11 Health Benefits of Molasses for Children


Molasses is the sweetening agent in sugar cane and beet root. It is a thick and dark brown syrupy byproduct of sugar-production process. Its quality depends on the refining process, the source of sugar, i.e cane or beets, amount of sugar being extracted etc. However, it has a very good mineral content irrespective of its source. It is known for its many beneficial properties for adults as well as children. In Asian countries, it has been used for a long time for its many beneficial properties.

11 Must Know Health Benefits of Molasses for Children

molasses for children

Beneficial contents

It contains a number of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron, copper, chromium, phosphorous, cobalt, sodium etc.. It also contains nutrients such as Niacin, Vitamin B6, Thiamine, Riboflavin etc, not to mention carbohydrates and sugars which are present in ample amount. Moreover, it is low in both fat and fibre.

It is a storehouse of energy

Due to its high carbohydrates and sugar content molasses can be a very good source of energy. Children who otherwise have an aversion to food may love the sweet taste of molasses and get the required energy.

Improves vision and enhances cognitive ability

Molasses is rich in iron which is helpful for good vision in children. It also enhances their cognitive abilities. Increased ingestion of iron helps the blood to carry more oxygen as iron is a constituent of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to different systems of the body. This helps the growing body systems in children to get more oxygen from the blood and develop fast.

Helps in building strong bones

Strong bones are essential for children. They are developing fast and their bones need to keep pace with this growth. They need foods rich in calcium and magnesium because these minerals are responsible for growth of strong bones. Your child can get both calcium and magnesium from molasses. This can spur growth in its bones and protect the bone from diseases.


Helps to build immunity

Magnesium is responsible for building immunity to common ailments in children, such as twitches in the eyelids, muscle spasms etc. It can also reduce the severity of asthma, as some children do suffer from asthma.

Protects the body from toxins

Toxins are everywhere – in food, in water and in the environment. These are more harmful to children than adults since the immunity in children is not yet fully developed. Molasses contains a large number of a variety of antioxidants. Antioxidants save tissues of the body from oxidative stress arising out of the effect of the toxins. As a result of its antioxidant properties, molasses can save your child from the oxidative damage caused by various environmental toxins.

Weight management is a key benefit

Molasses contain a number of polyphenols. These are compounds which have a high degree of antioxidant property. A study has pointed out that molasses helps in lowering the absorption of fat in the body thereby reducing obesity to some extent. So you can help your child with some molasses if it is developing fat or has developed obesity.

Prevents cancer

The same antioxidant property that is helpful in reducing obesity and reducing the damage from toxins can help prevent development of cancerous symptoms in children. There are a number of antioxidants in molasses which can fight a variety of toxins and therefore cancer.

Helps children with constipation

If your child is suffering from constipation then molasses may help him. Studies have pointed out that a combination of molasses and milk is effective as enema much like sodium phosphate enemas given in hospitals. You may give your child a glass of milk sweetened with molasses to drink every day to treat constipation.

It is good for rheumatism

Though instances of rheumatism are rare in children, some children may suffer from this problem. For those children molasses can be beneficial. Molasses has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help with problems of rheumatism.


A treatment for hypokalemia

If your child is suffering from hypokalemia, i.e a lack of sodium in blood, then molasses may help him. It contains potassium which is essential for proper muscle functioning and regulation of electrolyte balance in the body. Your child may suffer exhaustion if it does not have adequate level of potassium. You can treat this problem to some extent with the help of molasses regularly.

Speeds up healing of wounds and cuts

Molasses has been long used for its property to heal wounds and cuts fast. It is also found to be helpful in speedy healing of tissues. The variety of minerals available in molasses may be responsible for its property to heal wounds and cuts fast.



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