9 best tips to come out of this lockdown healthier and stronger


This lockdown has been very challenging for all of us, and both our mental health and physical health have taken a hit. It is difficult to remain productive and go on about your daily tasks, be disciplined, and follow a routine to live a strong and healthy life. However, it is what it is!

fitter and healthier

9 tips that can help you to be fitter, healthier, and stronger after lockdown:

  1. Watch what you eat – There has been a lot of talk about developing a strong immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rest of the scenario is not in our hands, but we can try our best to improve our and our family’s immune system. There are quite a few ingredients that are being recommended by health experts to increase your immunity in these trying times. Some of these are – cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, tulsi leaves, cloves, turmeric powder or chopped, and green leafy vegetables as usual. Most of these ingredients can be easily added to your regular cup of tea or to any other regular recipes that you are making for the day. Turmeric powder can be easily consumed by mixing it with a glass of whole milk. Yes, it is not the tastiest drink, but it can be packed with immunity boosters so don’t complain!
  2. Watch when you eat – Apart from being mindful of what you are putting in your body, also make sure that you are eating at the right time during this lockdown. Since we have nowhere to go or no work meetings to attend where we can’t be late, it is easy to sleep till late and miss breakfast. It is also equally common to stay up till night with your eyes glued to your phone or laptop and snacking at midnight or late at night. Needless to say, these are very bad habits which can adversely affect your physical health. Make sure that you are eating three proper meals a day with regular intervals. Try to have breakfast by 8-9 am, lunch by 1-2 pm and dinner by 8-9 pm again. You will be surprised to know how much eating at the right time can affect your weight and energy immunity levels.
  3. Get enough sleep – Sleep is probably the one thing that you looked forward to the most during the pre-lockdown days when you were burdened with late-night office work. Now that you have the golden opportunity to stay at home, please try to get enough sleep. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended by health experts, and studies show how sleep is linked to developing your immunity. After a long day of working, it is essential to get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, as it is important to sleep on time. The ideal would be 11 pm-5 pm or 12 am-6 am to wake up refreshed and energetic for the next day. Your body and mind need to rest, to build up strength and keep you healthy.
  4. Try to set a rough routine and follow it – The biggest challenge in lockdown is to follow a proper chain of events because of how our daily routine has been messed up by no school, university, or office. Try to make a checklist in your phone or write it in a notebook and tick off things as you accomplish them in your given time frame. Add what you have to do in order of priority and the time for when you should do it. This will help you to keep track of how you are passing your days and give you a sense of achievement when you do finish them off. Also, this helps in developing organizational skills and time management skills, which are greatly appreciated in every environment.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated – Remember we learned in childhood that our body is 70% water? Well, it is true! Water is so important for our human body but we tend to neglect it. Water improves our health, helps us digest food, activates our cells and keeps our body strong and healthy overall. Make sure that you keep a water bottle by your side and hydrate at regular intervals.
  6. Stay active – This lockdown is not a challenge to come out with your best body, but it is important to exercise. So try yoga, dance to your favorite song, or follow a beginner’s exercise routine from YouTube. On lazy days, just walk inside your house but be physically active to burn calories and be aware of your body.
  7. Try a new recipe – This is the time that you have the chance to indulge in things that you haven’t before. Cooking food is our basic sustenance and it would be so cool to learn to make something that is healthy and tasty.
  8. Reach out to friends and family – Mental health is as important as physical health. If you aren’t feeling too good, don’t hesitate to talk to your trusted near and dear ones. This lockdown, away from the contact of people, can be hard on you.
  9. Develop these things in the form of a habit – The crucial step is not to just follow the above things for one day in lockdown but to continue it every day. Even if you feel tired, try to follow the above the best you can without exerting too much pressure on yourself.

Malls, restaurants, family vacations- none of these are options to relax for some time. We can either crib or cry about it, or we can try to make the best of this adverse situation. We should remember that this is also a unique time where we do have the luxury of staying indoors for a long period, and with the time we save from not having to go out, we can actually pick up many skills and nourish our lives.