11 Things to Consider While Choosing Your Baby Name


Name is an identity, and it represents the person. It is a hectic and most confusing task to name a person. Couples start thinking of the names when the pregnancy is confirmed. Everyone wants their baby’s name to be unique. The young one is going to spend the rest of the life with that name so it needs to be the one that you like and the baby must also like the name. It is a pretty big decision that will be taken by the parents. It is the first thing that comes to the brain when a lady is pregnant. Some couples spend nine months in deciding the baby’s name but won’t come to the conclusion. It takes a lot of time, patience to find the one name for your baby. Regarding this topic a lot of discussion will be going on between the family and friends of the couples. A lot of suggestions and a lot of anxiety makes it more confusing for the couple.

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Irrespective of names, there are some things that must be considered before naming the baby.

How to Choose Your Baby Name?

1} Form a List

Usually people tend to like some names more than the others. Note down the names that you like, that sound unique. There will be names of the ancestors whom you want to cherish by naming your babies with theirs, just add them also to the list. This list must include all the names that both the parents like. This list will help you while short listing the baby’s names. You can come down to one name which you want your baby to carry at last.

2} Have Conversations about Name

It is important to talk about the names with your partner, friends or family. By talking you will surely get to know about different type of names, what type of names you like and dislike, what your interests are in. It is the best way to know about the names. It will be a nice conversation and you will get more idea also.

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3} The Long-Short Ratio

It is sure that every person will have two words in their name, weather it may be the family name or the extension of the name. It is important both the names should match. The longer first name should have shorter second name and the longer second name should have shorter first name. If both the names are either long or short, they won’t sound good.

4} Choosing Unique Names

Some people think want to name their child uniquely. Choosing a unique name is good; it will attract everyone and make your child look like one of a kind. But in this type of unique names there will be a problem of wrong pronunciation and spellings. It will annoy the baby as well as the parents so it is better to choose the names which can easily be pronounced and spelled.

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5} Consider Teasing of name in future

Teasing because of the name is one of the problems mostly faced by the people.  So it is better to think twice before you name the baby, not only the name but you have to think about the words that it rhymes with. People often tease using the rhyming words. So checking the rhyming words thoroughly.

6} Should be Decent

The baby should live lifelong with that name so it is important that the name should be decent enough. They shouldn’t sound funny, obscene or embarrassing when the shortcuts of the names or initials of the names are used.

7} Pronunciation

You will be using these names all your life, so the name should be good when you scream it in a park or you tell about them to your friends. So it is necessary to think about the pronunciation of the name . So think before naming your baby about the pronunciation.


8} Popularity

It is important to take the popularity into consideration. Never ever one must name their babies with popular names. Because these popular names are going to bother them a lot in future. Having more people with their name in school, college or office is nothing but a bundle of embarrassing situations.So it is important to name your kids with unpopular names or unique names.

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9} Celebrity Names

Generally people love celebrities and some of them even want to name their babies with their favorite celebrities. But seriously is it necessary to put our child through many embarrassing situations just because of our crazy celebrity love. So avoid celebrities names completely.

10} Inspiration

Some names are taken from inspiring person. As these names sound inspiring they will be embarrassing in some moments so it is better to not use these names while naming our babies.

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11} Religious Names

Many people from different countries opt to name their kids with the names of the God. Some people use it for first or middle or last name ir the whole name. So it is better to observe the combinations of different names. The name should sound beautiful.


Naming the kids is so tough choice as well as big responsibility. So it is important to think a hundred times before naming your baby. They need to spend the rest of their life with that name. It is their identity, it is their title so it is important to consider many things before naming your baby. Let the name be unique and make your baby to stand out from the crowd.

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