7 Awesome Tips to Survive Winter Pregnancy


vaccination, exercise, hand sanitization, carry water always, wear crampons, avoid shoveling snow and put on layers are some of the awesome tips to survive winter pregnancy.

Winters are wonderland—but when you’re expecting, it also brings many seasonal hazards. Dehydration, freezing temps and icy sidewalks can all get in the way of you enjoying your best phase of life. Those are some treacherous conditions for anyone. The snow is rising high, the wind is dropping, the sidewalks and roads are hidden below snow. Here are some amazing ideas to get you through the cold snap when the temperature is way down.

7 Ways to Survive a Winter Pregnancy

winter pregnancy


Your immune system functions in a slight different way when you’re pregnant, so to protect yourself from diseases it’s suggested that you get a flu vaccine. The Center for Disease Control has stated that the flu shot is safe for pregnant women and their developing babies. The risk for complications due to flu is much higher during pregnancy, so you must ensure that you and your little one are safe with one quick poke.


It’s not easy to go for a walk in the streets when there’s snow on the ground and everywhere and also the air makes your lungs feel like they’re filled with ice. Try scheduling some light indoor exercise to keep yourself sane and fit this winter it will also make your body warm. If you don’t want to join a gym during pregnancy which usually most women avoid, invest in a prenatal yoga classes or DVD if you want to stay home and a yoga mat, go to the local mall and walk for an hour, or get a day pass at the local indoor pool with slight warm water to relax your body.

Hand sanitization

The best way to avoid germs from entering into your body is to keep your hands clean and sanitized. Wash your hands whenever you come in from running errands, when you come in contact with someone who seems to have flu, after every bathroom visit, and before eating anything. Carry a hand sanitizer for those times when a sink isn’t nearby to keep your hands clean. It’s hard enough to be pregnant and not having to deal with winter cold.


Carry water always

When you’re not sweating you can’t be sure how much water your body may be utilizing. The stinging cold air is very dry mostly, then you go inside to a dry, heated home or office; you won’t even know how much water you’re body is losing. You should be drinking at least 64 ounces (8 cups) of water every day if you are pregnant, so carry a water bottle everywhere you go.

Wear crampons

You may love to wear your classy boots or their high heels or your slipper-like boots for their comfort and be fashionable. But slipping and falling is a chance you don’t want to take when pregnant.
During pregnancy you carry an extra weight in front which can make you a little wobbly. If streets are icy, you need to do everything you can to prevent slips and falls since those can be dangerous. While crampons isn’t any stylish option, but they will help in keeping you safe in slippery conditions. They can be slippery on regular the flooring, so be sure to take them off before you step inside. And wear them when you step outside.

Avoid shoveling snow

Pregnancy hormones can make your joints loose and your belly which is growing big can make your muscles to separate. Don’t get outside to handle those snow blankets by yourself because snow is heavy and all of that twisting and lifting it up can easily lead to an injury. Get your partner’s help to take on all of the shoveling, or pay a local man to clear the driveway.

Put on layers

Its chilling outside but you have managed it to be warm in the house and don’t want to change the entire attire again and again when you step out and step in so here’s a simple trick wear a few layers so that you can take them off or add as needed easily. Wear a camisole or t-shirt and then a button shirt, a cardigan, and a fun jacket will give you many options to get through all of the temperature changes. Be creative, and stay warm or cool at times.

Try these hacks to get through winters easily and yet enjoying it. These tips will help you to stay safe during winters while you are expecting.

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