21 Fun Filled Thanksgiving Games and Activities For Kids


Thanksgiving mad libs, fall scavenger hunt, thanksgiving coloring book, don’t eat Pete thanksgiving game, trivia game, spot it, gratitude scavenger hunt, make butter, roll a turkey are the best thanksgiving games and activities for kids.

Thanksgiving is the time when it’s all about family and friends. But at the same time, it’s too cold outside during this time which is why sometimes it can get a lot boring for the kids. To have a great time, you must look forward to some amazing games and fun activities that you and your kids can get into. In this article, we will be looking at 21 fun-filled Thanksgiving games and activities for kids.

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Thanksgiving mad libs:

A fill-in-the-blank game lets all the children play together. In fact, you can also provide some little information about thanksgiving to these little babies through this game.

Thanksgiving mad libs

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Fall scavenger hunt:

Send kids out to the backyard to find some autumn items like orange leaves etc. in case, the weather isn’t great, you can just let them play inside the house. You can include a list of clues if you want.

Fall scavenger hunt


Thanksgiving coloring book:

Get plenty of colored pencils and crayons and let kids show their creativity. They can just fill in during, after or before dinner.

Thanksgiving coloring book

Don’t eat Pete thanksgiving game:

The game involves candy, so it’s a happy hour! One player is asked to leave the room and others at the table choose one thanksgiving icon on the game board to be ‘Pete’. A piece of candy is placed on every square and the first player is invited back into the room to choose pieces of candy to eat. When he/she goes for ‘pete’, everyone yells ‘Don’t eat Pete’. The game begins again.

Don’t eat Pete thanksgiving game



Trivia game:

You can easily get a lot of information on the history of thanksgiving foods and crazy pumpkin facts and turn them into trivia cards. During dinner, set a stack on the table so kids can quiz each other.

thanksgiving games for kids: Trivia game

Spot it:

Each kid gets his/her own card with a selection of photos. They have to check if the photo on the card matches a photo on the center card. In case, it does, they keep the center card and continue to play until no cards are left in the deck.

thanksgiving games for kids: Spot it

Apples to apples junior:

You can look forward to this game if there are older children. The junior version includes a list of adjectives that everyone might know. As there are 576 cards, it may take a little longer to get done with this game. This is one of the best Thanksgiving games for kids.

Apples to apples junior


Gratitude scavenger hunt:

The game challenges kids to find items they are thankful for. Also, no camera is needed as they can just draw a picture.

Gratitude scavenger hunt

Printable thanksgiving placemats:

Kids can spend some of their time coloring in these game-filled placemats. This is one of the best thanksgiving activities for kids.

Make butter:

Pour ¼ cup of whipping cream into a mason jar and shake it up for around 20 minutes until the butterfat separates from the liquid. Pass it on between the little ones and serve with bread at dinnertime.

Make butter


Autumn tic-tac-toe:

Ask the kids to help you paint the tiny pumpkins before dinner. Although the game works best with a small table if you got a longer table, you can just tape more than one grid.

Autumn tic-tac-toe

Roll a turkey:

After kids are done with their dinner, go ahead with this game. Roll the dice and put the correct colored M&M on the turkey card. The one who fills it up first wins the game!

Roll a turkey

Fall bucket list:

Ask the kids to fill out everything they are looking forward to doing over their Thanksgiving break or how they want to spend the rest of their vacation-like.

Fall bucket list


Pin the feather on the turkey:

Ask the kids to make use of construction paper to craft a happy looking bird. Let them show their creativity!

Pin the feather on the turkey

Printable thanksgiving games:

Get a number of this fun and exciting printable thanksgiving cards.

Printable thanksgiving games

Colorful candy cornucopia:

You can ask the kids to create these colorful crafts and then fill them with candy. Ask the kids to guess how many pieces fit inside.

Colorful candy cornucopia


Stuffed glove turkey puppet show:

Get your old winter gloves and transform them into turkey props.

Stuffed glove turkey puppet show

Turkey bowling:

Who doesn’t love bowling? Also, there are extra points if you bowl with mini pumpkins. This is one of the best thanksgiving games for kids.

Turkey bowling

Thanksgiving photo booth props:

Show your creativity in making these fun and amazing photo booth props and then, take hundreds of pictures with them.

Thanksgiving photo booth props


Design a table covering:

Get some butcher paper so that it covers the entire table and have the kids make the rounds. Then, ask the guests what they are thankful for and record the answers on the covering.

Design a table covering

Questions game:

Download a set of festive questions that you can ask around the table.

Questions game


Get the little ones together and let them enjoy the thanksgiving time with all these fun activities.


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