Swollen Vagina During Pregnancy – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


Vaginal itching, burning sensation, pain and irritation in vagina, and vaginal discharge are the main symptoms of swollen vagina during pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be as confusing as it is proceeding and it is not always easy to say what is normal and what is not. One such thing is the swollen vagina. It may vary in the amount, the consistency and the frequency and the order as with the ongoing pregnancy. A healthy vagina contains a delicate balance of bacteria and has a low pH level to protect it from various infections. It is also normal that your vagina secretes small amounts of odourless milky discharge to help keep itself clean. If any of these conditions become out of balance, the result can be an infection, swelling, irritation, and itchiness.

Must Know Things About Swollen Vagina During Pregnancy

Swollen Vagina During Pregnancy

Symptoms of the swollen vagina

Vaginal itching

The vaginal area is a very sensitive area and only plain water or cold water should be used to wash that particular area. Another cause of itching in the vagina is sexually transmitted infections like a louse and bacterial vaginosis. However, it should always be kept in mind that a consultation with a gynaecologist is important to rule out gynaecological problems in the vaginal itching. Itching in private parts is a symptom of a swollen vagina.

Burning sensation

Common symptom related to vaginal swelling could be urinary tract infection where you would also notice burning sensation when you pass urine and you might also have fever and chills.

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Pain and irritation in vagina

If you ever start leaking fluid or have an increase in discharge or feel pain, irritation and discomfort, it would be best to talk with your doctor and they can decide if anything needs to be done about it. These can be signs of swelling in your vagina.

Vaginal discharge

As the cervix and vagina soften with pregnancy, the white discharge increases. With the pressure of the fetus on the cervix, the vaginal discharge could be irregular and give foul odour. The irregular discharge can be a sign of swollen vagina as it can hamper the vaginal hygiene.

If you come across any of the above symptoms, it is recommended to make an immediate call to your gynaecologist as any sort of ignorance can be very dangerous.

Causes for swollen vagina during pregnancy

There can be various reasons why vagina swells during pregnancy and some of them are:

Yeast infection

Yeast malady which is mostly known as vaginal yeast infection is an exceptionally general occurring infection in which large numbers of fungus accumulate inside the vagina. Vaginal yeast ailment could be also named as vaginal thrush may create or it may not produce the signs and symptoms. It is one of the major reason for swollen vagina.

Improper hygiene

Wash your vagina, at least once a day. Wash your hands before and after bathing, paying special attention when using toilet paper to avoid contaminating the vulva with bacteria coming from the rectum. Avoiding hygiene can cause severe swelling in your vagina.


Presence of cysts

A vaginal cyst is a lump of fluid or semi-solid tissue that can develop along the walls of the vagina, usually near the opening of the vagina. They can be a reason behind swollen vagina. They range in size from as small as a pea to as large as an orange.

Hormonal changes

During pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone levels rise, which trigger a wide variety of anatomical and physiological changes in the body. This is also a strong reason for vagina swelling during pregnancy.


Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina that can result in discharge, swelling, itching and pain. The cause is usually a change in the normal balance of vaginal bacteria or an infection. Improper balance in estrogen levels during pregnancy and some skin disorders can also cause vaginitis.

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Diagnosis of the swollen vagina

Your doctor will initially take into account your history of epithelial duct infections or sexually transmitted infections and perform a physical or girdle examination. If you have got a discharge from your canal, a sample will be sent to the workplace for diagnosis to see whether or not there is an infection. The doctor can check your epithelial duct pH, as this might offer a clue to the reason behind the swelling.

If swelling in the vagina is dominated out, your doctor can raise questions about what chemicals or irritants you were using.


In some cases, the vaginal swelling will be diagnosed just by considering the symptoms, as, during pregnancy, women are prominent to vaginal swelling.

Treatment for Swollen Vagina: Home Remedies

Cranberry juice

This home remedy is most effective for swollen vagina during pregnancy. However, any form of vaginal itching can also be cured using cranberry juice that helps eliminate vaginitis. It increases acidity due to which yeast and bacterial growth are inhibited. If you drink two glasses of cranberry juice every day it helps to wash out the toxins in the urine and decreases itching and swelling.

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Aloe vera gel

Any form of vaginal swelling or infection that involves a stinking discharge needs immediate treatment but if you’re unable to visit your gynaecologist then apply a homemade mixture of aloe vera (slice the uppermost layer off) which treats the infected cells. It produces a soothing effect and relieves the skin.

Oregano oil

Who would have thought oregano could be used for something apart from just sprinkling on pizzas? Oregano oil, an efficient home remedy that can be used to treat swollen vagina when you add a few drops in warm water and consume; however, avoid over consumption else it irritates the mucous membrane.

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One of the most effective cures for vaginal swelling is dandelion tea that can be consumed on a daily basis to reduce the swelling. You can’t apply any form of this plant on your skin but consuming the tea is very useful since it promotes vaginal lubrication.

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Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli essential oil is one of the ideal forms of treating genital itch and swelling which contains antiseptic, antifungal properties that can prevent unnecessary bacterial growth. Also known to be an insect repellant, the celebrated essential oil is a versatile home remedy that relieves the skin from consistent rashes.

Proper hygiene

It is necessary to maintain proper vaginal hygiene. Make sure you wash your private part regularly and consult your doctor regarding the same.

Pregnancy is the time which you should be very careful regarding what medicine you take. Before trying out on your own, it is always best to consult a doctor.

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