Ultrasound At 8 Weeks – All You Need To Know


By the time you reach week 8 of pregnancy, the embryo has increased in size slightly. According to the 8 week ultrasound, the embryo would be the size of a raspberry, weighing 0.04 ounces and measuring about 0.63 inches. Welcome to the second month of pregnancy. There’s a lot to go through!

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Reasons for an Ultrasound During Week 8 of Pregnancy

As we all know, ultrasound tests are generally for monitoring your and the baby’s development rate. However, there are some specific reasons that are behind an ultrasound at 8 weeks.

  • Checking if you are bleeding unnaturally
  • To check the size of the embryo and test its normality
  • Confirming that the foetus has a constant heartbeat
  • To test the health quotient of your ovaries and fallopian tubes
  • Checking whether there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • To find whether there is a possibility of multiple pregnancies

Reasons for an Ultrasound During week 8

What to expect during your 8 weeks ultrasound

This is the first trimester and hence your OB will start measuring your belly to keep a tab on the development of the foetus. At this stage you have gained about 4 to 6 pounds.

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The ultrasound test can either be performed by using a device across your abdomen or by using a device inside your vagina, depending on your medical condition. If your uterus is too small to be seen at this stage, the gynaecologist might recommend a vaginal ultrasound for you.

During the test, on the 3D screen, you will see that many of the basic parts of your baby’s body are beginning to develop. The most prominent developments to the foetus at this stage, as seen, are the larger bones, arms, legs, nose, lips, eyelids, and the heart along with its internal valves that allow air passage. The average heartbeat of the growing embryo at week 8 is roughly between 140 and 160 beats per minute.

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8 week Ultrasound and Cant See the Baby: Is it Normal?

At times it might happen so that you might not still be able to view the baby on the screen, even though you are 8 weeks pregnant. This might be due to a symptom called ‘blighted ovum’. In this situation, due to some complication at conception, the baby does not grow but the sac continues to grow.

Usually, doctors wait till week 12 for their final diagnosis of the situation. Another factor might be that the baby does not have a heartbeat, which will be detected in the next ultrasound test. However, these are not very common occurrences, so you need not worry as long as the doctor gives you thumbs up regarding your health.

The baby, although is like a developing embryo, is now moving around and moving its hands and legs inside the womb! The little one’s getting active way to quickly! Your doctor will also inform you that your baby’s taste buds are rapidly developing. Hence, you will be provided with a proper diet chart that will mention the week by week instructions of your food intake.


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Week 8 Ultrasound: Molar Pregnancy

However, in rare cases, there is an abnormal development inside your uterus, which is like a foetus, but is not really the one that will develop into a baby. This situation is called ‘molar pregnancy’. If this is captured in the ultrasound, the doctor will immediately demand a surgery for the removal of this lump of tissues. This, however, is a rare phenomenon, affecting about 1 per 1,500 women across the world. Molar pregnancy is caused by a genetic problem pertaining to the sperm or the egg.

During the 8 weeks ultrasound test, your gynaecologist will most probably draw some of your blood to conduct the basic early-stage pregnancy tests. The test will involve determining your blood type, whether it is RH positive or RH negative. If your baby is detected to be RH positive, the doctor will administer medicines to prevent future complications.

Your RBC and WBC count will also be tested. Along with these, you will also be screened for HIV, STDs, Hepatitis B, and some other common diseases. A pap smear might be conducted if the doctor feels the requirement for the same. This test will entail a urine test via which your glucose and protein levels will be measured. This is done to keep a tab on the status of possible gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

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At this stage, although the foetus is still too small, you will get an actual first view of your baby. The pictures on the 3D screen will be clearer than earlier. You can request your doctor for some high quality print outs to take home with you!


Ultrasound at 8 weeks: Pregnant with Twins

If you are pregnant with twins, you will see on the screen that there are two different gestational sacs that are developing at the same pace and growing the same organs at the same time. You will see hear multiple heartbeats that might sound like a dual metronome! If the doctor senses any unnatural development, you will be put under a scanner and tested for pregnancy complications, at times owing to family history of diseases.

At 8 weeks pregnant, you might not feel the movements of the baby unless you see the precious little hands and legs on the screen! Just relax and try to digest the feeling of being officially 2 month pregnant. You are all set to go!

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