21 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Husband


Trip, man can, multi tool keychain, customized bracelet, treat him, netflix subscription, beer cap display, customized growlers, tate of luxury, live concert, wine tour, gardner’s tools/smart plant and message in a bottle are some of the valentines day gifts for husband.

Love cannot be materialized or expressed perfectly in words, but we always make an attempt to express our feelings and admiration to our loved one by means of something thoughtful and different. Valentine’s Day gifts for him, are an expression of your love. So, surprise him with these interesting gift idea.

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21 Top Valentines Day Gifts for Husband

valentines day gifts for husband


If both you and your partner are wanderers, plan a trip to some place he has wanted to visit for a while now. Make a travel plan and surprise your husband with the tickets. This shall surely give you both some quality time and a much wanted vacation.


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Man Can

A really unique gift is to pamper your husband by presenting him with an assortment of spa products he likes. The gift will make your man feel special and loved.


Multi-Tool Keychain

A keychain that is capable of functioning as multiple tools is certainly going to impress any man. Give this creative gift to your husband that will come handy in many situations.


Customized Bracelet

An extremely thoughtful gift, present your man with a customizable bracelet that serves as a testimony of your love and celebrates the bond you share. Memorialize important dates, longitudes and latitudes that mean something to the both of you.



Treat Him

Plan a dinner date like no other by booking a table at your husband’s favorite restaurant and get him to eat the most delectable food that he loves. As is said, time and again if you wish to impress a guy, lure him with good food. The meal will be a celebration that you will both enjoy.


Netflix Subscription

If your man is the silent, brooding type who prefers movie nights over date nights and clubbing you are certainly going to surprise him by getting him a netflix subscription for the coming year. Not to mention, you can watch your favorite shows as well, which is a bonus!


Beer Cap Display

Perfectly unique and interesting gift for the man who loves his beer. Your husband is sure to be impressed by your creativity and touched by the thoughtfulness of the gesture. You can also get the wall display in a specific shape to make it symbolic of a specific memory.



Customized Growlers

For the man who loves his beer, here is another gift that will make him swoon and fall in love with you all over again. The feeling of pouring fresh beer and cider whenever you like is special, specifically because your partner has been so loving to get you the growler as a present. He has to love this one!


Tate of Luxury

To the husband who dreams of owning a ferrari/lamborghini some day, what better valentine’s day surprise than a sweet, luxurious ride of the care he most admires. Fulfill his absolute dream by getting him to feel the wind through his hair, with you by his side, in the most desirable car.


Live Concert

Book tickets to a concert of your husband’s choice. Look up where his favorite band is playing around valentine’s day and surprise him with the fulfilled experience that is unrivalled by any other. Relive your exalting college days and reminiscence the youthfulness in the amazing music concert.



Wine Tour

Splurge money and go for a tour to some nearby vineyards. Taste fresh wine and revel in the luxurious landscapes the place has to offer. Create memories and make an ordinary day an exceptional experience for him.


Gardner’s Tools/Smart Plant

This one is for the nature lover, who just can’t stay away from his plants. A budget- friendly and thoughtful gift that shows you care. Your husband will certainly be amused and happy.


Message In A Bottle

It is always a nice idea to go old school every once in awhile. Write a letter/message and put it in a bottle that you can present to your husband, personalize it by using his favorite beer/wine bottle.



Long Distance Lamp

This gift will surely mean a lot to both of you if one of you has a job that requires travelling frequently. The couple lamp change colors when one person touches it at one place, thus letting you know of the other’s presence.


Engraved Cufflinks

For the man who likes his suits and tuxedos, get him cufflinks engraved with his initials to make his valentine’s day memorable. This gift will remind your husband of you every time he uses it.


Scrabble Frame

An amazing valentine’s day gift for him, present your husband with a scrabble board frame with your names or any word symbolic of some memory and change the way people define frames.



Personalized Pillow Cover

Get him a personalized cushion/pillow cover he can use that suits his persona, he may use it in his own space or you can gift him a pillow that has his favorite characters.


Couple Watch

Purchase a couple watch set, customized and engraved with dates/words that mean something to you both. Present him with this lifelong gift that has a personalized touch.


Book of Kisses

Take pictures of yourself blowing kisses to him and bind them in a book, he can have a look at any time he wants. The gift is extremely thoughtful and interesting.



Make A Bow Tie

If your man happens to be one of the few people, capable of pulling off bow tie look, make him a bowtie yourself. It will set him and your gift apart from everyone else.


Pre Planned Dates

Go through your husband’s daily routine and plan one date night each month in advance and make bookings/plans for those special nights to present the list to your man and make him feel loved and wanted.


These were some of the best valentines day gifts for husband and we hope this article will make your valentine’s day exciting and special!!