11 Amazing Health Benefits of Borage Oil


What is borage oil? A natural health supplement that has profound impact on your body. Incidentally it is a nourishing oil which will improve your general health and address specific conditions.

Also referred to as star flower it is a leafy green coloured herb. This plant has its traces of origin in Syria, though worldwide it is found. It depicts a cucumber like flavour and for this reason it is part of various salads. But the real catch of the plant is incorporated in the seeds.

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Importance and Health Benefits of Borage Oil

The natural version of borage oil, is a pocket skin dynamite and works as a traditional remedy. For over 1500, year’s borage seed oil has been used. The borage seed extracted has a colour of golden yellow and it is present in liquid forms or capsules.

If you are keen to beautify your garden or to reap in the health benefits the onus is on you. But it is suggested that you absorb the benefits of borage oil or seeds as it can work wonders for your skin or hair. In addition to this, it has a host of other benefits and let us depict them in details

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory situation, where pain or stiffness in the joints is encountered. On consumption of borage oil, the symptoms of arthritis are eradicated in comparison to traditional medical therapies. It is because of this feature, it is being used in combination with other treatments as it paves way for lower dosage of medications to be administered.


2. Sore throat

Borage oil has a long history associated with clearing sore throat along with respiratory complaints. If there is any form of infection you will face inflammation. So the misery of a sore throat is a foregone conclusion with the use of borage oil. A study points to the fact that patients who consumed borage oil along with fish supplements spend less time in the hospital. This is in comparison to people who did not consume them.

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3. Eczema

Borage oil can provide timely relief from itching or dry skin paved by eczema. It is not a quick fix solution and you would need to wait for six weeks before the benefits emerge. It is also helps to restore levels of GLA in the body.

borage oil

4. Dry skin

Borage oil works out to be a rich moisturizer whereby your skin levels are kept intact. With the help of borage oil, the moisture barriers of your skin are restored that is prone to any environmental damage. It is suggested that you apply the oil at a tropical level in consortium as a dietary supplement augers well.

5. Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a disease whereby gum damage along with tooth loss occurs. A host of factors come into equation which can be used for preventing and treating this disorder. You can follow the advice of your physician for oral hygiene and borage oil will prevent anti-inflammatory levels


6. Cradle crap

A seborrhoea dermatitisthat takes a toll on the infants. A pattern of dry scalps appear on the face,eyelids and even the torso. On using borage oil, it went on to penetrate the skin with excellent results. On administering the oil supply of GLA was maintained intact.

7. Rosacea and Acne

Some of the common skin conditions could be altered significantly with dietary supplementation and application of borage oil. It is beneficial for acne as the fatty acids present in them dilute the sebum. In the traditional context it is secreted more with people affected with acne. In addition to this the oxidative damage to the sebum is reduced considerably.

8. Menopause

Since borage oil is embedded with anti-inflammatory properties, it is possible that the level of discomfort is reduced during menopause. Regular usage of borage oil will help you get rid of the breast pain along with mood swings. It would be a better option to take a magnesium supplement as low levels of it has an impact on menopause

9. Stress

The role of the right levels of stress is important in case of stress reduction. Some of the common fatty acids that contribute to lower levels of stress are EPA, GLA, ALA and DHA. On consumption of borage oil you are bound to gain significant levels of stress removing GLA. Coupled with an oil supplement of fish will work its way towards DHA and EPA levels.

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10. Treats dandruff

In the modern times, scalp conditions along with dandruff are common hair problems. Throw the blame on pollution, diet or anything that might strike your mind. The problems are compounded by the fact that it is hard to eradicate them. This complaint will be a thing of the past if you use borage oil. You will be proud of the sumptuous looks.


11. Contributes to the overall wellbeing of your health

With the above mentioned benefits, borage oil is nutrient rich. It is incorporated with omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, and potassium along with B complex vitamins. The role of all the nutrients in the smooth functioning of your body is important. In hindsight they contribute to the overall wellbeing of your health.

To conclude, ideally the consumption of borage oil should be restricted to 3 ounces a day. But when it comes to eczema or skin conditions 1 or 2 ounces is enough. To ensure the highest quality of borage oil, ensure that cold pressed oil is used. Be aware that the oil is fresh as it is incorporated with polyunsaturated fat. In order that it is a long life, keep it in a dark and cool place.

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