21 Foods that are Good Sources of Selenium


In our everyday demanding schedule we often forget to look after our health and the consequences of which springs up in the form of health issues. To fight the defoliating environmental conditions and protect ourselves from diseases certain food products become a good foundation for a strong immune system. We often keep our prime focus on maintaining a nutritious diet full of proteins and vitamins yet we forget one essential ingredient that is Selenium.

It is a rarely known high quality mineral extract found in multiple food sources. We often complain of low body immunity and malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. All these diseases are a result of selenium deficiency in the body. It is rich in antioxidants that keep our skin and hair. Selenium is a shield of protection that lowers the risk of thyroid, asthma and cancer.

21 Selenium-Rich Foods

foods rich in selenium

Sunflower Seed

A rich source of selenium, sunflower seeds are also full of vitamin E and Magnesium. They promote cardio vascular functions. It reduces the risk of thyroid and is also a powerful source of antioxidant. The best way of consumption is through sunflower butter or roasted seeds. 1 cup of sunflower seeds is suggested by doctors for healthy living.

Lima Beans ( Sem Phali)

Lima Beans commonly known as Sem phalli is a pocket friendly source of Selenium for the body.   Nutritionist generally suggests its consumption for its high protein factor. Two table spoons of this successfully empower the body without leading to selenium intoxication.

Spinach and Broccoli

A cup of this green vegan supplements is a good medium of selenium. They are the best source of protein,    calcium, antioxidants and multiple vitamins. Consumption of these healthy foods gives healthy nourishment to the heart, liver and skin.


Chia Seeds

A rather interesting food item it expands when dissolved in water with a gel like consistency rendering the effect of a full stomach soon to demote over eating. Rich in selenium, omega-3 and omega-6 this food sources comes best from Bargi organic distributors.

Brown Rice

A common form of millet, it is easily available in the market acts as a prominent source of selenium. It is also rich in carbohydrates, vitamin B a soluble fibre. 30gm consumption of this does the trick of a healthy lifestyle.


A well liked fruit Kiwi never fails to leave one yearning for more. It has a good amount of Selenium, vitamin C-K and E. It helps improve digestion, vision and cures asthma. One kiwi every alternate day maintains a healthy diet.

White Mushroom

In addition to selenium, white mushroom is good in taste and a bulbous source of antioxidants and     Vitamin D. It is not only good for the skin but also for the solidification of the bones.

Brazil Nuts

A delicious and tasty source of high profile selenium brazil nuts without any are a healthy source of vitamins, phosphorous and magnesium. 6-7 nuts a day provide a healthy lifestyle.


A well-known dairy product, cheese is a good way of giving the body a tasty yet healthy way of nutrition. It provides a variety of nutrients like calcium, protein, phosphorous and vitamin A. Although it has a high concentration of saturated fats yet a moderate and judicious consumption of it is the key to a well-planned living.



Everyone knows about the high protein content of eggs yet what many fail to realise the rich selenium property of eggs. Rich in riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and vitamin D, eggs improve the production of blood and helps anaemic patients.


Known for its various recipes and nourishment facts, oats is one of the most common forms of breakfast in many families. A balanced intake of 100gm oats provides the body with required selenium as well as dietary fibre and manganese; it is good for digestion and cholesterol control.


Amongst all the grains of daily consumption, wheat becomes the primary source of selenium consumed in the form of chapatti’s or in the form of porridge. It has low fats but high vitamin and dietary constituents.

Soya Beans

Often recommended for its high protein value soya beans are a market friendly, easy available source of selenium. It not only promotes metabolism but also reduces the risk of cancer and reduces the effects of menopause.


A common form of pasta, spaghetti though may seem as an unhealthy source of nutrition yet one fails to realise the positive attributes of the food product. A serving of 100gm of spaghetti contains 36% selenium and has low concentration of fats and cholesterol.


A treat to all sea food lovers, crabs are often considered as exotic food yet it has extraordinary amount of sustenance. Rich in selenium and minerals like copper and zinc, crabs have 63% concentration of selenium along with other protein and Vitamin B-12.


Chicken Breast

A three ounce serving of this nourishment not only provides selenium but also in protein and vitamin B-6 which not only supplements the body but also enlivens the skin giving it a natural glow. It also boosts liver functions and improves the health of the eyes.


The mouth-watering thanks giving dish, turkey is a common food source with high quality selenium, riboflavin and phosphorous. It is good for blood circulation and demotes thyroid malfunctioning.


Another common form of sea food, shrimps contain 57% selenium in them thus becoming not only a good option for people on diets but also a rich source of minerals like iron which is good for the production of blood in the body.


The wrong order by the innocent Mr.Bean and his escapade of hiding the same has made oysters a common option on the menus. Eaten boiled, raw and canned they have a high dose of omega 3 and vitamin D.


Beef is a 100% source of selenium every 100gm of its serving provides the required nutrients in its every bite. Rich in protein and vitamin C, beef helps improve the immunity of the body if taken moderately.


Eaten canned or fresh, tuna is also amongst the food that has traces of selenium in them. Tuna reduces the risk of cancer and stimulates low blood pressure giving energy to the body and heart. Too much consumption may be fatal due to increasing mercury concerns.


Thus these are certain food products essential for each individual for a balanced and disease-free life style.