9 Tips To Reduce Hair Loss In Teenagers


People are very particular about their looks and hair loss sometimes hampers it. Every individual happens to appreciate the whole appearance rather than just some parts of it. We have heard people saying “oh look how beautiful she is looking”, or “wow what a pretty eye”, but we have seen people appreciating the whole appearance calling that personality. The wholesome look gives a boost to one’s personality.

One thing which maximum of teenagers is worried about is their hair loss. It matters too much and happening to too many. And it is resulting into the most common complaints or reason of worrying to a maximum of the teenagers.

Hair loss in teenagers

It is quite hard to believe that young teens can face such a problem but look at today’s scenario it is possible and is inevitable as well. Hair loss is one of the most common spread issues among teenagers along with pimples and acne. Although acne and pimples have certain remedies like changing of face wash and applying some homemade ayurvedic, hair loss issue is more difficult to treat.

hair loss

Reasons for hair loss in teenagers

Hormonal imbalance

A teenager goes through puberty and thus it is obvious to have a hormonal imbalance. The body comes to witness too many changes happening and often they cannot resist. These imbalances happen to affect differently like in ways such as hair loss, skin disease, poor stomach, and other internal pains.


This is the most common reason for hair loss in a maximum of the teenager as they don’t feed themselves properly and in time. The need for vitamins and minerals is very important in this age as the body needs more proteins and calcium, minerals to stay active and on point for day-to-day activities. And when that does not happen properly it affects the body in different ways such as hair loss, obesity, too thin, weak bones.



Often it is said that if there is any bald person in the family or the generation then that may be passed on to the other generations as well. So sometimes it is not because of low maintenance but because of genes dominance.


The environmental reasons such as poor water supply, pollution, using different materials on the hair which is harmful all these leads to hair fall as well. Pollution can be taken as a severe environmental reason.


This is a psychological phobia where a child or teenager happens to have a habit of pulling their hair as that gives them satisfaction or pleasure.

9 tips on how to reduce hair loss

Massaging the scalp

Often we don’t give too much time to our hair and this mistreatment can lead to hair loss. So, taking out 5 to 6 minutes of the day and massaging the scalp with coconut oil nourishes the scalp. It gives the scalp the nutrients that it’s in want and also helps one calm down and releases stress which can be another reason for hair fall.

Egg and curd

Egg and curd act as antioxidants that help the scalp get the protein it requires. This combo also washes out the dirt which sticks to our scalp because of the pollution outside.

Eating vitamins

Only washing hair with too many natural products will do no good. One has to take care of the number of vitamins they take in every day, as proper nutrition for the whole body results in good hair.


Healthy diet

Eating healthy and staying healthy are related in every way. Eating from time to time and avoiding junk food results in proper nourishment of the hair and it also increases hair growth.

Sleep sufficiently

Every day-to-day life activity is related to one another. People having insomnia often face the issue of hair loss because not having a proper sleep pattern results in stress and stress causes hair loss. So sleeping on time and sleeping sufficiently will lead to a reduction in hair loss.

Keep body hydrated

Water is the solution to most problems in life. Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water will result in healthy digestion, freshness and cleanse the body internally which then results in the reduction of hair loss.

Don’t brush wet hair

When the hair is wet, the scalp is in a weak state. So brushing hair in that weak state will result in too much hair fall. Thus, one should avoid doing that.

Avoid heating

Nowadays teenagers often use heating devices like hair-dryer and straightener which happens to heat the hair way too much. It is unbearable for the hair to take that heat repeatedly and that often results in loss of hair. So drying hair naturally like with natural air or soaking with help of towels will be better than such devices.

Washing hair with rice water

Rice water helps in reducing the split ends and also nourishes the hair. It is easy to make rice water and also easy to use.


Conclusion – Hair fall is a common issue now a day and can be cured so there is nothing to worry about too much, it is treatable.