7 Reasons You Have Veiny Hands


If you are someone who wonders as to why you have veiny hands, this blog is your one-stop destination. Not only will you get to know the causes, but you’ll also find solutions. So, without much delay, let us quickly go through 7 reasons why veins appear on the surface. Here they are-

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Top 7 Causes of  Veiny Hands
Treatment for Veiny Hands- How Can I Make My Hands Less Veiny?
Home Remedies for Bulging Veins


Veiny Hands: Causes, Treatment & Home Remedies


Aging is accompanied by many bodily changes. As your skin loses elasticity and gets thinner over time. This often results in the weakening of the valves of your veins, which subsequently may result in larger veins. As aging is a natural process, there barely are solutions to this problem.

veiny hands

Low Body Fat

If you might notice, many bodybuilders have veins bulging out of their hands. It is due to less fat deposits in their body where the veins appear on the surface, making it more prominent.

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Vigorous Exercise

Exercises are crucial when it comes to keeping the body fit. But did you know that vigorous exercises could lead to pressure rising up in your veins? This results in the veins bulging out as a result of being pushed towards the surface. Further, when the pressure lowers, these veins get back to their normal state. Regular and vigorous exercises could result in this state of bulged veins becoming permanent. So if you want to refrain from this bulged veins condition, try doing limited exercises and avoid lifting too heavy a weight at the gym.

Genetic Influence

Genetics determines most of your traits. So, it is quite obvious that if someone in your close family circle has bulging veins, you may have them too. This may not necessarily be due to any issue, but simply the influence of genes.

Summer Days

Vein valves are sensitive to hot weather. Too much heat can affect the efficient working of vein valves, often resulting in enlarged veins to ease blood flow.

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Phlebitis or Deep Vein Thrombosis

This condition is a swelling of a particular vein due to inflammation. This inflammation may have been caused by certain factors like an infection or trauma, and more such conditions. Another condition is that of deep vein thrombosis, often shortened as DVT. This condition of vein bulging from your skin is due to some blood clot in your vein. Superficial thrombophlebitis is another similar condition, where veins appear on the surface after some injury.

Varicose Veins

While the most common thought that comes to our mind when we hear of bulging veins is that of the veins in the hand, many may have witnessed veins appearing in their legs too. When the usual vein valves weaken, there appear varicose veins, thus preventing backward blood flow, and becoming enlarged and sometimes causing too much pain.

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Treatment for Veiny Hands: How Can I Make My Hands Less Veiny?

As the reasons for veiny hands are different, so do treatments. But the first and foremost step is to consult a doctor who will be able to tell you the exact reason for the bulging of your veins. Once you are done determining the actual cause, you can now look for treatments.

The most common methods of treatment are by using cosmetics rather than focusing on health. Although bulging veins may sometimes bother you, remember it is mostly not a very serious problem. So, if you can refrain from using unnecessary cosmetic treatments, the better it will be.

Let us now look at what treatments modern medicine has to offer for veiny hands and legs.

In cases of thrombophlebitis, the veins are usually known to fade away in about 15days. Whereas in cases of Phlebitis, your doctor most probably will recommend home remedies like warm compresses, or anti-inflammatory treatment. Swelling can be easily dealt with. The most common recommendation for Deep Vein Thrombosis affected people is using anticoagulant blood thinners.


The basic idea behind treatments by doctors is to direct blood flow into another vein, which results in the vain closing, and it slowly disappears.

  • One method is that of Sclerotherapy, in which a chemical solution is injected interested in the vein that is to be treated and the vein after having treated, eventually fades away. This is the easiest and the most common method that people opt for.
  • Another is laser therapy, known as the Endovenous ablation therapy amongst men of medicine. As the name suggests, laser lights are used to cure the affected vein.
  • Let us next talk about the method of the incision. In the Ambulatory phlebectomy, little incisions are made into the bulging veins. This is an absolutely clinical process and it also involves anesthesia to ensure the person not feeling any sensation.
  • Another operational procedure is that of vein stripping and ligation. This process involves the use of general anesthesia. What the doctor does is, make an incision in the area around, ties off the targeted vein and then remove

Home Remedies for Bulging Veins

When it comes to healthcare and treatments, what better an alternative than home remedies! As mentioned above, veiny hands are usually not a major issue. But if it does bother you and you are looking for ways to get rid of them, it is safe to go for feasible options, especially home remedies, rather than going for clinical treatments.

As already mentioned, heat can be a possible cause of your veins bulging on the surface. By doing as least as applying sunscreen on a daily basis, you can prevent your hands from getting veiny.


Regular moisturization is another very effective method. Apart from these simple methods, hot compresses for bulging veins is a must-try!


If you have veiny hands or legs, your first focus must be to find out the cause behind it. Once you’re done determining the reason as to why veins have appeared on the surface, you can seek professional help, or simply try out some home remedies. Decide if you want to go for the hectic clinical procedures, or try some simple home remedies to get rid of bulging veins.