11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil for Baby


The best time to introduce a wide range of vegetables or fruits to your babies is when they are about to consume solids. Nothing stands in comparison to homemade, nutritious food packed with seasonal veggies and fruits.

You can start weaning your little one with foods like pumpkins. If you are thinking on how pumpkin can work wonders for your little one, the below depicted information would be of immense help. The ideal time to introduce pumpkins to your little one is when they cross the six months’ mark.

Just remember that pumpkin seeds are not suggested to the little one, even if it is a rich source of potassium or iron. Allergy associated with pumpkin is rare, but it is still suggested to seek the expert advice of your doctor. It is not the like the squash of pumpkin, the seeds are a potential source of benefits. In case of infants there is a chance of choking.

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When is the right time to provide pumpkin seeds for the younger lot?

The moment the little one is into solid foods you can provide her with pumpkin seeds. If you are a bit apprehensive that whether the kids can chew the seeds, then it is better to grind them. Go on to formulate a peanut butter consistency and include them as part of their diet. But you would need a lot of seeds in comparison to butter and pumpkin does not have the same. Preparation should be one cup at a time

An important point to consider is if you are planning to provide your baby with seeds or plan to extract, it then removes the husk. It is a time consuming process, but it is worthwhile considering the benefits for your child.


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Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil for Baby

1} Helps in digestion

Pumpkins are considered to be admirable sources of fiber. It aids in the process of digestion and the bowel movements of your little one is regulated. In hindsight constipation is kept at bay.

2} Better eye health

Pumpkin is embedded with vitamin A that is beneficial for better eye vision. If you feed pumpkin to your baby it is going to improve their night vision as well. Pumpkins are incorporated with carotenoids that gives them an orange colour.

3} Improvement in energy levels

A cup of potassium a day is full of potassium which is an instant energy booster. It contributes to better functioning of the muscles and electrolytes in the body are balanced.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

4} Skin glow enhanced

Pumpkins are a rich source of carotenoids, that acts as a barrier against oxidative stress, removes free radicals and at the same time prevents ageing. The properties which is known to keep cancer at bay also ensure that babies have a healthy and glowing skin.


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5} Rich source of anti-oxidants

 Pumpkins are known to contain beta carotene that works out to be an antioxidant. On many organs oxidative stress is reduced. The body of the baby is also known to contain a portion of beta carotene into vitamin A

6} An Important source of nutrients along with vitamins

Pumpkin works out to be a rich source of vitamins along with nutrients that paves way for the nourishment of babies. Say for example, magnesium along with calcium leads to the formation of stronger bones and phosphorous aids in hormonal balance, digestion etc.

7} The baby is able to sleep in a better way

Pumpkins are known to contain tryptophan whereby the body goes on to produce serotonin. The amino acid induces a sense of drowsiness coupled with calmness. Since pumpkin is a rich source of serotonin will enable the baby to relax and sleep in a better way.

8} Better immune system

 Pumpkin is a vital source of Vitamin C along with a host of bio chemicals which protects the baby against any form of flu or cold. In addition, it is embedded with antimicrobial properties as well. Ideally a cup of pumpkin a day can keep cold or other infections at bay, whereby the immunity levels are enhanced.

9} Anthelmintic properties

 It is not all about infections babies are prone to worms and other microorganisms as well. Pumpkin which is an important source of anthelmintic can be your saving grace at this point of time.


10} Better for brain development

Pumpkin seeds are regarded as a great source of Omega 3 along with Omega 6 fatty acids. In fact, they are important for children because it aids their brain development. The development of brains in kids is important along with the other areas of the body.

11} Liver is strengthened

Not only the unsaturated fats which are part of pumpkin seeds are good for brain development, but they strengthen the liver as well. A study points that a mixture of flax seeds and pumpkin prevents significant amount of liver damage.

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How would you go on to select pumpkins for babies?

Pumpkins cannot be classified into the group of dirty frozen items that are smeared with pesticides. This is as per the inputs of environmental organization, so purchase of an organic one is the best choice.

Opt for small, immature ones as they are also termed as cooking or pie pumpkins. It is because they are less stringy or tender in comparison to the larger ones. Do select a pumpkin which is heavy in size and falls in the weight bracket of 2 to 5 pounds.

In case if you are buying a packet of peeled pumpkins then opt for one with an orange colour. If it is an uncut one, opt for one without any soft spots or cuts. In fact, it should not be too ripe


To conclude, Pumpkin is considered to be one of the better foods to your little one. The flavour of it is similar to a squash and it goes well with fruits, vegetables or even meat. You can try to mix pumpkin with rice or chicken provided if you are not allergic to the same.