11 Astonishing Ways to Help Teenage Girl Gain Weight


Teenage is the time for changes in the body. The major physical growth of the body takes place during this time. Sometimes, they are worried about their body image and stop eating as much as they should. So, some of them turn out to be very lean and thin. Some, have a skinny structure and their choosy nature regarding food makes it worse for them. There can several other reasons why your teenage girl does not gain weight such as poor nutrition, metabolism of the body, their diet, or genetics at times. Whatsoever be the reason for the skinny body structure of your kid, there is always a room for weight gain. Proper weight gives your child a proper personality and body structure.

Well, you must understand that accumulating fat and gaining healthy weight are two different things.it’s important for us to  So, let’s look into some amazing yet very simple ways to gain weight for girls who are in their teenage. You will be amazed to see how weight gain can be so simple and effortless.

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10 Amazing Tips for Teenage Girls on How to Gain Weight Naturally

how to gain weight

Red meat

Owing to the presence of a good amount of protein, iron and present in red meat, it stands to be a good stuff to add to your diet, in order to gain weight. The most nutritious part of the meat is a piece of ribs, strip, t-bone, and beef tenderloin as they contain a good amount of fat in them. In order to make it a little healthy, you can simply add some olive oil and let it bake red meat in your oven. But, let me remind you that you must not take red meat along with high saturated fats, this can turn out to be a risky idea. As the outcome is not healthy.

Always eat breakfast

Teenagers seem to be really busy, they sleep late, wake up late and thus find it an easy escape to skip breakfast to catch up with their schedule. But, this does not help you out in any way if you wish to gain weight. Weight gain is possible only when your body gets enough calories and when you skip breakfast, you are actually depriving your body of the calorie it needs. So, the body uses the stored energy, thus leading to weight loss. So, in order to gain weight, your teenage princess must have high energy food for breakfast such as eggs, oats, fruits, toast with peanut butter and other food items with high calorific value. This will lead to the fulfillment of empty calories as well as cater to the energy needs of the body at the start of the day.


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Eat peanut butter

I don’t find a tastier and healthier way of gaining weight than peanut butter. It is a package of proteins and fats, so it turns out to be the ideal food for all those who wish to gain weight. It is also a source of folic acids, magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B. moreover, every teaspoonful of peanut butter has around 100 calories, so just apply a layer of peanut butter over your toast and cope up with the energy needs for the day.

Try nuts

Nuts are a source of nutrients and fat. So, they are a good option for all those who wish to gain weight. They provide you enough energy to work for longer hours. The fibre content in nuts caters to the need of fibre by the body. Thus, it is a very healthy option. You can even carry it in your school bag, so in case you don’t have time to grab food on time, you can have nuts.

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Increase portion size

It is not possible to increase the amount of food your girl eats at one go. So, you must make the process a little slow and slowly increase the portion size after some days. Like if she eats two chapatis for dinner make it three first and when she is accustomed to eat three add another one. Likewise, you can keep adding a small amount of each food item into her diet. This is a very effective method of weight gain.

Consume whole fat milk or dairy products

Milk is extremely necessary for the growth of the body. But, you can make it even more beneficial for your body by replacing skimmed milk with whole fat milk. It gives you extra 60 calories, thus catering to the needs of your weight gain mission. Not just this it is full of nutrients and vitamins. So, add it to your diet whichever way you want and enjoy its benefits.


Eat a snack before bed

During night cell generation and other processes are more active, so the body burns calories. So, if you have some snacks before going to bed, this will maintain the calorie level of the body and thus avoid weight loss and lead to weight gain. Dates, banana, yogurt, ice cream, fruits and cottage cheese chunks can be a good option before bedtime.

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Add avocado to your diet

A half avocado contains 140 calories. It is a source of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, folic acid and potassium. So, I don’t see why you should not add avocado to your diet. So, enjoy it as a salad or add it to your toast.


Potatoes are one of the most common vegetables and what’s best is that it can help you gain weight. It is a high carbohydrate-rich food. Moreover, it is full of good fibres, protein and vitamin C. So, if you take potatoes with their skin on, you can provide your body with the optimum amount of these nutrients, thus leading to good weight gain.

Stay mentally healthy

Mental health determines our physical being to a great extent. Stress and tension burns your calories, thus affects your health and body structure. People who are happy most of the time tend to have good health and the process of weight gain is also accelerated.

Drink at least 7 glasses of water every day

Drinking water helps to gain weight as when your body is properly hydrated, the fat burning process slows down. So, indirectly there is less energy loss thus leading to less weight loss. So, it helps in weight gain.



These were some of the possible ways of weight gain. If you are skinny and wish to gain weight. These were some simple ways to gain weight. I hope it will help you out. Cheers!