11 Natural Remedies to Relieve Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy


Pains and cramps during pregnancy are not uncommon. It is obvious that the would-be-mother often gets highly perturbed with such symptoms. But actually there is nothing much to worry about. The most common pain is that of round ligament pain. There are many reasons which might cause these abdominal pains and cramps. These include gas formation, bloating, food poisoning, constipation, etc. Some women might also have pregnancy problems like preterm labor and ectopic pregnancy. Until and unless the pain is excruciating and has other unusual signs, there is no need to worry regarding the same.

11 Natural Remedies for Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

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Perform mild exercises

If it is pelvic pain during pregnancy, it is recommended to do light exercises. Lack of movement causes pain in the muscles and tissues and it is important so that the muscle is relieved from the strain. Stretching, walking and even meditation help in making the muscles flexible and loose thus easing pain.

Hot showers help

Hot showers have shown to provide great relief from abdominal pains and cramps during pregnancy. For easing pelvic pain, taking hot baths twice a day is a great idea. The stretched muscles during pregnancy get relieved and relaxed with the hot shower. Most women have got excellent results with this simple remedy.

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Meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga not only relax the mind, but work wonders for the body as well. Practicing meditation and yoga on a regular basis helps in getting rid of body pain in a highly effective manner. Pelvic pain caused due to pregnancy can also be combated with this simple yet effective technique. Blood circulation is improved with yoga and meditation and hence pain is relieved.


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Reduce intake of caffeine

Caffeine might be a cause for abdominal pain during pregnancy in many women. This is because this particular component can induce acidity, gas and lead to bloating. Caffeine is not only there in tea and coffee, but also in sodas and chocolates. This is the reason most doctors advise to limit caffeine intake during pregnancy.

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Keep the legs raised

Keeping the legs in an elevated position helps in reducing abdominal pain during pregnancy. Sitting with elevated legs helps in boosting digestion. Even while lying, put some pillows under the feet so that pressure on the intestine due to the enlarged womb is reduced considerably. This will also help to avoid pedal swells.

Dress in a comfortable manner

Proper dressing during pregnancy is very important so that you remain comfortable. Refrain from wearing dresses that fit around the abdomen area. This is particularly applicable for eating as the belly distends a bit then. In tight clothing, it would be quite painful and uncomfortable. It might also lead to breathing difficulties. Wear loose, comfortable clothes during pregnancy.

Increase the amount of fluid intake

Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be caused by gas formation and bloating. The best way to deal with the problem is by consuming water. Increase the volume of fluid intake so that toxins from the body are flushed out completely. With water increase, the problem of constipation can also be averted to a great extent during pregnancy.


Break the meals

During pregnancy, it is not possible to consume food at once. It might lead to acidity and other digestive disorders. The best thing to do is to resort to fewer and frequent meals. The process of digestion becomes sluggish during pregnancy and eating small meals helps the system to work properly enabling better nutrient absorption and digestion.

Adding foods with anti-bloating qualities

There are many natural ingredients readily available in your kitchen which have anti-bloating qualities. Some common ones among them include cinnamon, basil, cardamom, peppermint, anise, coriander seeds, ginger, honey syrup, etc. Herbal tea can be made from any of these ingredients. Sip on the tea and reap the benefits from these.

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Refrain from sinful foods

If you suffer from abdominal pain during pregnancy, it is highly suggested to refrain from eating any kind of sinful food. There are sinfully delicious food cravings during pregnancy, but overindulgence might prove to be bad for the mother and the baby growing inside.

Look for de-stressing ways

Stress is a killer in all conditions and more so during pregnancy. You might not be aware, but this is one potent cause for abdominal pain during pregnancy. Look for ways which might help you to de-stress in the best possible manner.



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