9 Week Ultrasound – All You Need to Know


In the 9 week ultrasound, you can see the foetus which is now the size of a cherry with an approximate height of 0.9 inches and 0.07 ounces weight. By now, you will have a slight bump as the baby gains steam and starts growing at a good speed.

Reasons for a 9 Week Ultrasound

Apart from monitoring your pregnancy health metre, the major reasons for a 9 week ultrasound are:

  • To determine your due date
  • To know more about your history of miscarriage if any
  • Check whether there is any abnormal bleeding
  • To check your ovarian health
  • To monitor the potential risk factors
  • Check whether there is a possibility of gestational diabetes

week 9 ultrasound

What to expect during your 9 week ultrasound?

The ultrasound this week can be conducted vaginally or externally on the abdomen. Typically, a 9 weeks 3D or 4D ultrasound is conducted transvaginally. In this method, the technician inserts a probe inside your vagina. The probe emits sound waves that allow you to see your foetus on the screen. There is no need to worry as this does not hurt.

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3D Ultrasound at 9 week

During this 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you will see the foetus on the screen. You are bound to notice that the baby is growing at a fast pace now! You will be able to view a detailed gestational sac, yolk sac, and the foetal pole. Your baby is no more an embryo, but has developed into a foetus! The little one has reached its first milestone in the growth process!


On the screen, you will see that your baby is developing distinct facial muscles, along with developing tiny doll-like ears, eyelids, and a nose. The major organs of the baby are developing rapidly. The baby at this stage looks way more developed than it did the last time you had an ultrasound. The arms and legs are growing and gradually beginning to develop fingers and toes.

The other major organs like the lungs, heart, and brain are also developing and enabling greater flow of blood and oxygen throughout the baby’s body.

4D Ultrasound at 9 week of pregnancy

A 4D session of this ultrasound will be conducted by your doctor to give you a better understanding of the baby’s development and take a look into possible abnormalities. This is the first time you will hear the foetus’ heartbeat through a foetal Doppler monitor. Until the previous ultrasound session, you only saw the beating heart on the screen and heard a mild sound of it. This is indeed a special week that you’ll want to remember!

9 week Ultrasound for Twin Pregnancy

If you are carrying twins, you will hear multiple heartbeats that are clearly audible in a rhythmic pattern that will definitely feel like music in your ears! You will also see that a thin membrane between the two sacs is beginning to develop. This membrane keeps the foeti connected via a nutritional tract as they share everything, yet separated to have their own spaces to grow in.

Risk of miscarriage during 9 weeks of pregnancy

The risk of miscarriage is definitely high on your mind at this stage. The ultrasound this week is crucial because it ensures your foetus’ scope for further development. Once the heartbeat has been successfully traced, the risk of miscarriage reduces to only 3%. You can now lie back peacefully and get the other tests done to ensure that your baby is growing well.

What to expect post the 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound?

During this visit, the OB will take a sample of your blood to test the level of the pregnancy hormones running in you, the composition of your blood, and the count of RBCs and WBCs. These factors will help determine the course of your medication and plan your diet. There will also be a blood test to determine the rate of possibility of gestational diabetes.


A pap smear will be conducted on you to check whether there is a risk of cervical cancer and STDs. Furthermore, there will also be a urine test to keep a track of your protein levels. Proteins are essential for the baby to absorb, as they help in its overall development.

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Now the time is appropriate for you to ask for print outs to take home and preserve. The baby’s pictures on the 3D screen and visible movements on the 4D screen are now even clearer and bigger than they were last week!

Although the ultrasound test at week 9 is taxing, if everything goes fine, you are all set to carry on for about eight more months before another ultrasound. Enjoy every moment of this journey!