11 Ways To Identify Fertility Issues In Men


It is not always true that only a woman craves for Motherhood, even a man  wants to be a father. He also dreams, of holding his child in his arms. Even the concept  that , if a couple is finding it difficult to conceive , women is at fault- is wrong, even men can have fertility issues. But the problem occurs, whey they are unable to identify the issue. Proper Knowledge and lifestyle changes help to overcome this. So here, are the 11 ways to identify fertility issues in men; if any of them is familiar to you, don’t panic and visit a doctor as soon as possible. Below is the list :-

11 Ways to Identify Fertility Issues in Men

   This is the most easily identifiable problem . Though the couple has not planned about pregnancy but even after trying for years they are unable to conceive , then the question , “Is something wrong with my body?” should hit his head and they should immediately see a doctor. Timely diagnosis and treatment can solve the issue and they can plan a family.

  • Problems with Ejaculations

This is also the common cause. Men may face ejaculation problems such as – fluid in the ejaculate may decrease and sometimes even Retrograde ejaculation can occur. Retrograde ejaculation is when semen(fluid) enters the bladder during orgasm instead of emerging out the tip of  the Penis. If this happens visit a doctor and he will guide you accordingly.

Fertility Issues

  • Changes in Hair Growth

    Male sex hormone i.e testosterone is closely related to hair growth in men. Sudden hair loss or hair thinning are the two most common problems in men with fertility issues.

  • Changes in Sexual Desire

Men have higher levels of testosterone which is linked to sex drive. If you notice that your sex drive has suddenly dropped , it could indicate low testosterone levels and possibly an underlying infertility issue.

  • Pain, Lumps or Swelling in Testicles

   If you are having pain or you notice swelling around the area where testis are located , then it is sign of concern. Swelling is mostly caused by Varicoceles. You must be thinking  what are Varicoceles?  Well, varicoceles  are enlarged veins in the scrotum(bag where testis are located) that cause swelling of the testicles. A lump is another common problem .  Lump is nothing else than a small cyst in the scrotum.

  • Weight Gain

Weight plays a major role in your fertility. Being overweight can lead to problems while trying to conceive. If you are obese,  losing some weight can help you achieve your goal. Balanced diet and workouts can hel, but if you can’t manage yourself , consult a physician.

  • Chronic Illness

Chronic diseases , as well as their treatments can lead to fertility problems. Diseases such as diabetes , cancer , or thyroid diseases can increase your risk for infertility. All this can affect the sperm count  leading to infertility.

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STDs can cause infertility silently . They can damage male reproductive organs . Immunodeficiency from HIV can also reduce semen quality in men . That makes it harder for them to get their partners pregnant.

Excessive drinking has been linked to low sperm count, poor sperm movements and irregular sperm shape. Smoking can affect the erectile functions of Penis. So, dropping the habit can reverse some of the effects.

  • Abnormal Breast growth(gynecomastia)

    This is common during childhood because of mother’s hormones in foetus. But during puberty and adolescent if this occurs, it can lead to fertility problems in future. Abnormal breast enlargement can cause infertility issues , there may be increase in female sex hormones. Common symptoms are:- sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, decrease sex drive and infertility.

  • Inability to smell

If a man cannot perceive smell, can’t recognise odour , then there are chances that he is having some fertility issues. This may be because of lack of production of sex hormones such as testosterone, and may affect sexual development and functions.

These were the 11 ways to identify fertility problems in men, I found most important. As it is quoted “A ray of light , is a ray of hope”, which tells us that early awareness about the problem will surely help us to find the solution. Proper diagnosis , treatment and some lifestyle changes can help you to gain your health. “Hitting the iron when it is hot ”, i.e. taking care at right time can help a man to fulfill his desire of becoming a father.