TOP-10 Montessori Furniture For Your Child


The Montessori approach is based on not just raising healthy children or teaching them skills such as writing, reading, or counting numbers. The main idea of this philosophy is to create favorable conditions in which the kids can become confident enough in their abilities and independent enough to take care of themselves and the environment. Therefore, the main task of parents is to create such a space and conditions where their kids can learn essential hands-on skills while becoming more empathetic and understanding in establishing social contacts.

montessori furniture for child

In this article, we have collected the 10 best Montessori furniture and toys to help your child develop according to this approach. You will learn about each of these elements and how they help your child grow into a healthy and confident person.

High Chair

The Montessori high chair is a versatile multi-functional option that can be used as a chair, a study table, and a convenient ladder to reach the kitchen table or bookshelf. The chair can withstand heavy loads and has a stable structure, so it is ideal for children 1–6 years old. At the same time, the chair is adjustable, so when the child grows up, it is convenient for the baby to continue using it.

A high chair-ladder table helps to develop the child’s motor skills and increases his coordination and control of movements. In addition, using it allows the child to feel independent in various activities, gaining knowledge about products, cooking, and serving processes. Parents like that instead of several things they can buy one that performs different functions.

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Weaning table

A weaning table is Montessori home furniture that helps babies to learn to eat by themselves. The wooden surface of the tabletop is easy to clean, and the table itself is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move from room to room or take with you on trips. Being compact, it has sturdy construction to ensure the babies’ safety even if they can hardly sit without active moves.

Learning Tower

Learning tower is Montessori baby furniture that helps your kids to safely stand at counter height to participate in cooking, baking, or other activities in the kitchen. It fits perfectly for kids from 8 months and has safety rails to prevent children from falling off. Also, this tower can be used as a learning table with a comfortable chair. Such helper towers give kids a sense of independence and autonomy in the kitchen or other areas of the house. It promotes cognitive, motor, and social development as well. So it is a useful tool for parents who want to involve their children in household activities and promote learning and development safely and securely.

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Pikler Triangle

The triangle is a wooden Montessori climbing furniture that allows children to climb, slide, hide, and even use the triangle as a fort or a tent. Babies can crawl under or practice pulling up, while toddlers can use it for more advanced climbing and play. The Montessori triangles by WoodandHearts are made of sturdy, natural wood that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The Pikler triangle is a versatile and beneficial toy that provides hours of fun and learning. It is an excellent addition to any playroom, and kids will enjoy it for years.

Montessori Floor Bed

A floor bed is the kind of Montessori furniture for toddlers that frees parents from many problems. The design is low to the floor, allowing babies to climb in and out of bed on their own, so there is no need to call parents for help when the baby wakes up. The child can play quietly in his room and freely explore the surrounding space. Such beds have additional functions:

  • Little explorers will like the wigwam bed;
  • The bed-house is ideal for holding on to rails, pulling up, training muscles;
  • Playpen beds are designed for newborns, but the side rails can be removed later, and the playpen will become a toddler bed.

At the same time, the floor bed is safe for the child, as it has a solid wooden frame, a well-polished surface, and no dangerous sharp corners.


Montessori Arches

The arch is the best Montessori furniture because it develops motor skills and helps the child strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs thanks to climbing, balancing, and other physical exercises. Montessori arch also promotes creativity because it easily turns into a balance board, a place to rest, a space to climb under it, a study table, etc.

Montessori Ramps

The ramp is a double-sided Montessori toy that can be used for climbing or sliding and can also be used as a table in combination with an arch. Thanks to pebbles or a ladder on it, it helps to develop coordination of movements and motor skills. Also, children improve their perception of space by learning to estimate distances and relationships between different objects. In addition, this toy provides many opportunities for inventing new games: performing various physical exercises, a track for toy cars, etc. Therefore, it also improves the child’s creative thinking and encourages non-standard approaches and interesting experiments implemented in the game process.

Kitchen Tower Stool

A kitchen tower stool is a useful Montessori home furniture designed to help kids safely participate in cooking and other activities in the kitchen. Children can help with tasks such as mixing, measuring, and washing dishes, easily reaching higher surfaces.

Scandinavian Climbers

Scandinavian сlimbers are home equipment that supports physical development, hands-on learning, and exploration. It’s like a gym in the kids’ room. It helps a lot when kids try to develop their gross motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and strength. Furthermore, it supports sensory integration as children engage their vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Scandi climbers are made of natural wood and meet all the safety requirements.

Balance Boards

Balance boards are a popular Montessori kids’ furniture that trains balance and body awareness, engages the core muscles, and helps build strength and stability in the core. The balance board is a great investment that turns into numerous physical and mental benefits.

There were 10 best toys and nursery furniture options you may need to raise a confident, autonomous, self-reliant kid. It does not mean you have to buy all of these items, but it is great when you know what can make your parenthood better and help your children grow up healthy, happy, and able to care about themselves in different situations.