous crying or unusual behavior, visit to the doctor is required.
  • Cold feet can be a symptom of a serious disease like meningitis, a disease in which inflammation of the spinal cord and brain is observed. If the baby has cold feet as well as high grade fever, breathlessness, vomiting, neck stiffness. Untreated cases can be fatal.
  • Baby’s chest should feel dry and warm , but if it feels sweating or cold if is matter of worrying. Overheated body might lead to chances of developing SIDS .
  • It is normal for a baby to have cold feet or hands in first 3 months of life , but if the baby does not get adapted according to the surrounding within these 3 months then visit to the doctor is a must.



It is normal for a baby to have cold feet or hands. With time baby become mobile and active , the body circulation improves.


Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!