101 Unique Arabic Names For Girls With Meanings


Choosing the name of your child is one of the most difficult task faced by the family. To make it easy for you, we have put together 101 unique arabic names for girls to choose from. All the Best!

Well, getting to know that one is pregnant a lot of things come across, different type of question arises and one does everything to answer the question which he or she is facing. After knowing that one is pregnant it’s obvious that one faces a lot of difficulties in dealing with day to day possibilities. They start imagining about different stuffs. Like whether it would be a girl or a boy, they start planning for their individual rooms as well and which colour they should prefer, if boy than blue, if girl than pink and so on. Being a parent is one of the most difficult job or I would say responsibility were one should always be with the other to handle the whole scenario.

Now, the curiosity one goes through that whether it will be a boy or a girl. And in this advance world to know everything is so possible by a single click and so does it is possible to know whether a couple is going to have a baby boy or a baby girl.

Arabic Names For Girls: 101 Unique Baby Girl Names With Meaning

unique arabic baby girl names

Having a baby girl 

Everyone in this world differs in opinion, about choice, about hobbies and so does they are different in opinion of having a boy or a girl. Generally people say whatever god sends us we should accept that happily and should always cherish that. And that’s the thing we should do but once you are pregnant its an obvious fight or conversation you will be having with your family about whether boy is coming or a girl. Many women prefers girl child and many women prefers boy child. Girls are the sweetest, loving, innocent and really very cute from their childhood itself. They are pampered more and they are always kept like a princess.

Every woman has one thing in common and that is rejoicing in themselves. This is one of the most valid point in here. Because when a girl is born the first think people say is that oh she exactly looks like her other which is no doubt the biggest compliment a daughter will ever hear.


If you are expecting a baby girl and want to keep that as a surprise for your family and to yourself as well than be prepared for becoming a mother of a beautiful baby girl.

The reason behind why having a baby girl is the greatest joy:

Shopping cute little clothes

Every woman loves shopping and if that too for their baby they would love too. Girls have variety of clothes, with variety of colours, beautiful and different pretty designs and what not. Shopping for them and that too so pretty clothes is never that tiring.

Hair accessories

Woman loves growing hair and always decorates it with pretty clips and ribbons. And doing that for their own baby girl make them feel ore happy and lively.


Reliving yourself

Every women sees a little her on her baby girl and that is true as well. Because girls are most of the time are like their mother’s only. And looking at them they remember all the pretty memories they went through in their childhood and they share them as well.

You’ll be her ideal

No matter what when she’ll be growing you will be the first person to know about her crush, her first love and she will try to be like you. She will copy you and will dress like you and will always try to act like you.

So, these are some of the wonderful as well as beautiful reason of having a baby girl.

Now, as we came across so much about having a baby girl and what all parents usually think when they face  this sort of a situation, what all question arises and so on. The main question which every parent comes across is that what should we name our child? This is a compulsory question one faces.


Name is sort of an identity, by which one is recognized always. Without a name there won’t be any primary introduction to oneself. Now, what does name actually signifies is a vital question which maximum of the people faces. Well, name is very important. It is something which one carries throughout his or her life. Essentially a name does not have an effect on one’s abilities and relationships, but it does serve as a tool for distinction. We all work or feel like doing something very important just in the sack that one should remember our work as well as our name. That’s how important name can be.

Now in India people goes to rishis and they also prefer books which contains different names in there for their child. Some people name their kid on something which is common and beautiful, some on god’s, some people try’s to bring out something which is quite uncommon and not that popular so that their child could lead a different as well as unique existence.

Let’s know 101 unique arabic names for girls with their meaning.

                 Arabic Names for Girls                           Meaning
Aabidah Worshipper
Aaleyah Highest social standing
Aasma Excellent
Abeer Fragrance
Ablah Perfectly formed
Adara Beautiful
Adilah Equal
Adiva Pleasant
Afra Colour of earth
Alima Intellectual
Aminah Trustworthy
Amira Exalted
Anan Cloud
Anisah Close
Ayshah Prosperous
Aziza Bold and powerful
Bahameen Spring
Bakira Blossom
Basimah Smiling
Benazir Incomparable
Daima Always
Daisha Alive
Daneen Princess
Dariya River
Elham Inspiration
Esita Desired
Falidah Generous
Fairoz Turquoise
Faizah Winner
Fakeehah Cheerful
Falak Sky is full of light.
Fareeda One of a kind
Fariah Companion
Farrah Happiness
Fatima Captivating
Fatin Captivating
Fawzia Winner
Ferozah Turquoise
Furat Sweet water
Ghusan Branches of a tree.
Hadiya Gift
Hanan Gracious
Haniya Happy
Heena Instruction or guidance
Huda Guidance to the right path.
Iman Faith
Inaya Concerned
Inbihaj Cheerfulness
Intisar Triumph
Jadwa Gift
Jahara Adorning the world.
Jalilah Illustrations
Jamila Graceful
Jannat Paradise
Jazmin Flower
Kalila Beloved
Karimah Generous
Khadija Trustworthy
Laila Night
Lalika Treasure
Lina Tender
Lulu Pearl
Maha Rare jewel.
Mahala Powerful
Mahra Filly
Malala Grieved
Maleeka Queen
Mariam Bitter
Maysa To walk with pride
Meher Benevolence
Nabila Noble
Nadia Announcer
Naia Peace
Nailah Champion
Najwa Passionate
Nashita Full of life
Nazia A woman whom you’ll be proud.
Nimaah Blessing
Nisa Woman
Noushin Sweet
Omaira Red
Pegah Dawn
Qadira Capable
Rabia Breeze
Radwa Mountain
Rahma Compassion
Rida God fearing
Rihana Sweet basil
Rima Green mansion
Sadiya Fortune
Sahara Desert
Saida The fortunate one
Salena Moon
Sana Brilliant
Shadan Cheerful
Shaheen Eagle
Shameena Beautiful
Sufia Wisdom
Taima Thunder
Taliha Seeks knowledge
Veeda Evident

We believe that our extensive list of unique arabic names for girls will offer you enough and more variety so that naming your little angel becomes super-simple and a more enjoyable experience.
Ready to give your little one her identity?