7 Ways to Take Care of Your Baby’s Uncircumcised Penis


Tips to Take Care of Your Baby’s Uncircumcised Penis

A large number of parents gets the penis of the baby circumcised at the time of the birth, primarily due to health issues. However, if the penis remains Uncircumcised, you need to take necessary care of the child during the early years, till he learns to clean it regularly for hygienic purposes. The foreskin will still be attached and it is necessary to pull back the skin and clean it at the time of his bath. In the first few months, you simply need to clean the external area of the penis and wipe it off, when you bathe the kid or change the diapers. However, as he grows older, you need to take adequate care of the uncircumcised penis to prevent infection. Here are seven ways to take care of your baby’s uncircumcised penis.

Clean the tip of the penis

 Certain doctors advise that while bathing the child, the parents need not clean the internal side of the foreskin, as the skin remains soft and it may hurt the child. It is advisable to clean the tip of the penis, just as you clean the tip of your fingers with soap and water. The skin covering the head of the penis has to be cleaned. It takes time for the skin to become retractable and pulling it forcefully may lead to bleeding.

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Clean the foreskin when the kid is five years old

 By the time your child turns five, you can separate the head of the penis from the foreskin covering it. It remains attached to the base and you can roll it back to uncover the head, over the base. At this stage, you can teach the child about cleaning the foreskin regularly as a part of health and hygiene. The separation process may take a certain amount of time. In certain individuals, it takes place in a few weeks, while it takes several months in other kids.

Uncircumcised Penis

Seek the doctor’s advice if the separation takes time

 In normal cases, the separation process starts and completes within a few months. In case you in the state of confusion, whether to clean the foreskin of the child or not, you may seek the advice of a doctor. You may check the condition of the foreskin yourself and clean it from time to time. However, in case you are not sure about the extent to which you should stretch the skin, you need to seek the advice of the doctor.


Cleaning the penis after the foreskin gets separated

 After the foreskin of the Uncircumcised penis gets completely removed, you need to take adequate care to ensure that the child cleans it regularly. Dead skills are accumulated in the area under the foreskin. As a result, a white, cheesy substance is formed. This is canned smegma. This is a normal condition and you need not worry about it. However, the child needs to retract the foreskin to clean the area under it. It is necessary to clean the head of the penis, as it keeps away inflammation and infection.

Use the right cleaning agent to clean the penis

 While cleaning the uncircumcised penis of your child, it is necessary to use the right agents. Normal soap and warm water are sufficient for the purpose. Do not try out other cleaning agents or hard soaps, as it may cause irritation in the skin. You need to retrace the foreskin and clean the head of the penis, and then again roll the skin back to position.

Consult the doctor if you notice abnormalities

Under normal conditions, the foreskin can be easily pulled back and brought to the original position. However, you may notice certain abnormalities in the kids while cleaning the penis. In these cases, you need to seek advice from the doctor. You may find that the skin is getting stuck to the retractable position. Consult the doctor under these conditions.

Other symptoms that you should be careful about

You need to reach out to the doctor for advice, in case you notice that the urine trickles out, or the foreskin balloons outward when the child urinates. The foreskin may also become swollen, red and itchy. Keep a watch on these symptoms, as early medical attention can prevent infection.

These measures will help you to take care of the uncircumcised penis of your child. By the age of five, the child should learn to clean the penis. Consult the doctor if you notice certain abnormalities in your child.