9 Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy


Pregnancy feels special for a woman. She is excited as well as worried about it. Carry a new life inside her own body require many physiological changes in the body. Vagina being an important genital organ of female also undergoes changes. Let’s know about vaginal changes during pregnancy. Some of the changes are as follows.

vaginal changes during pregnancy

9 Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy You Should Know

Vaginal Discharge will Increase

After conception and during pregnancy the level of hormones increases due to which there are changes in labia. Due to this, there is an increase in the amount of discharge which further helps to prevent infections.

This discharge is almost similar to normal discharge but frequency increases and is stickier. The discharge is thin in consistency, milky in color and smells mild. Medically this discharge is known as leukorrhea.

If the color of the discharge varies as if it is yellow or green then it indicates that there is an infection and should consult to doctor. Later in pregnancy, if the mucous plugs are loosing from cervix it means that labor is about to come.

Itching in the Vagina Increases

Itching in down parts is common during pregnancy. The cause of this increased itching is due to changes in vaginal pH and an increase in discharge. Due to this, the skin becomes irritated and itching increases. If this continues or associated with other troubling symptoms then consult to doctor as soon as possible.


pH levels of Vagina Changes

During pregnancy, there is increased blood flow in the uterus and vagina. This increased blood flow will alter the pH of these organs. The smell of the vagina during this time is totally different and one is able to notice this because of increased olfactory senses. If this smell is foul and overpowering then consult to doctor immediately because it could indicate infection.

Vagina is more Prone to Infections

Vagina becomes more vulnerable to infections during pregnancy like fungal infections etc. According to a recent study, oral antifungal medications like fluconazole is the preferred drug for the treatment of this fungal infection. Before trying any oral medication you can also try some home remedies or any change in lifestyle which prevents infections.

The risk of UTI ( Urinary tract infections) is very high during this period. Because in pregnancy due to the increase in the size of the uterus, the uterus press up against the urinary bladder and due to this the bladder is not able to drain completely and may cause infections.

Turning of the Vagina in Blue Shade

The vagina changes into a blue color during pregnancy. Due to increased blood flow in lower body parts, it turns blue which is known as Chadwick’s sign. It remains unnoticed because it doesn’t cause any discomfort. After delivery the color becomes normal.

This change occurs in the early period of pregnancy means within four weeks.

Vagina might Develop Varicose Veins

Due to an increase in weight of belly and pressure, this is very common to develop purple and bulging blood vessels of legs but this can occur in private parts too like the vagina. This condition develops in the second and third trimester and doesn’t cause any discomfort but sometimes there is swelling and pain. These vulvar varicosities disappear a few weeks after delivery. To avoid this condition, pregnant women should avoid long sitting and standing. They should drink a lot of water and should use cool compressions in affected areas.


Vagina feels like it’s being Lunged

When you feel that your vagina is being stabbed you consult to doctor but there is no need to worry because it is just a side effect of pregnancy known as “ lightning crotch”. This occurs mostly in the third trimester when there is long sitting and is due to compression of the nerves by the baby or due to any cervical changes. To get rid of this pain a pregnant lady should stay active, limit the movements and try pregnancy massage.

Increase in Growth of Hair

The pubic hair growth is faster due to the increase in the level of oestrogen in the blood and gets clogged in pores due to excessive sweating.

Increase in Vaginal Flora

As we already know there is bacterial flora present in the vagina but during pregnancy, there is a change in the flora. It is important to determine the number of vaginal bacteria present in the vagina for eliminating the risk of preterm labor.


There is no need to worry if following the above changes occur in women during pregnancy. But if she feels discomfort or any other sign is observed by her, it is better to pay a visit to a gynecologist.

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