11 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Birth


You may call it ‘going back to basics’ or you may call it ‘going natural’, but home birth is a popular option now. Many pregnant women are embracing the option of home birth, but in a more sophisticated way compared to ancient practices. There are advantages in a home birth. Mothers always want the best for their babies. And the home is always the best place. If you are giving birth in a homely environment, it is very good for your baby. It is good for the mother as well.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Home Birth

Labor is a complicated process in pregnancy. In hospitals, women often need to be induced into labor by artificial means. The unacquainted environment of hospitals is often a drag in bringing about natural labor. You can obviously improve your chances of labor if you are in a homely environment. But there are many more things you did not know about home birth. You need to be aware of these things so that you can have a smooth labor and birth.

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1} It is safe

Stats show that home birth is safe. The notion of unsafe birth at home may be a misplaced one. However, you need to make sure that the birth is being supervised by certified and trained midwives and attendants. There are even some cases where home births have been found to be safer than hospital births.

2} You get specialized care

Specialized and dedicated care is a unique attribute of home births. You need a dedicated attendant and midwife to carry out the process. The process begins much before the actual birth or even labor. This means that the attendant plays the role of a family member for a long time during your pregnancy. It continues even after the baby is born. The attendant continues to attend to the baby and the mother. You are bound to lack such a specialized care in a hospital.


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3} Midwifes are equipped with medical necessities

People suffer from a notion that midwives still use ancient procedure. But this is a misplaced notion. The profession has really evolved into a modern practice. These midwives have much of the medical knowledge needed for a home birth. They also bring along all the necessary medical supplies.


4} Your insurance policy may cover it

There are some insurance companies which do extend coverage for home births as well. However, this is available only in those states where certified midwifery has been licensed. So if you are in those states, you may as well get the home birth of your baby covered by insurance.

5} No, it is not messy

It is common misconception –home birth is a messy affair. Bloodybed sheets, spilled amniotic fluid, and all the attendant mess – is the common imagination about home births. But that is not the reality. Midwives or attendants are experienced and trained in arranging the place according to a plan. So there is little likelihood of your couch or carpet being messed with.

6} Hospitalization need not always be emergency

You may need to be shifted to the hospital during your pregnancy or after the birth of the infant. But that does not mean that it is an emergency situation. Often the reason is further care or observation under medical supervision.


7} Home birth does not mean water birth

Water birth is popular, and there is a notion that home birth means water birth. Videos of pregnant women squatting in tubful of water are popular with many wannabe parents. But you need to know that the option of water birth is not exclusive to home births. This can happen in hospitals too.

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8} Home birth is cheap

Home birth is cheaper than a hospital birth. Hospitals charge a hefty bill for their infrastructure, even if you don’t need them. Home births don’t need so much of infrastructure.

9} Risk of infection is much less in home birth

In fact, one significant reason why many women are opting for home births is the lesser risk of infection. Hospital acquired infection is one of the reasons that many doctors too prefer a home birth.

10} Home births are not for everybody

Every pregnant woman should not go for home births. If there are complications like fibroids or others, then a hospital birth is a necessary. So even if you like the idea of home birth, you need to listen to your doctor.

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11} Reduced chances of cesarean section

It is observed that home births have a lower rate of cesarean section. This is mostly due to the ingrained notion that women have it in them to withstand the pain of natural labor and birth.