Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids


Top Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Jokes are an integral part of thanksgiving celebrations. Getting together, enjoying the company of one another after long time, having dinner together makes thanksgiving a memorable occasion every year. However, thanksgiving is incomplete if the long lost friends or relatives from distant parts of the country do not get together after the dinner and crack jokes on one another.

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Jokes related to scarecrow

Scarecrow is a favorite character for children. They are really afraid of the character. It is fact that children like to crack jokes on things that they are afraid of such as ghosts and scarecrows. So they like to crack jokes on scarecrows and ghosts. Even adults can crack jokes with them regarding these subjects and more. Someone may ask – how can a scarecrow win a coveted prize in a famous sport and art and a witty child may answer – because the thing was really out standing in its field.

Jokes related to turkey

Thanksgiving started as a way to pay gratitude to the soil and good fortune for bountiful harvest and plenty of Turkeys in New England. So Turkey is a key ingredient of any Thanksgiving celebration. Naturally, there are a number of jokes about Turkey that children can crack amongst themselves as well as with family members.

The story about thanksgiving

The background story of thanksgiving is important since many of the jokes take their cue from this.

It is said that a long time ago, at about early 1600s, a group of people in England wanted to free themselves from the clutches of the Clergy who wanted them to worship in a particular way. So they escaped the place on a ship with a dream of finding a place where they can pray in their own way. The name of the ship was Mayflower and there were about 100 people on board who are referred to as pilgrims. They landed on Plymouth in search of the new world where their religious view will not be opposed. There they were helped by the native Americans with food and seeds of food crops. The native people also taught them how to survive in the harsh conditions of the land.


However, the English slowly adapted to the land and reaped a rich harvest with the seeds given and help rendered by the natives. So they staged a thanksgiving feast for the natives as well as for the soil and their good luck. Wild Turkey was a key ingredient of this thanksgiving feast.

There are many sayings that emanate out of this story, and several of these are about Turkey. Some of them are listed below:

1. One such saying says that a Turkey arrested by the police. A child can ask why did the police arrest the turkey?and another child may reply with a witty answer such as – the police suspected the turkey of fowl play!

2. Another joke goes like why did the turkey cross the road? And the reply to this can be like – It seems it was a chicken’s day off! Another witty reply can be – the Turkey wanted to prove that it was a turkey and not a chicken.

3. A child may ask other kids or even family members witty one lines like -Which key do you think won’t open a door? A prompt answer to this will be – A turkey, off course!

4. One very witty one liner that can really boost your kids standing among other kids can be  -How can the chewing gum cross the road? Your answer to this may be like – since it was stuck on the foot of the turkey!


5. Someone may ask – What happens when a turkey lays its eggs on a barn? You may reply in just one world and make the whole assembly burst out in laughter – Eggroll!

6. So what you call it when it rains turkeys? Fowl weather!

Thanksgiving jokes for kids

Jokes based on other bits of the Thanksgiving story

1. A straight out of the story joke can be like – If April showers give rise to May flowers, what do May-flowers bring? And the witty answer to this can be just one world – Pilgrims! And the friends and family will really like your wit.

2. Parade is a part of Thanksgiving and a joke regarding parade can be like – What is that which comes first during parades? If you are really prepared or can recollect it impromptu, your answer may be – “p”! People will really appreciate your wit.


3. Someone may ask – If the Pilgrims had been alive today, what would they have been most famous for?You can really make others burst in peals of laughter with your answer –age!

4. Pumpkin was also an integral part of the first Thanksgiving. So there are jokes about pumpkin too. People may try to embarrass children with questions like – What do you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by the diameter? A witty child can answer without hesitation and without delving into mathematics – a Pumpkin pi!

5. There are many other jokes that are laced with intelligent questions which have similar intelligent answers that have nothing to do with knowledge or study. Like someone may ask –On which side of a turkey you can get the maximum number of feathers? An informed or intelligent enough child can promptly reply – The outside!

6. Another very intelligent one liner that can really brighten up the mood after a thanksgiving dinner can be – Why doesa turkey lays eggs?An intelligent answer to this should not delve into reasons, but just answer – since if the Turkey drops the eggs, they’d break!

7. So what is the most musical part you can get in a turkey?You should promptly reply – The drumstick!Yammy that makes the best music in my mouth.

8. Now tell me – If you get fruits from fruit trees, where do you get turkeys from?Poul-tree, obviously! And What’sthe key to a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner?Off course the tur-key!


9. Kids are always frightened by ghosts. So mix fright of ghost with the humour of turkey and get a nice, sensible, witty and intelligent thanksgiving joke for kids during thanksgiving.  You may be asked – What is the result of crossing a turkey with a ghost? A witty child will promptly answer – poultrygeist!

10. SoWhat do think about the turkey being sent to jail? Don’t you think it was a – Fowl play!

11. And Who do you think is not at all hungry on a Thanksgivingday? Obviously the turkey as it is already stuffed!

12. Youshouldn’t look at the turkey dressing? You know why? Because it will make the bird blush!

13. Pilgrims obviously got tanned with all the journey and the sun. So a relevant joke can be – What kind of tan could the pilgrims have gotten? Answer in just one word and make the whole family laugh aloud – Puri-tan obviously!

14. And What do you think about the Thanksgiving celebration for selfish people? Well, Thanks-taking obviously!


15. Pilgrims did face a lot of harassment and trouble in their initial years. So they might have been in great pain at times. A relevant joke about this can be – What kind of face could the pilgrims have made when they were in pain? A straightjacket answer that would sarcastically describe their pain can be – Pil-grimace.

16. The mayflower ship was said to have carried about 100 pilgrims. A joke about this goes like – How much could the Mayflower have weighed?You can answer it in one word and own accolades and laughter of your fellow peopleA Puri-TON.

There are so many jokes that can easily be shared with children during thanksgiving. It is better to be prepared with some of the best thanksgiving jokes for kids. Even your kids need to be prepared with some good stock of thanksgiving jokes so that they can mingle well with other children during thanksgiving.