11 Ways To Make Your Child Taller


Who doesn’t want their kids to be tall? However, there is more than just a balanced diet to grow tall. Today, we list to you 11 ways that you can try to make your child taller. Read on!

As a parent, everyone wants their child to grow up into tall adults. In recent times, many children are taller as compared to their parents’ height at that age. However, many kids do not achieve a height as tall as their peers. Concerned parents, undoubtedly, try to find out healthy ways to make their kids grow taller.

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Ways to Make your Child Grow Taller

Exercise and healthy food options are great ways to increase your child’s height naturally. Here are some easy and effective ways that can help your child grow taller without any prescribed medicines and consequent side effects.

1. Balanced Diet

This is the initial step towards acquiring good height. Make sure to provide a balanced diet to your child to make him grow taller. Also, make it a point to shun away cola, burgers, and chips. Rather, switch to a healthy diet routine to make your child stronger in every aspect. Make sure to combine your child’s platters with all types of nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, and fat in appropriate quantities.

2. Hanging Exercises

This is one of the best ways to increase your child’s height. Every child loves to hang from bars at the playground as well as at home. Hanging exercises are highly effective in straightening and elongating the spine of your child. Pull-ups are simply a great way to enhance growth. Therefore, encourage your child to practice this exercise regularly.


Alternatively, you can also ask your child to practice chin-ups for growth enhancement. Try to make sure that these exercises are practiced daily for about 10 minutes.

3. Stretching Exercises

Stretching is believed to be an undoubtedly best way to increase height in kids. Encourage your child to practice simple stretching exercises to boost the height. One of the effective exercises is to make your child stand against a wall, with his back against it. Ask your child to raise his hands and stretch as far as possible. Next, ask him to sit with his back against the wall, on his toes. Ask him to stretch his leg muscles. Repeat this exercise for about ten minutes every day.

4. Skipping

Skipping is also an activity loved by kids. This exercise helps to promote the growth of the child. As the child skips, the body stretches, thus growing a few inches during every session.

5. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most ideal ways to boost your child’s health. Yoga asanas, like Surya Namaskaar, help to increase the height of your child. This pose allows the body to stretch completely, thus encouraging an increase in height. However, make sure that the child performs some simple breathing exercises before starting with yoga asanas.

Child Taller

6. Ankle Weights

This is another effective way to increase your child’s height. This workout aims at stretching the lower part of the body. The cartilage between the knees is stretched thus making him taller. However, make sure to use small weights and increase them with your child’s growing age.


7. Swimming

This is yet another amazing workout to increase your child’s height. Besides, swimming also helps the workout of the whole body, thus providing health and strength.

8. Jogging

Jogging has numerous benefits, not only for adults, but for kids as well. If you want your child grow taller, encourage him to jog regularly. You can also accompany your child for a more enjoyable experience.

9. Good Posture

Proper posture with a straight spine and shoulders stretched in appropriate alignment with the neck’s curve, hips in a straight and perfect proportion over the feet supports the proper growth of the body. Therefore, encourage your child to practice the right posture, keeping all these considerations in mind. This would not only help them grow taller, but also boost the confidence level.

10. Proper Sleep

The body regenerates and grows new tissues when at rest. Therefore, make sure that your child gets a sound sleep of about 8-10 hours to let nature work its wonders.

11. Avoid Growth Stunting Factors

Try to keep your child away from growth hindering factors, like caffeine, smoking, alcohol, artificial hormonal capsules, and steroids that claim to support the growth of height are actually known to stunt growth. Therefore, make it a point to keep your child away from these things.