11 Ways To Increase Male Fertility


Some ways in which you can increase male fertility include adding anti-oxidants to your diet, regulating soy intake, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, keeping your environment cold, having a healthy diet and weight, getting frequent sleep, taking fertility supplements, having frequent sex and addressing any underlying medical conditions.

Infertility is a very common problem among couples. If you and your partner are experiencing fertility problems, then remember that you are not alone in this. Research says that in every six couples, it affects one. But the matter to worry about is that infertility is not something that is always untreatable. Don’t be disappointed, because there are some ways by which you can boost your possibility of conceiving. With a healthy diet, some lifestyle changes, and supplements, fertility can be improved. Moreover, infertility is not only an issue with women, men may experience it too.

What is Male Infertility?

Fertility is the ability of people to reproduce without any medical assistance. When a male is unable to or has a very poor chance to make his female partner pregnant, the condition is called male infertility.  It is crucial to maintain men’s sperm health as it also affects the prenatal process. Dad’s fertility health reduces the risk of miscarriage and helps in growing a healthy placenta. Usually, this ability depends on his sperm cell’s quality.

male infertility

11 Effective Ways To Increase Male Fertility

Add antioxidants to your diet

Most of us know that antioxidants fight against cancer and heart diseases, but they may increase male fertility also. According to some studies, men who consume antioxidants in supplement form have less DNA damaged sperm cells. The antioxidants that are capable of increasing sperm health include lycopene, folic acid, vitamin c, selenium, vitamin e, and zinc. You can take antioxidants in the form of foods also, but if you can’t get more of the antioxidant-rich foods, then you can take it as a supplement. Take advice from the doctors before taking it.

Be careful about your soy intake

Studies say that good soy intake affects fertility positively, but results have been mixed sometimes. Soy can be consumed in the form of tofu, health drinks, protein bars, or some meat alternatives. Phytoestrogens found in soy products may affect reproduction. If you are worried about the effect of consuming soya, then you have to avoid or limit the intake. Apart from that, be aware of your overall intake of nutrients and ingredients.


Quit smoking soon

Quitting your smoking habit impacts your life positively in many ways, and increasing fertility is one among them. Smoking affects your sperm health, decreases sperm counts, sperm motility, and shape. If you are going through any fertility treatment, then quitting smoking will prove to be very beneficial for you. Female fertility can be affected by male smoking habits as well. Female reproduction may be affected negatively when exposed to second-hand smoking or can result in lower IVF success rates.

Limit alcohol consumption

Doctors say that too much alcohol consumption is capable of decreasing male fertility. If you and your partner are planning to have a baby, then it’s the best time to limit your alcohol intake or even to stop it completely. Higher alcohol intake is associated with lower sperm count, decreased sperm shape, and motility.

Keep things cool

One piece of advice is to keep things cool. According to research, higher temperature damages sperm. As male reproductive organs are outside of the body, they need to be kept at a lower temperature. You need to avoid taking hot baths. Don’t sit anywhere for a long period of time. Don’t use your car seat heater often. Consider wearing breathable bottoms.

Set a goal towards a healthy weight

To boost your fertility, you have to make sure that you have a healthy weight. Studies say, if you’re over or underweight, then it can upset your body’s hormone balance and affect your sperm health. This situation can lower your sperm count. There is a connection between male sub-fertility and obesity. To know if you’re at a healthy weight or not, check your BMI and talk to your doctor.

Don’t ignore underlying medical conditions

Underlying medical condition negatively impacts male fertility. Just like diabetes, this disease if untreated may worsen sperm health. So get your blood sugar tested soon. Infertility can be seen in men because of urinary tract or reproductive system infection. Sexually transmitted diseases can cause decreased sperm motility. Other than diabetes, anemia and thyroid can also cause male infertility.

A healthy diet

Be careful about your daily diet. A good healthy diet can improve male fertility. The foods are mostly similar which have positive effects on both male and female fertility. Avoid consuming alcohol, processed meat, saturated fatty acids, caffeine, trans fats. For improving your sperm health, add fruits, green vegetables, fish, whole grains to your diet. Eat at least one walnut a day, you will definitely notice positive results, as walnuts are considered to increase sperm motility.


Get enough sleep

According to many studies, good bedtime is associated with improved sperm quality. Doctors advise going to bed sharp at 10.30 pm. A sufficient sleep of seven and half hours or eight hours is very effective for getting improved fertility.

Start taking male fertility supplements

As we all know that it requires two to create a healthy embryo. If women are prescribed to take prenatal vitamins,  then men are recommended as well. But the rule is to take these supplements six months before conception to set the stage for healthy and strong sperms. Vitamin b12, c, e, selenium, zinc are very helpful in maintaining normal levels of testosterone. Most of the above-mentioned supplements reduce the risk of birth defects and improve sperm counts.

Have frequent sex

If you are planning to have a baby soon, then having sex during ovulation provides the best result. Most importantly, frequent sex has the potential to increase male fertility. According to research, a short period of abstinence also may benefit sperm health.


Most of the mentioned tips are the key elements of a good healthy lifestyle. Instead of being worried, you should focus on improving your general health, if you are having fertility issues. Infertility is a very common thing worldwide, while it cannot be cured completely, there are some ways through which you can boost your fertility. If your testosterone level and nutrient deficiencies are the contributing factors, then these lifestyle tips will positively help you in this.