9 Ways To Enjoy Christmas When You Are Pregnant


Some ways to enjoy Christmas when you are pregnant include planning beforehand, consuming a healthy diet, lessening shopping stress, taking timely naps, avoiding alcohol, drinking plenty of water, asking for help when required, being prepared for emergencies, and pampering yourself.

Being pregnant is of course a hectic situation in itself. And especially during the festive season, you have different priorities than you did before. But don’t worry about that, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself. If you are a working woman then work deadlines, hosting parties, gift shopping, a new world of stress and emotions- party season is indeed exhausting. But on the other hand, being pregnant during Christmas is a very exciting thing to experience. As of now, you can imagine that this time next year there will be a new little member with whom you can enjoy your Christmas.


Christmas is the most magical time of the year, especially for awaiting a new arrival, a new year- and if you are expecting a baby, then it brings a few challenges for you also. Here in this article, we will discuss 9 exciting ways to fully enjoy the Christmas season with proper precautions and safety when you’re pregnant. Let’s have a look.

9 Ways To Enjoy Christmas When You Are Pregnant

Planning is very important

The Christmas season is a very hectic time. If you are pregnant, then you already know that tiredness in pregnancy is a common thing to experience. Try to plan every little thing if possible. Please lower your expectations this time. Don’t expect much perfection with the arrangements. It’s not a matter to worry if you don’t get the perfect gift this Christmas. Try not to rush around with the arrangements and put yourself under pressure.

Eat little amount

Try to eat smaller amounts of food often. Don’t consume heavy food at the same time. It’s important to give your body enough time to digest smaller meals. You can enjoy your festive food that way without being worried about heartburn or indigestion after eating. Try to avoid heavy consumption of richer foods and milk-based dishes of Christmas festival such as Christmas pudding, mince pies, because they can make indigestion worse. It is required to keep a constant eye on what you consume throughout the day. If you’re experiencing morning sickness, then add a little ginger to your daily diet.


Go easy with shopping

Walking too much and being on your feet for a very long time is tiring. If you are a shopaholic and enjoy Christmas shopping by browsing from one store to another, then try to do your research online this year. And most importantly, before heading out prepare a clear list of the items you need. Experience online grocery shopping also this Christmas, it can be an all-new experience for you.

Take naps properly

Allow yourself some long and short naps during hectic arrangements. If this is your first pregnancy, then sleep is very important for you. Take proper rest when you can, because feeling tired all day during pregnancy is a very common thing. And due to the pregnancy tiredness, your staying up power will not be the same you are used to having in the party season. Next year, when your center of attention, your baby will be here, sleep won’t be that easy.

Switch drinks

There is no option to know what exact amount of alcohol is safe for a pregnant woman and her baby. So doctors always advise not to consume alcohol during pregnancy. And it is most important for your first trimester. But during the cozy winter Christmas celebration, drinking is a part of the enjoyment. If you are tempted to have a drink, then limit it to one or two units. A small glass of wine or champagne is acceptable, but nothing more.

Self-pampering and relaxation

Pamper yourself in between the tiring party arrangements. Ask someone to massage your back and neck to make you feel relax. Try to relieve the tension. You can try lighting scented candles, playing some soothing music, or taking a warm bath. Take regular breaks to cope up with the Christmas madness. Festivals are also for relaxing yourself, no need to rush for anything. Catch up on your favorite blogs, watch your all-time favorite movie or start a new book that you bought a while ago but couldn’t read till now. It’s fine to pamper yourself on a holiday, especially when you are pregnant.

Drink water often

During the festive season, it’s normal to forget important things, as you are out of the usual daily routine. Drink plenty of water often while working. It is very much important to stay hydrated during pregnancy. Always keep your fluid levels topped up, it will keep you fresh and boost your energy. Keep a water bottle or a sipper with you always.

Ask for help if needed

If someone offers to help you with the arrangements, then let them. Request someone in your house to help vacuum the rooms, peel the vegetables or clean the dishes. Don’t try to do everything on your own.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to ask for help or to accept it, but do try this time. Start practicing from now on, because you will definitely need help after childbirth. Request your visitors to do their share of work if possible.


Be prepared always

Nothing is safer than being prepared always. Make sure that you have all the important numbers with you every time. Remember whom to call first if you become tensed over something or there is an emergency. Save the local maternity ward numbers as speed dials on your phone’s contact list. Ask your partner to do the same.


Pregnancy and Christmas may not go hand in hand, but it’s not impossible to enjoy your festival celebration when you are pregnant. You just need to be extra cautious about some important things. Don’t be disheartened for not celebrating Christmas like every year, rather try to turn things around in your favor. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest and let your child feel your positive spirit.