9 Interesting White Wine Substitute for Pregnant Woman


White wine vinegar, ginger ale, white grape juice, chicken and vegetable stock, apple juice, lemon juice, water, soda water and mocktails are some of the interesting white wine substitute for pregnant woman.

White wine is an important ingredient in many recipes as it gives a distinct flavour to the dishes. But enjoying it’s flavours may not be the best thing to do during pregnancy. The intake of alcohol in any form can increase the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the baby. Hence, pregnant women are advised to avoid the intake of alcohol. However, the best part is, you can still enjoy the flavour of dishes with white wine by using a substitute of white wine in the dish. So, here we have a list of non-alcoholic substitute of white wine.

Some people use ginger ale, white grape juice, vinegar, vegetable stock or chicken stock, apple juice and lemon juice as a substitute while some also use water to replace white wine. Dry vermouth and sherry are also a good substitute of white wine. Let’s explore these ingredients in detail.

9 Facts about White Wine Substitute for Pregnant Woman

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White wine vinegar

Vinegar is a commonly used fermented acidic liquid in cooking. It is commonly produced from apple cider, coconut water, malt, or rice and contains acetic acid and other components similar to wine. So, it works as a perfect substitute for it. It is little more acidic than white wine so it should be diluted before use. It contains a very less amount of alcohol and the quantity of alcohol reduces after cooking. So, it does not pose much threat.

Ginger ale

This is a carbonated drink which is flavoured with ginger and contains some other components such as lime, cane sugar and lemon. Due to it’s similar colour and properties such as sweetness, it is considered to be a great substitute for white wine in dishes which have a little ginger flavour. It is acidic in nature but can be used in equal amount as white wine. It’s acidic property makes it a great meat tenderizer.


White grape juice, as a great substitute of white wine

White grape juice is an excellent non-alcoholic substitute of white wine due to its rich flavour. It can used in similar amount to that of whine due to similar flavour and colour. In order to reduce the sweetness, a small amount of vinegar can be used which will increase the acidity and tartness of grape juice. White grape juice with vinegar makes a fine combination to marinate vegetables or meat. Moreover, grape juice is not just tasty, it is healthy too. It contains polyphenol antioxidants which have the potential to boost immunity and lowers the risk of heart diseases such high blood pressure.

Chicken and vegetable stock

Stock is a liquid prepared by simmering animal bones, vegetables, seafood or meat in water. Several flavours of herbs,spices and vegetables are added to increase the flavour of a stock. Thus, this stock is used as a base for many type of dishes such soups, sauces and many more. It has similar function and flavour in cooking as white wine, so it is a perfect substitute for the same. It is less acidic than wine and has a mild flavour so it can be used according to the required flavour. For extra flavour, one tablespoon of vinegar per cup of stock can be added.

Apple juice

It is a sweet juice which is used in several recipes. Due to its sweetness and light color, it is considered to be a great substitute for white wine. It can replace wine in almost all the dishes in the proportion 1:1. So, if you need to add a small amount of white wine to a dish why not switch to a non – alcoholic option, that is, apple juice. However, it make not give a similar flavour if the amount of white wine that is usually used in the dish is high. Also, the acidity of apple juice can be increased by adding some amount of vinegar to it. You can also drink apple juice instead of white wine.

Lemon juice

If you are running out of stock of the above ingredients, lemon can serve the purpose for you. It is used in several dishes because of its sour taste. So, if you are aiming for a tangy taste to your dish, lemon is a great add-on to enhance the flavour of your dish. It is also acidic so it works as a great marinating agent.

Due to its similar functions, lemon juice is used as a substitute for white wine. But, lemon juice is quite tart so it should not be used in equal amount to white wine, instead half the amount should be used. Also, lemon juice is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B, vitamin E and magnesium.

Water, as a white wine substitute

Surprised? Well, if you do not have any ingredient that can substitute white wine at hand. Do not worry, as even water can serve as a substitute for white wine. Water does not have an colour, flavour or acidity, but it can provide liquid base for cooking. This will not let the recipe be dry.


The flavour can be enhanced by adding regular vinegar or sugar to water. ¼ cups of water, ¼ cups of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar can be a great substitute for replacing white wine in the proportion 1:1.

Soda water

Talking of drinks, if you wish for a substitute to wine as a drink. Soda water can just serve the purpose.

Mocktails, as a substitute for white wine

In parties and gatherings where you cannot resist a drink but you are pregnant. Several mocktails can be a good drinking substitute to white wine for pregnant women.


So, these are the possible substitute of white wine for pregnant women. Mocktails and soda water can be used for substitute as drinks whereas water, white vinegar, grape juice, apple juice, lemon juice, ginger ale and vegetable or chicken stock can be a great substitute for white wine while cooking. Hence the options are here, the choice is yours to make. Which one do you prefer?



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