Water Aerobics During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?


Regular exercise during pregnancy has many benefits for moms to be. It can reduce back pain, ease constipation, promote healthy weight gain and strengthen heart and blood vessels. It may also decrease the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and delivery by cesarean section as well as help to lose the baby weight more quickly after delivery. Aquatic exercise has even more potential perks.

Make a splash in the pool and enjoy the pregnancy with water aerobics which are safe. Yes, exercise and water workouts can be done during pregnancy. Work out in water help in relieving some of the common pregnancy concerns such as swollen feet and aching joints.

water aerobics during pregnancy

According to the doctors water exercise is the safest option as it provides a natural resistance that challenge the muscles while also supporting.

There are a lot of health benefits of exercising during pregnancy as it lessens various complications. Water aerobics during pregnancy are relief from various discomforts of pregnancy without putting too much strain on the limbs.

Benefits of Water Aerobics During Pregnancy

Water is a great place to stay away from the heat during summers. Water aerobics can be performed indoors during winters. Staying in water helps to take the pressure away from the belly that is growing, also by this there is refreshment in these exercises. It helps to control morning sickness, balance the mood and enhance the energy level.


According to a recent research there is an additional benefit in performing water aerobics during pregnancy. The women engaging in water aerobics from the middle of pregnancy till the end needed less pain medications during labour than a control group.

Water aerobics during pregnancy may avoid getting swollen knees and ankles and yet get a workout. Submerging limbs in water push fluids from the tissues back into the veins. It also boosts the circulation, which keeps blood from pooling in the lower limbs. It is a good way of improving the strength of the stomach and preventing the problem of spider veins on the legs.

The water helps support the belly and relieves pressure from the spine and pelvis while swimming, doing gentle pool aerobics and water walking. Also, these workouts use body muscles and contribute to fewer exercise related injuries and muscle strains than other, dry land aerobic activities.

With these workouts in water, women can expect to get the best possible exercise for maintaining health. Before these workouts, do look for the doctor for advice. There are some conditions in which these should not be performed. Be careful while performing these exercises and ensure that there is no strain on stomach or excessive pressure on the back.

How to Get Started?

Healthy women with normal pregnancies are generally safe to continue and start most types of exercise. If the woman is active before pregnancy, then often keep doing the same workouts with few modifications. And if new to exercise, start a routine and slowly and gradually increase the activity until the body allows comfortably to workout for 30 minutes. Talk to the doctor about exercise either in the water or out during the prenatal visits. If it is ok, then formulate a plan together that best fits the needs and is safe during pregnancy.

The regular exercise of moderate water aerobics by low risk and previously sedentary expectant mothers offers no risk to the health of the mother and the child. Although there is no effect on the cardiovascular capacity of the women or on the duration of labor or the type of delivery.



There are two type shallow water moves and deep water moves.

Shallow water moves

  • Shallow water walking or running
  • Shallow water jacks
  • Opposite elbow to knee
  • Side to side lunges

Deep water moves 

  • Cross country skiing
  • Jumping jacks
  • Run/jog forward and back
  • Scissors kicks

Side Effects of Water Aerobics During Pregnancy

Despite many benefits, there are some precautions to be taken care when working out in water during pregnancy. Be sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water during workouts and throughout the day. If there is dizziness, clamminess, shortness of breath, faintness, vaginal bleeding, dizziness, contractions or other signs of overheating make sure to consult the doctor and stop the exercise.

Not all water exercises are safe for mother and the baby. Like avoid scuba diving, water skiing or activities that involve rapid, uncontrolled bouncing or swinging. Also, avoid high water temperatures in pools and spas. Anything that raises the core body temperature above 102* F is potentially hazardous to the body.

Pool rules – follow these guidelines to make sure for safety –

  • Stay clear of public hot tubs, which are at 40*C or higher. A safe maximum temperature is 36*C, which is still much warmer than average swimming pool.
  • Keep a water bottle near the pool and drink it regularly.
  • Don’t push the body to work out as hard as before pregnancy. The heartbeat shouldn’t exceed 140 beats a minute.


yes, it is safe doing water aerobics during pregnancy for healthy mother and child. For more information consult the doctor to avoid complications. Stop doing it if there is any difficulty.