Tonsil Stones in Children: Symptoms, Causes, Natural Remedies


Tonsil stones can be quite problematic for children. The tonsils located at the back of the throat prevent germs from entering. Sometimes the tonsils get infected with germs. This causes tonsillitis in children. They can be very painful. Tonsil infections are very common infection among children.

Tonsillitis in children have many symptoms.  Swollen lymph nodes, high fever, pain while swallowing are a few symptoms. Tonsil stones are mainly causes by recurring tonsil infections.  This condition is usually curable by antibiotics. Sometimes if the infection occurs frequently then doctors suggest removing the tonsils altogether.  Keep reading to know all about tonsil infections in children.

What is tonsillitis?

Tonsils are oval shaped tissue lumps at the back of the throat. There are two such lumps of tissue. These tissue lumps prevent the entry of harmful germs into your little one’s body. Tonsils also produce germ fighting antibodies.

But sometimes tonsils can also be infected by bacteria or virus. This leads to the inflammation of the tonsils. This condition is known as tonsillitis. Infection of the tonsils makes the two tonsils look swollen and red, covered with white mucous.

There are two types of tonsillitis among children:

Recurring tonsillitis

Tonsil infections that occur frequently are known as recurring tonsillitis. This is a condition when your child has swollen tonsils at regular intervals. It does not last long and can be cured with medicines.


Chronic tonsillitis

When your child has tonsillitis that lasts for over three months, it is called chronic tonsillitis. This condition is more acute than recurring tonsillitis. Usually chronic tonsillitis needs to be treated with surgery.

tonsils stones in children

Causes of tonsil stones in children 

  • Mainly tonsillitis in children is caused by viruses. Influenza viruses, herpes simplex virus and many other viruses are responsible for tonsillitis.
  • Sometimes bacteria can also causes inflammation of the tonsils in kids.
  • Tonsillitis is also highly contagious. It can easily spread from one child to another through air.
  • Physical contact with an infected child can also cause tonsillitis in a healthy kid.
  • Sharing the same food or drink with a kid having tonsillitis can easily cause the infection in your child.

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Signs and symptoms of tonsil stones in children 

  • Reddish swollen tonsils are the primary symptom of tonsillitis. The tonsils see, to be covered with whitish or yellowish substance. This is the first sign of tonsil infection in children.
  • If your child has high fever along with swollen tonsils it can be tonsillitis. Infection is usually indicated by high fever.
  • If you notice swollen lymph nodes in the neck of your kid, it can indicate tonsil infection. This is a sign that must not be ignored.
  • Having a runny nose is also another symptom.
  • Difficulty in swallowing food is a major sign of tonsillitis. The swollen tonsils make it difficult for the food to pass. Consult a doctor if your child complains of pain while swallowing.
  • Tonsillitis can often cause mouth rash. Also body rash can be a consequence of tonsil infections. These are signs that your child must have tonsillitis.
  • A sore throat or hoarse voice of your child can be signs of tonsil infection. It is necessary to consult a doctor before the situation gets worse.
  • Throat pain is another symptom of this problem.
  • Bad breath can also be a symptom of underlying tonsillitis in children. Better to get your child checked by a doctor.
  • Sometimes blisters in the throat can also indicate infection in the tonsils.
  • Having frequent headaches can be a possible symptom of tonsillitis.
  • Stomach pain can also be an indication of tonsil infection in children.
  • Ear pain might also be a sign of tonsil infection in kids.
  • Loss of appetite often is a symptom of tonsillitis.
  • Sometimes children might vomit frequently if they tonsillitis. This is a sign that should be taken seriously.
  • A child might drool excessively while being fed if he has tonsil infections. This is an important symptom. Notify your child’s doctor in that case.
  • Too much fussing all day often indicates illness in children. If your child is too fussy all of a sudden, it might be because of tonsil infection.

When to call a doctor?

  • If your child is feeling extremely tired all day;
  • He is running a temperature of 38 degree Celsius or more and the temperature does not drop;
  • Baby has breathing problem along with painful throat;
  • He has not urinated for more than 12 hours;
  • If he has a very stiff neck and his jaw seems swollen;

All these signs indicate that the tonsillitis has become acute and immediately needs medical attention.

Treatment for tonsil stones in children 

Normally antibiotics are suggested by doctors to treat tonsillitis in children. They are effective and work fast. However it is crucial to complete the full course of antibiotics even if the symptoms reduce. Otherwise it can lead to further complications later.  ‘

Other medications are also available which essentially are painkillers. If your kid is suffering from chronic tonsillitis, the doctors might suggest complete removal of the tonsils by surgery.

Home remedies for tonsil stones in children 

There are several easy home remedies to relieve your child from tonsillitis. These are:


Salt water gargle

This is the best home remedy for tonsil infections. The salt water kills the germ infecting the tonsil and also soothes your child’s throat.


Turmeric has anti inflammatory properties. This helps in reducing the inflammation of the tonsils.

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Basil leaf juice

Basil leaves also have anti inflammatory properties that effective fights tonsillitis. It is another wonderful home remedy.


Cinnamon is a spice that contains anti microbial properties. It can fight infections and effectively cure tonsillitis.


Mint can fight bacteria and reduce the infection of tonsils in children. It is an excellent home remedy for tonsillitis.



Fenugreek seeds are popular for anti bacterial properties that can kill bacteria. These seeds are wonderful as home remedy for tonsil infection in kids.

Lemon juice

It is rich is anti viral and anti bacterial properties. Lemon juice is therefore highly effective in treating tonsillitis.


Take the bark of babul tree and mix it with rock salt. Mix this mixture with hot water and use it as a gargle.

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Tonsillitis can be quite bothersome for children. It is very common and usually benign. Tonsillitis is a contagious infection.  Generally tonsillitis does not cause any complications. it can be easily cured with medicines or natural remedies.

However frequent tonsillitis is a matter of concern for children. repeated tonsillitis can cause tonsil stones in teenagers and adults. If your child is suffering from tonsillitis for a long time, it is best to consult a doctor.