11 Remedies to Treat Stretch Marks in Teens


What is stretch marks?

Stretch marks is a customary thing found in our body and occur when the skin is suddenly stretched. These are lengthy and narrow markings that are formed on the skin. Women are more prone to get stretch marks than men. They mainly establish on upper arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks, abdomen or breasts.

Common causes of stretch marks in teens

Puberty: with growing age when our body develops and experiences various hormonal changes then stretch marks could be a result of that.

Sudden weight gain: if a person gains a lot of weight in a short period of time, then stretch marks can be formed in the body, especially in those parts that have grown bigger.

Corticosteroid pills: Corticosteroid pills, lotions or tablets decrease the body’s ability to stretch hence developing stretch marks on the body.

Stretch Marks in Teens: 11 Home Remedies

stretch marks in teens

Given below are eleven easy and natural ways to get rid of stretch marks in teens:


Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is an effective way to get rid off stretch marks. You will have to apply it twice a day on the affected part of the body and within a month you will observe changes. It can easily penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to fulfill the damage. You can either apply cocoa butter aloof on the skin or can add some ingredients to it like vitamin E oil and beeswax to make it more effective.

Aloe vera

Aleo vera is a magical herb that has immense healing power and is also soothing for the skin. You can apply aloe vera gel taken out freshly from the leaves twice or thrice in a day in the pompous area and massage it till it is completely absorbed. You can leave it overnight and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning. Although it is very efficient but to increase its healing ability you can always add vitamin A or Vitamin E oils.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a rich and a well-known source of Ricinoleic acid that has amazing effects in treating skin and hair problems. Apply it on a daily basis to reduce the efficiency of stretch marks. Warm up the oil and massage it for half an hour and leave overnight.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. It has stupendous alleviating potential and treats various problems, one of them is stretch marks. All you are required to do is slightly warm up the olive oil and massage it on the area of the body that requires to be treated for four to five minutes. Do not rinse it off. Apply it twice or thrice a day.

Coffee grounds

coffee grounds are waste from coffee brew. It is high in caffeine and can easily penetrate inside the body. It is a rich source of antioxidants and can stimulate fat present in the body. Make a paste of coffee ground and waste and scrub it on the stretch marks. You can scrub it for around six to seven minutes and rinse it later. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer at the end. Apply it once in a day. To increase its effectiveness you can add lemon juice or an aloe vera gel in place of water for making the paste. Follow the steps thereafter.

Almond oil

almond oils is rich in vitamin E and nutrients. It has an amazing palliating capability for the skin and also adds a gleam to it. All you need to do is heat some amount of almond oil, say about two to three spoons and massage it for five to six minutes till it is absorbed completely. You can leave it overnight or rinse with water after two to three hours. Apply it two to three times in a day.


Baking soda

baking soda is an effective way to remove dead skin from the body that results in diminishing the stretch marks. Add one spoon full of lemon to one spoon of baking soda and make a paste. Apply that paste on the affected portions of the body and leave for around half an hour, later rinse it with warm water. Apply it twice a day to get the best results.


lemon juice is an easily available thing and is also straightforward to use. All you want is two to three spoonful of lemon juice and apply it on the body everywhere where stretch marks are present. Rub it for around ten to eleven minutes till it is completely absorbed and then rinse it with water and apply some moisture thereafter. You can apply this twice a day. Also, you can prepare a paste by adding two spoons of cucumber juice and one spoon of flour to the lemon juice. Follow the same instructions and see the stretch marks magically disappear from your body.

Drink lots of water

hydrating yourself can solve many problems and diseases, one of them is stretch marks. The more water you will drink, more hydrated will be your body. One should consume at least four to five liters of water in a day to maintain a healthy and hydrated body that will help diminishing the stretch marks.

Regular Exercising

Exercising is a vital part of a teenager’s life. It not only maintains a good health and a fit body but also, undoubtedly cures stretch marks. When you involves yourself in regular exercises then that shrinks the body hence result in vacating the stretch marks.

Eat healthy and clean food items

when an adolescent grubs healthy food items like milk, grapefruits, peaches that are rich in Vitamin A and vitamin C then the chances of treating stretch marks increase extensively. Healthy food habits not only benefits you mentally but has tremendous advantages on your skin and body.

If you follow any or some of the following tips on a daily basis then it is utmost surety that you will get rid-off the stubborn stretch marks from your body. They will vanish within a month or so and will leave you with a velvety and congenial skin.