11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pearl Millet for Kids


Pearl millet, the perfect alternative for your child if he/she is suffering from gluten intolerance, offers many health benefits. Rich in fiber, this wheat alternative is perfect for your child as it ensures stronger bone development, maintaining healthy blood circulation, aiding in digestion, ensuring a clean gut, reduces the chances of constipation and aids in the formation of red blood cells, millet offers more benefits than you can count.

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Giving Peal Millet to your Child:

According to WHO millet porridge can be given to your child after he/she is 6 months old. However, you have to follow the 3 days rule to see if your baby is tolerant to this new form of solid.

Also make sure that the millet is thoroughly washed. This is to make it free of any dirt or debris. Then keep it soaked for at least 8 hours before you decide to make the porridge with that millet. It can be a side dish substitute for rice or potatoes. It can also be used to make delicious bread or muffin recipe.

Health Benefits of Pearl Millet:

Pearl Millets can offer your child a number of health benefits. Starting from promoting a good blood circulation to aiding digestion, pearl millets are good wheat alternative for your child.

Boosts Energy

Being high on starch, this food alternative is a good source of energy for your kids. It is good filler and keeps your child’s stomach full for a really long time.


Promotes Better Heart

Due to the presence of essential minerals and vitamins, peal millets will give your child’s heart an early kick-start to good health. It also ensures proper blood circulations which is essential for your child during the early growth phases.

Promotes Cell Development

Being rich in phosphorus, pearl millet promotes healthy cell development. It is very important for your little one. Cell development is essential during the early phases of growth. Peal millet helps in this cause.


Aids in Digestion

The fiber present in pearl millet makes sure that your child has a fantastic digestion system. It removes any possibility of congestion in the digestive tract of your child and promotes healthy metabolism.

Keeps the Kidney Clean

Irregular water intake can put additional stress of your child’s wee kidneys. However, you must make sure that your child’s kidney functions are regular. Consumption pearl millets will make sure that they are. Pearl millets make sure that the proper functions of the kidney and the urinary tract is maintained.

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Prevents Diseases

Pearl millets have the capacity to promote healthy blood flow and hence any form of diseases in your child. Be in liver or kidney or any kind of cancer probability, consumption of pearl millet will surely make sure that your child is free from any danger.

Improves Bowel Movement

Your child might be still growing the habit of drinking adequate quantity of water at regular intervals and for that reason he/she might suffer from irregular bowel movement. Being rich in fibers, pearl millets are good for your child’s bowel movements and other gastrointestinal problems.

Boosts Red Blood Cells

Pearl millet is also rich in iron which makes it a good food source to boost the level of hemoglobin in your child’s blood vessels. This helps in the formation of more and more red blood cells in your child’s body. More amounts of red blood cells will ensure that your child’s body is oxidized optimally and he/she stays energetic throughout the day and do not get tired very often.

Maintains a Clean Gut

The amount of fiber present in pearl millet makes sure that your child’s digestive tract is clean and healthy. Fiber rich food alternatives like sorghum make sure that your child’s bowl movements are regular and he/she can enjoy a clean and healthy gut. The amount of fiber also makes sure that your baby will not suffer from constipation or similar forms of stomach related troubles. The fiber present in millet binds with bile acids and comes out from the body in the form of feces. Since bile acids are removed, cholesterol is reduced considerably from child’s body. This helps your child’s body to remain free of toxic and the adverse effect of irregular bowl movements.

Stronger Bone Development

Pearl millet is rich in magnesium and phosphorus and hence will definitely aid your child’s musculo-skeletal growth and development. The consumption of pearl millet will also make sure that your little one’s teeth and nails are also well developed.

Many times, lack of proper nutrition, can hinder the hair and nail growth in your child. That is the time when food alternatives like pearl millet prove to be handy. The amount of phosphorus and magnesium present in pearl millet helps your child to relish a good structural development.


Improves Skin Health

Providing nutritious alternative to improve the skin health is very essential in your child’s early growth stage. Pearl millet contain certain amount of tannin acid (some of which remains even after washing/boiling/drying) and it provides enough nutrition to keep your child’s skin healthy.

The nutrition contained in pearl millet allows your child to enjoy a smooth and healthy skin and the overall skin texture remains free from any kind of rashes or infections.

Precautionary Measure

Though pearl millets are marvelous dietary alternative but at the same time they belong to group of non-scientifically established “gluten grains”.  So if your child is prone to wheat-related conditions like gluten-sensitive enteropathies or celiac spruce then it is better to consult the pediatrician before offering him/her with sorghum. There is no gluten-free alternative of sorghum so before feeding your child with sorghum you should ascertain whether or not your child is prone to gluten related allergies and intolerance.

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