The Ultimate Teen College Checklist


A good college checklist is important to start college life smoothly. University life is a new way, new ray of hope, living the old habits and adopting some new ones, change of looks, change of stereotypical outset and many more. They not only realize their growth now but they are ready to experience the world differently as well. Too many people come with their dreams, just to succeed in their way of life and take it as a phase. But for many, this is the real-time to decide what to do and why to do so.

This phase of life is exciting, tiresome, anxious, frustrating, and encouraging. With this, it also comes along with a pressure of whether one will be able to stand up on their own feet or will they rely on someone else for their bread and butter. It’s a crucial period with lots of expectation, demand, achievement, enjoyment, and of course knowledge.

college checklist

Things to do before moving to college

Moving is never easy but it teaches one the real flavor of life and one gets to experience a whole lot of stuff altogether. But before moving there are certain things that need to be dealt with.

Getting rid of things that are no more important

First thing first, getting rid of things which are no more in use or not necessary anymore. This includes books that will not come in need, dresses that are torn apart or are of no use, furniture that may get spoiled by not using in the long term.

Acknowledging those who have been a part of their journey

Bidding farewell to those who were a part of the individual’s journey for this long. Somewhere they also played a major role in success and one should always acknowledge their surrounding in which they have been born and brought up.


Planning and organizing

Just moving without a proper plan will not do any good, rather will create compulsion and confusion after reaching there. One needs to plan about the stay, the food, the money which will be required and then what things need to be taken or packed for the journey. All these helps in releasing stress about the moving as well. If one is prepared for the coming future they may not be stressing about it and will be anxiety-free.

The setting of a time or routine

A routine plays an important role in shaping a person’s behavior or rather it brings a person to discipline. So the routine needs to be made for a better understanding of what to do and how to work effectively and efficiently after moving.

9 college checklist essentials 


College is all about dealing with too many assignments and presentations and for that one requires a laptop and thus it is one of the most essential tools nowadays. The laptop can also be used as a TV or movie watching device. In a new place, one might not have the access to television or mode to go to the cinema hall very often as that too will be costly. So the laptop is the survival kit.


One might not have too many plug areas so they should prepare themselves beforehand so that they don’t face any issue regarding the charging efficiency.


This is the most important thing to carry as an emergency may occur anytime, anywhere. So one should carry all the emergency first aid which will help for the time being and will give some relief as well. The kit includes medicines for headache, motion issues, body pain, fever, slight cuts, bandage,s, etc.

Sheets and pillow

Beds may be available but there might not be a sheet on it or a pillow to sleep on, so one should be prepared for such a situation as well. And often many people have their own comfortable pillow which they prefer while sleeping so it is better to have your resources with you.


Cup, plate, water bottle, flask

These are the essentials which one should carry with them. As a student, there are times when one needs to wake up all night due to exams and assignments. They might need to make coffee for themselves. They can make and keep it in the cup or flask so that one can have it anytime they want to. The water bottle is to carry water instead of buying water again and again and plate to have food when given in a plastic or different container.


The torch comes in handy in many ways. It can be used when you are walking on a poorly lit road. Then again in any issue regarding electricity and many more ways.

Coffee maker

One may not find tea or coffee and going out to have a cup of coffee can be expensive. So they may rather carry a coffee maker to help themselves out whenever they are in need to drink coffee.

Pen and books

A student must have these two for sure or else it doesn’t feel like they are a student. Even though a maximum of the classes is being taken online. But when it comes to self-study one needs these two for sure.


The most important without which one may not survive anywhere is money. One needs to form a budget and have a check on it as well. It will make them calculative and will help them prepare for the upcoming expenses as well. A new place will bring new challenges as well which might require a specific amount.


All these college checklist essentials will help one when planning to move somewhere far.