11 Must Have Autumn Superfoods to Build Immunity and Stay Fit


Cranberries, pears, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tangerines, brussels sprouts, apples, pineapple, red bell peppers, carrots and raw garlic are some of the superfoods to build immunity and stay fit.

What generally classifies as a superfood is the ability of a food product to provide you with the best kind of body essentials that are required for the proper growth and can boost the health factor of the body to a whole new level. There are so many different kinds of superfoods that you can have that can give you the best experience in terms of keeping your body fit and not allowing any kind of infection to arise in the body. Hence let’s get to know these superfoods that you could have in autumn to keep yourself fit and fine.

11 Natural Autumn Superfoods to Boost Immunity



Don’t ever get confused with the fact that cranberries are just flavor fruits that have no beneficial factors. But they are highly rich in cancer-fighting pigments such that your body has the fighting chance to prevent the occurrence of cancer. Needless to say that it also boosts the immune system of the body and gives it the proper nourishment that it requires.


These little fruits are highly enriched with vitamin c and also provides the body with suitable benefits that help improve gut health. It classifies as one of the superfoods mainly because it tends to give the body the proper antioxidants that can promote overall growth of a proper digestive system and also acts as a laxative to the body to prevent constipation and other digestive problems.


The main source of energy generally comes from pumpkins as they are rich in ATP which are the energy molecules in the body that provide the body with the energy as and when required. Not only this but then it provides the body with suitable vitamins and minerals that can provide the body with a faster rate of metabolism to overcome any kind of infection that you might experience during the fall.


Sweet potatoes

Its known to be the best friend of the liver as it helps in fighting off toxins from the body and improves overall digestive factors of the body. Not only this but then it helps in improving the immune system and fighting off any kind of infection that might be present in the body. Bot, sweet and nutritious for the body.


If you are ever experiencing the factors of not having a proper weight loss regime and have the lack of vitamin c in the body, then tangerines are the best foods that classify under the name of superfoods. They are highly important to maintain the vitamin balance in the body and also provide a smoother skin to the body as well.

Brussels sprouts

These green superfoods are highly sourced with fibers such that it can help in all kinds of digestive related problems that a person might face. Not only this but then it helps the body to fight cancer and also prevents its occurrence in the first place. Brussels sprouts are a rich source of vitamin c.


Most of the people living across the world happen to have apple as their favorite fruit. It’s a fruit that packs in various kinds of antioxidants that you would never even imagine. It has cancer-fighting cells that helps in the prevention of cancer, lowers cholesterol, improves the immune system, helps in the clean up of the digestive system and also prevents the occurrence of any kind of flu as well.


It’s the perfect autumn superfoods that one can have mainly because of the fact that it helps in the prevention of gas in the stomach and also helps in the improvement of the digestive system. Not only this but then it provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals that help in fastening the rate of metabolism to be higher than ever before. A perfect supplement to be taken before sleeping.

Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers are known to be rich in vitamin C and A. They provide the body with a constant dosage of essential vitamins and minerals and has been proven to help the immune system along with the digestive system to be in impeccable form despite any kind of weather changes.



These are one of the major supplements that you can take in order to improve your overall eyesight and the health of the eyes as well. Not only this but then carrots are one of the many things that you can take in order to improve the overall character of the skin to make it much softer on the touch. Not only this but then it’s a good source of vitamin A and tries to help the body in the eradication of any kind of infection or condition.

Raw garlic

Well, you might be eating this type of superfoods on a daily basis. But, have you ever eaten it raw? This is where the original vitamins and minerals of garlic are found. Eating raw garlic can boost your immune system to such a level that a cough, cold or any kind of flu would be an impossible thing to happen. Yes, it might sound very hard to do as eating raw garlic is no easy thing and also can be a disastrous thing to do unless you have the potential to eat one.

Hence any of the above-mentioned superfoods will give you the best in class vitamins and minerals that you desire in autumn that can pull you through the season. So try them and stay healthy. All the best.



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