100 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas for Kids


Valentine’s day is the day where you spend a lovely time with your loved ones. It’s the day of showing love and affection for your dear ones. So why don’t you make your kids happy by involving them in making some crafts on this day. Kids enjoy making such crafts and they will have a wonderful time doing this. So enjoy this valentine’s day with your family and friends by creating some crafts.

100 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

valentines day crafts for kids

Heart shaped puzzle

Take blank jigsaw pieces and glue it on a photo. Write a message on the back to make it challenging while arranging this jigsaw puzzle.

Cardboard tube heart stamps

This activity will be fun for all ages, especially for the little ones who are learning their motor skills. Take an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube and some tape.

Melted Crayon hearts

In this craft you can put your kids’ old and broken crayons to use. This will make a great gift for their friends. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Break the crayons and fill the mould upto half. Bake them for 20 minutes.


Pic source:momluck.com

Valentine’s day treat packages

Cut out a picture of your child, scan it and print it onto heavyweight matte paper. Now cut tags, draw hearts and write a message on each one. Fold the tags and tape them to cellophane bags filled with sweets.

Valentine’s day treat packages


Cupcake goodies

Take flattened cupcake liners and fill them with candy for a treat. The liners’ pleats nicely scrap-art pictures or paper hearts. Use paper flowers to make cute borders.

cupcake goodies

Valentine’s day sign card

Take construction paper, dollies and adhesive letters from an office store and make them into a card by photographing your child holding the signs. Then tape the pictures to construction paper and fold the card accordion-style.


Shape of my heart

Take super-easy paper clips and bend them in the shape of heart. Wrap up these in a cute box or use them to decorate the edges of a homemade card.

Celery stalk stamp

Use the bottom of celery stalks to print rose stamps on cards.


Sweet handout

Take picture of your like holding out something. Now using scissors, cut the top and bottom of the hand making a hole. Now put a candy into the hand as shown.

Tiny valentine

Take used match boxes and fill them with candy. Now wrap up the match box with craft paper and add some illustrations.


Paper mail box

Take printout of a paper mailbox pattern. Take scrapbook paper and cut in the printed pattern. Use hole punch to cut out holes for flag and mailbox cover. Use a brad to attach the flag and secure the back with clear tape. Apply some glue to put everything in place.

Candy kabobs

It’s a known fact that kids love candy. Take small skewer and fill the stick with candy like kabobs. This will be a treat for kids of all ages.


Pic source:momendeavors.com

Baking cup flowers

Take some lollipops and colourful cupcake liners to make these adorable flowers. Wrap cupcake liners around the lollipop and staple or tape it using clear tape.

Valentine puppy craft

Make valentine puppy face just using heart shapes. Cut a big heart shape into two pieces and they will be ears. Put a heart shape in reverse which will make the face and another two little ones for eyes. Add a black coloured heart shape for nose.


Valentine photo frame

Take an unfinished wooden frame and some acrylic paints. Glue the picture in the centre of the frame and add a mosaic paint pattern using fingers. This will be fun doing and also look beautiful after it is finished.

Flowering tree

This can be made using construction paper, scissors and glue. First draw hand on the paper and cut it out. This will serve as trunk and cut out some small sized heart shapes for flowers. Paste these on the trunk as if the tree is flowering.


Framed button heart

Little children love placing buttons strategically in the heart template. Take an empty frame and paste a heart shape on it. Ask your kids to paste buttons on this heart shape.

Valentine potato stamping

Cut out a couple of potatoes in the shape of heart and some other desired shapes. Ask your kids to use these to stamp cards using these potato stamps.


Love fingerprint art

Paste in big letters of “LOVE’ on a plain sheet and then fill up the empty space with acrylic using your fingers as brush. This will make a nice piece of art.

Heart yarn cards

This will be like a test for your kids’ sewing skills. Put holes in the shape of a heart on a card and try making a heart using yarn. This will make a nice greeting card if you add some note on it.


Fingerprint heart relief canvas

Take a white paint sheet and paste a heart shape on it. Now fill the outer space with acrylics using your fingers as brush. After finishing, take out the pasted heart shape.

Thumbprint card

Use your thumbprint to make shape of body and draw little features on it. Also add a nice border to it. Here you have a cute valentine card.


Glitter rock valentine

Take small rocks and glue glittery heart shapes to them. These will look great for decoration.

Pic source:theartfulparent.com


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Valentine tote bag

Take a tote bag and paste a heart shape to it. Now using the eraser end of a pencil as a brush, add paint prints on the edge of the heart shape.

Pic source:clumsycrafter.com

Beaded ornament

Take beads and make it into an ornament. This will be fun to make.


Foam heart photo frame

This is very easy to make. Cut out foam in the shape of small hearts and paste it onto a photo frame.

Heart shaped butterfly

Take three colours of construction papers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, tape, scissors and marker. Cut two big sized hearts for wings and medium sized hearts for body. Add pipe cleaners for antennas.


Pic source:fromabcstoacts.com

Pipe cleaner heart-shaped goggles

To make these love goggles, all you need is 3 pipe cleaners. Bend 2 pipe cleaners in the shape of heart and attach these two using small piece. Now use the third one to make the part covering the ears.


Heart caterpillar

Cut out 3 small hot pink hearts, 2 small peach colored hearts and 1 big one for the head. Glue the hearts in a pattern overlapping the next ones. Draw some feet with a black sharpie and a smile. Add antennas, googly eyes and 2 little pink hearts on the end of the antennas.

Pic source:sassydealz.com

Heart craft

Cut one big heart shape and 4 little ones. Take 4 strips of paper and fold them in accordion style for hands and legs. Glue googly eyes on the big heart and draw smile. Glue 4 little hearts at the ends of hands and legs.


Pic source:theresourcefulmoms.com

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With these craft ideas, make this valentine’s more memorable and enjoyable…!!!


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