11 Tips for Quick Recovering Post an Episiotomy


Pregnancy and labor are themselves very stressful. Overall if a woman needs to undergo episiotomy then the problem becomes more acute. Women undergoing vaginal birth needs to have episiotomy. Now the ways by which she can recover from that surgery includes regular cleaning, keeping the area dry, allowing fresh air to pass through the affected area, taking proper meds, using sanitary pads, trimming the nails and many other protective measures.

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The idea is to not aggravate the injury and aim for a quicker recovery. Sometimes using icepack, soothing yourself, during urination, staying hydrated and avoiding constipation also are solid good ways to recover from the problem.

What is episiotomy care?

Episiotomy care involves the precautions and measures taken to cure the wound of the operation caused during vaginal birth. During vaginal delivery, sometimes, some nerves and the tissues of the vagina need to be removed in order for the baby to come out. The stitches of these wounds need to heal faster as otherwise it might lead to infection.

The following are the ways by which proper care can be ensured:

11 Ways for Quick Recovering Post an Episiotomy

Clean Regularly

Once the operation is done then you need to clean the area regularly. This is due to constant discharge from vagina. It increases the chances of bacterial infestation. That is why you need to clean it. Regular cleaning is preferable. That prevents the infection. Cleaning at an interval of 2-3 hours, daily is a good idea. In this way the recovery will be faster.


Keeping it Dry

Cleaning alone would not help. If the water remains trapped then bacteria will manifest. That will cause further infection. That is why you need to dry the wound. Use soft cotton towels to rub and dry the wound. In this way you keep the area both dry and clean.

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Keep it Airy

Episiotomy requires fresh air. It helps the bruises to heal faster. It is impossible to keep the place airy all the time. Especially during the day! That is why it is best to try and keep the place airy during night. Doctors advise against wearing undergarments during bedtime.


Take the Medicines

You might not have a c-section. But episiotomy is still a minor surgery, nonetheless. That is why you need to take regular medication. Your doctor might suggest antibiotics. Antibiotics would prevent the chances of infection. However, avoiding medication can aggravate the problem. That is the reason the medication and doctor visits should be regular.

Be Careful while moving

You have to be careful whilst moving round. Especially while getting up or sitting down, you need to check that you are not stretching the injury. The pain can be fatal. It might also rip open the stitches. That will surely worsen the situation. Always take some support whilst sitting. Bend your knees first. Do not plunge into something suddenly. Take time to do your actions.


Use Sanitary Pads

The best way to keep the injuries dry is to wear sanitary pads. This will soak up all the sweat you accumulate. It will keep the area clean and free of fluid. So, even if you are not in your periods, wear the pads. It would also help to absorb all the blood, in case you start bleeding from there.

Trim your Nails

Once the stitches start to dry it becomes bit itchy. Despite the mental resistance, you will be tempted to scratch the area, once or twice. That is the reason why you must trim your nails. Under no condition you should cut open the wound. It might lead to further complications. It might even worsen the situation compared to what it was.

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Ice packs

Ice packs are always good for healing the wounds. Heal the injury by compressing the wound with ice pack. Use a cloth to wrap the pack up. Or use sanitary pads for the compression. This would help in faster recovery. Make sure no water stays on the spot of injury. Clean the area with dry cotton towel, after compression. Then change your sanitary pads.

Stay Hydrated

The most important thing is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fluid. This will cause any sort of irritation during urination. Dehydration might cause more trouble. It will certainly make the urination painful. It might also lead to constipation. For that reason it is important that you drink at least 4-5 liters of healthy fluid, per day. This will also help in quick recovery.

Soothe Yourself During Urination

Urination itself will be painful after episiotomy. That is why you need to soothe yourself by pouring warm water. Pour the water on your vulva to reduce the pain. The practice itself is very time consuming. However, it will help you relax quite a bit. Also drinking more fluid will help in reducing the pain.


Avoid Chances of Constipation

Constipation might be a nightmare after episiotomy. That is why avoid it by all means. Drink plenty of water. Eat fiber rich foods. Post operation, you must try and avoid consuming unnecessary fat. That might create constipation. Constipations might create an enormous amount of pain. It might even rupture the wound. Then further stitches and medication might be required. Stay on a strict diet. Wait till the stitch gets completely dried. 

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Every method of delivery is challenging. Vaginal deliveries do not involve massive operations. But nonetheless, the minor ones can also give nasty pains. Make sure you recover fast by following the simple rules. Restrain yourself from any sexual acts till the injury totally cures. Kegel exercises are also quite nice and helpful. It helps in relaxing the vaginal muscles. It also ensures proper blood circulation in the vagina. However, before taking any anti-inflammation medicines, do talk to your doctor. This will avoid aggravation of the injury. Know whether or not you at all need a medication. Your doctor also might suggest certain ointment.