Sex During Periods: Benefits Vs Side Effects


The article examines the benefits and side-effects of sex during menstruation, paying due attention to the risk of pregnancy and whether or not protection is to be used while having sex during periods. Some tips to enjoy sex during periods are also provided.

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As a woman in your reproductive years, you are aware of the menstruation cycle of your body and are mentally prepared for the day of your period, which comes along every 28 days. Sexual desires and drive often take a backseat during those five days as you try to deal with the mess, both physically and emotionally. But the question arises- do you really have to deny your partner and yourself to deal with something that is biologically normal? Couples today are becoming increasingly familiar and comfortable with the idea of having sex during periods that can take your relationship to a whole new level of honesty and trust.

The stress levels are high during this time and the hormonal activity also spikes up, which may result in a high libido. Unless you are particularly squeamish, there is no reason to avoid sex during periods. In fact, it can often bring you some relief physically and psychologically, allowing a channel for the hormones running high. If your partner is willing and eager to try sex during period, make sure to be honest with each other and experience the joys or sorrows that it has to offer.

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Must Know Benefits and Side Effects of Sex During Periods

sex during periods


Benefits of sex during periods

While sex during periods is a primarily messy affair, it can have benefits that can provide some relief from your state of discomfort. Some of these benefits are listed below:

Relief from cramps

Most women are used to the painful cramps in the lower abdominal region when they are on their period. These cramps are caused by the uterus contracting to release its lining. When they relax, the blood flow increases. Orgasms during sex function the same way. The advantage of having sex during periods is that having an orgasm can help you gain some control over the cramps, and add a desirable spin onto them.

Shorter periods

The contraction of the muscles during an orgasm can help push out the contents of your uterus faster. To end your misery earlier than usual, indulge in sexual activity during your period and get it over with.

Avoid hormonal slump

Have you felt utterly useless and depressed when you are on your period? If you indulge in sex during periods, the secretion of endorphins during the process will leave you feeling good about yourself and will help combat the slump that you usually are in during your monthly bleeding issue.

Increased sex drive

Hormonal fluctuations may lead to an increased sex drive, indulging in which can be healthy for your body. Blood can also act in enhancing lubrication when you indulge in sex during periods.

Prevention of headache

Women with migraine are prone to attacks and stress during their period. Having sex during periods can prevent this from happening and provide relief if at all necessary.


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Side-effects of sex during periods

If you are wondering what the side effects of having sex during periods may be, here are a few helpful pointers:

Extremely messy

One of the most obvious downsides of sex during periods is the mess. You cannot control the flow of blood as it is, and an orgasm can only help release contents of the uterus, increasing the mess after climaxing during sex.

Personal hygiene

The mess of blood and body fluid is an obvious threat to your personal hygiene which needs to be cleaned up immediately after sexual activity.

STI threat

The threat of a Sexually Transmitted Infection like HIV or Hepatitis, spreading through infected menstrual blood is real enough. Using protection is suggested to prevent this from happening.

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Pregnancy risk and Protection

If you are eager to indulge in sexual activity during your periods it will serve you well to remember that the risk of pregnancy is not heightened during this time. Unfortunately, sex during periods does not lower the risk by too much. While in most cases the risk of conception may be lower, it depends on the specific menstrual cycle of the woman. There is no guarantee that you can avoid getting pregnant by having sex during periods.

If you are not actively trying to get pregnant, it is best to use protection irrespective of whether or not you are on your period at the time of sexual activity. Additionally, using a latex condom can reduce the threat of STIs being transferred through the blood, making sure that the sex you are having is safe for your partner and yourself.

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Tips for sex during periods

If you are eager to try sex during periods with your equally enthusiastic partner, here are a few tips that can help you work it out:

  • Open and honest conversation about what you and your partner like or dislike while having sex during period, what to expect and what to be prepared for is a necessary discussion. This will increase the level of trust between the two of you and also give your partner a window of understanding about your state of mind when you are on your period.
  • If your usual sexual position is difficult with you on your period, try a more comfortable position.
  • Spread out dark coloured towels on the surface of your bed to manage heavy leaks, so that you can clear the mess easily. Keeping a warm washcloth ready to use at the bedside can also be helpful after having sex during your period.
  • To avoid stains, having sex in the bath or in the shower may be suggested. This can also help spice things up on a physical level.
  • Make sure you use protection while having sex during periods, to reduce the threat of STIs and also reduce the threat of conception.

The one thing that allows reinvention of long term relationships is having new experiences with your partner. Try sex during period and see where it takes you, as you get to know each other on a more primary and basic level than ever before.

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