101 Summer Bucket List Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy


Summer can be a wonderful time to de-stress and relax but It can be a nightmare for parents with kids at home all day, with unbridled energy but not enough productive ways to channel it. Parents often get annoyed with the over-enthusiasm of the kids and run out of fun task ideas or chores to keep the kids busy. So what do you do in the summer?

summer bucket list


Make a bucket list! Here are 101 summer bucket list ideas, all of them pretty easy and do-able. These activities would serve as a family bonding exercise because most of these are group activities.  You can space out these activities over the course of one and a half or two months according to what suits your schedule. Also remember, this is NOT a to-do list where you HAVE to cover every activity with perfect detail.  Think of this as an idea board where you have a variety of options to do. That way, even if you do not execute all the plans, there is no stress!

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Summer Bucket List for Kids: 101 Things to Do

Let’s jump into the fun list of possible activities!

Places to Go

Summer is the only time you can relax and take a few vacations. Hence

  1. Spend time at the beach, build a sandcastle, and collect seashells!
  2. Go fishing with your kids
  3. Take your kids out to the park to play
  4. Catch a beautiful sunset at a nearby lake
  5. Take your kids to a children’s museum- maybe a doll or car one!
  6. Be a tourist in your own city and have a day out- ice cream, pictures and all!
  7. Go to an amusement park and enjoy the rides!
  8. Visit the nearest zoo or national park to learn more about nature!
  9. Visit a Saturday/Sunday Farmer’s market- introduce them to small businesses and fresh produce!
  10. Take your kids to work one day, introduce them to the office.
  11. Pack a tent, supplies, and go out camping!
  12. Go to a nearby fair and ride a Ferris wheel, enjoy the games!
  13. Try a new restaurant you have been planning to!
  14. Attend an outdoor play or a music concert with your kids.
  15. Go to a baseball game!
  16. Chart out a plan for a road trip and have a small picnic lunch in a park on the route.
  17. Watch a movie at the theatre.

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Things to make and eat!

Summer is a really good time to introduce your kids to some cooking. All these recipes are easily available and suitable for kids to make.

  1. Teach them how to make fresh lemonade
  2. Make fresh pizza
  3. Make and eat popsicles together!
  4. Make some s’mores
  5. Cut and eat fresh summer fruits together
  6. Eat breakfast for dinner- pancakes, waffles!
  7. Make a milkshake
  8. Get a treat from the ice cream truck!
  9. Make a dessert together!
  10. Let your kids plan the menu for a day.
  11. Make your own bread with your kids!
  12. Bake cookies together
  13. Bake a cake together for dessert!

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Indoor Fun

The good thing about kids- they find a lot of simple ideas interesting. If your kid is interested in art or science-

  1. Make dream catchers
  2. Make friendship bracelets
  3. Read a book together
  4. Write a story together, in parts
  5. Do a fun science experiment
  6. Built a kaleidoscope!
  7. Pick up rocks and finger paint them!
  8. Make bookmarks for your family and friends
  9. Draw each other!
  10. Learn simple origami figures
  11. Start a journal
  12. Build a pillow fort
  13. Solve a crossword puzzle together
  14. Write an actual letter and mail it, with stamps, to someone you know
  15. Make a poster for your kid’s door
  16. Redecorate your kid’s room- let him choose curtains and an item of furniture.
  17. Finish a jigsaw puzzle together.
  18. Make paper planes and have a race!
  19. Host a talent show exclusively for the family
  20. Put on a puppet show
  21. Enact a small play
  22. Compose a song together
  23. Play a new board game
  24. Teach them chess
  25. Teach them a few simple card games
  26. Have a movie marathon with one family member choosing one movie

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Some outdoor fun ideas!

  1. Go rock hunting and collect interesting ones.
  2. Have a bonfire night
  3. Make and fly a kite together
  4. Catch fireflies in a glass jar
  5. Blow bubbles together
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Make and bury a time capsule
  8. Play Frisbee
  9. Plant a few seeds- could be flower or fruit trees!
  10. Watch a thunderstorm together
  11. Have a bonfire night
  12. Play hide and seek
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Make an obstacle race
  15. Have an egg and spoon race
  16. Make a bird feeder
  17. Repaint your mailbox
  18. Clean your car together
  19. Clean your yard together
  20. Run a lemonade stand and go out to dinner with the funds!
  21. Go out bird watching
  22. Go out photographing the neighborhood
  23. Invite your neighbors over to dinner
  24. Identify trees
  25. Identify flowers
  26. Identify birds
  27. Identify insects

Some fun ideas to do at night!

  1. Buy a few fireworks and watch!
  2. Find constellations
  3. Try to identify shapes in clouds
  4. Have a slumber party
  5. Camp out in your backyard

Some messy fun!

  1. Make tie-die handkerchiefs
  2. Inflate a pool and take a bath
  3. Finger paint a t shirt
  4. Run through a lawn sprinkler
  5. Have a water balloon fight
  6. Make paper water boats and race them
  7. Have a water gun fight
  8. Have a 3-legged race
  9. Have a sack race

Some other ideas

  1. Volunteer at an orphanage
  2. Read books under the covers
  3. Play a favourite song and dance!
  4. Spend your whole day in pajamas.