How Soon Can I Disclose My Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. The very moment you come to know about your pregnancy, it becomes the most memorable moment of your life. Being a mother, irrespective of the fact if it is your first, second, or third pregnancy, looking at the positive sign on the strip is always a significant moment for any woman.

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Why wait to disclose the GOOD NEWS?

If this is your first experience of pregnancy, your mom might have warned you to not to reveal the good news to the near and dear ones so early. Obviously, it is not recommended to hide the news from your mother ever.  It is completely natural for you to be excited to share this news with everyone. But, considering the long journey to motherhood ahead, it is always better to wait a bit.

Reasons to Keep the Pregnancy a Secret

The most common reason to keep the news of your pregnancy a secret is the risk of miscarriage. The risk of health complications and thus miscarriage is usually highest during the initial stages of pregnancy. Another reason to wait to announce the news is to avoid undesirable directions and suggestions. Besides the elders of your family, many of your friends and family members might come up with a new advice or suggestion every now and then, even if you don’t want to hear. Listening to undesirable suggestions can lead to intolerable anxiety.

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What is the Right Time to Declare?

As a soon to be mother, it is obvious for you to feel like screaming out the news, especially if it is your first pregnancy. It is an obvious fact to share the news with the father-to-be at the earliest. Announcing the good news is the first decision of the parenthood. It is completely your choice of decision about when and how to announce the news, whether it is at your workplace, your relatives, or the social media.

If you have had a history of miscarriage or of you have been advised complete bed rest by your doctor during the first trimester for some specific health conditions, it is recommended to wait to announce the news till you complete twelve weeks of pregnancy.

When to Declare your Pregnancy at your Workplace?

If you are a working woman, it is natural that the morning sickness and tiredness of pregnancy can drain out the energy from the body thus affecting the quality and quantity of the work. Take a look at the following advantages of disclosing the news at your workplace and decide about when to do it.

  • Revealing the news to your colleagues with whom you have a close bond. Doing this would help you get attention and support in case of any emergency or complication at the workplace.
  • Extra pressure and unhealthy working conditions during pregnancy can increase the chances of preterm labor while simultaneously affecting the health of the fetus. Some of the most common occupational exposures include things like:
  • Standing for long durations due to demand of the profession.
  • Working in high temperature environment, like kitchen, laundry, or any other type of outdoor services, with limited ventilation.
  • Excessive sound and extensive vibration at the workplace, like flour mill, textile factory, or any other industrial unit with huge machinery.
  • Tasks during which you get exposed to radiation (x-rays).
  • Lab works that involve you to handle harsh substances, exposure to biological and chemical wastes, and harmful chemicals.
  • The reduced amount of energy might get you interpreted as indifferent by your employer and colleagues if they are unaware of your condition. You can, obviously, get the advantage of reduced workload or even assistance in your work if they know about your physical condition.

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When to Declare your Pregnancy at your Workplace?

Spilling the beans of pregnancy over social media after you have announced it to your near and dear ones is a perfect idea. This will make you stay in touch with other friends who are on their family way. You can also create a group where you can share all your queries and anxieties regarding pregnancy. There are chances that one of your friends has gone through the same anxiety that you fear about. Also, it is important to ensure that irrelevant and unnecessary discussions do not get into your head.

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