201 Sexy Hot Boy Names for Your Baby You Can Choose From


At times we are not able to decide a name that matches our expectation and one that perfectly enhances the personality of the baby boy who is soon to step into our lives. A good name demands inspiration and time from the parents. Once a child is given a name it sticks with them for their whole life. One can always go for another pair of shoes or another colour combination clothes but a name is something that holds permanency in life. Every parent wants their child’s name to be unique therefore here is a list of some of the trendiest hot boy names for your baby boy along with their meanings.

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Hot Boy Names: 201 Most Attractive Sexy Baby Names

201 Sexy Hot Boy Names for Your Baby

Aaron It means lofty
Abner It means father of the light.
Adalius The name symbolises a noble person
Adam The child of God
Adrian The open sea
Aiden The name means fiery
Alan It is used for a handsome and dashing baby boy
Alaric The name is based in the memory of a powerful ruler.
Alec It means a boy who will become the defender of the family
Alessandro A strong bearer of truth
Anders Strong and manly
Andrew It means manly
Angelo The name means messenger and it is interesting to note that biblically all angels were male.
Anthony A highly praiseworthy child
Antonio It means a child who is priceless
Asher A happy child
Ashton The beauty of the forest
Austin Majestic
Avel A capable child
Axel Meaning peace
Ayden A fiery child
Azrael a Jewish angel
Bennet The blessed one
Bentley A meadow
Blake The name means the fairer one
Bran It means the raven
Brian A child who is virtuous
Byron Name derived from the famous English poet Lord Byron
Caius Someone who brings joy
Caleb Someone faithful
Calvin The light of God
Camden A windy valley
Cameron An intelligent child
Carl A free and independent man
Carlos Leader of the world
Carson The son of Carr
Carter A sweet mellow sound
Caspian A true warrior
Charles A free man
Chase To hunt the evil
Christian Follower of the Christ
Christopher The carrier of Christ
Cole A strong warrior
Colton Rising from the coal
Connor A hound lover
Conrad Someone who gives brave counsel
Cooper The maker of all
Cullen The name means handsome
Damien The one who rules the world
Damon Symbolises dedication and true friendship
Daniel God is the judge
Dante The name denotes someone with great endurance
David The beloved
Declan A man of prayer
Devin The helper
Diego The sup planter
Dominic The master of the world
Duncan A dark warrior
Dylan The name means son of the sea God
Easton Eastern facing place
Edgar The name means fortunate
Edward The name means a wealthy child
Eli Ascended
Elijah It means the God is great
Elliot The son of God
Emmanuel God is with us
Emmett The universal
Enzo It means uncertainty of life
Eric The ruler of all
Ethan The name means strong
Evan The grace of God
Everett It means brave
Ezekiel God gives strength
Ezra The helper
Fabien The one who sustains
Felix It means happy
Finn A fair person
Francesco A free man
Gabriel An angel of God
Garrick A mighty warrior
Gavin The white hawk
George A farmer
Giovanni God is gracious
Grayson Son of the great bailiff
Harrison The son of Harry
Henry Ruler of the world
Hudson The great Hugh’s son
Hunter The one who fights evil
Ian God is gracious
Irving It means friend of the sea
Isaac Mean’s laughter
Isaiah Salvation by the lord
Ivan A strong child
Jace Salvation by God
James It means sup planter
Jared It means that the God will descend
Jasper It means treasure
Jaxon Gift of God
Jayce A strong warrior
Jayden To be thankful
Jeremy Someone appointed by God
Jerome The name of the sacred
Jett A precious stone
Joaquin God will judge
Joel God is the king
Jordan Means descending
Jose The one that progresses
Joseph May the God give all
Joshua Salvation
Josiah God supports all
Juan The beloved of all
Jude The one who deserves praise
Julius It means youthful
Justin The righteous one
Kai The open sea
Kayden winner of all battles
Kevin Meaning handsome
Killian It means the holy church
Landon The long hill
Lennon A lover
Leo A lion
Leon It symbolises a lion
Levi It means attached
Liam strong warrior
Lincoln A town by the beach
Linus Taken from mythology
Lionel Lionel- A young lion
Logan It means a beautiful meadow
Lorenzo Someone from Laurentium
Lucas The bright light
Luke The brightness of light
Maddox Son of Madoc
Malcolm A devoted person
Marcel Little warrior
Mason A hard worker
Mateo A strong, confident child
Matthias Gift of God
Maverick Independent
Max The greatest of all
Maximilian the greatest of all
Micah The favourite of the God
Michael A person like God
Mikhail Someone like God
Milan A fashionable child
Miles The merciful
Milo A soldier
Nathan The giver
Nicholas The people’s victory
Nigel A champion
Noah It means a peaceful child
Nolan A champion
Oliver It means an energetic child
Owen A young fierce warrior
Parker The meadow maker
Patrick The noble child
Phoenix A rare and unique child
Robert Meaning brilliance
Rocco It means rest
Rodrigo Famous ruler
Royce It means royalty
Rudyard An open yard
Rufus A red headed child
Rupert The bright fame
Ryan The little king
Ryder A mighty soldier
Ryker A rich child
Salvatore The saviour
Samuel God has heard all
Santiago Named after Saint James
Sawyer A wood sculptor
Sebastian The venerable
Shane A gift of God
Silas The beauty of the woods
Sirius Brightness of the star
Steele A strong person
Steven The crowned prince
Tate A cheerful person
Theodore A child that is the gift of God
Thierry Ruler of people
Thomas It means a twin child
Timothy Honouring God
Trevor A unique name
Tristan The great tumult
Turner After the famous editor Turner Catledge
Vincent The conqueror
Vincenzo Conquering the whole world
Virgil After the great Irish poet
Vladimir A renowned prince
Walter the army ruler
Wayne Maker of all wagons
Wesley The western meadow
Weston The western town
Wilfred Someone who desires peace
William Protector of all
Wyatt A little warrior
Xavier Owner of the world
Zac The beauty of God
Zander Defender of the family
Zane Means the gift of God
Zeke God gives strength
Zephire The western wind

Thus here is an alphabetically arranged hot boy names list to assist you in your search for a perfect name for your child.

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