10 Surprising Truths about Sex After Pregnancy


Postpartum sex may seem like something you would never want to do again, be it the pain, image issues or anything. In most of the cases, it has been found that, it is not the physical factors but rather the psychological ones that drives the woman’s desire during the postpartum period. in this article, we will be talking about 10 surprising truths about sex after pregnancy.

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Sex After Pregnancy: 10 Things Every Woman Should Know

It will Hurt

Once you get that green flag for sex after your child birth, it is going to feel like you are losing your virginity all over again. Hormonal changes will leave your vagina dry even if you have had a C-section. Therefore, it is important that you take things a little slowly. you can try those positions that avoid sensitive areas and put you in control.

Prepare for a New Female Orgasm

Pregnancy leads to changes in the hormonal balance, as we all know. Now, what I mean is, that there will thus be a temporary shift in the quality of their orgasmic contractions and the accompanying sensations. However, there is nothing to worry about this. It’s just something strange that is neither better nor worse.

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Things can get a Little Milky

This may be a little unexpected for some of you but when talking about breasts while having sex, they have a habit of leaking milk during orgasm or stimulation. In any case, I don’t think that is something very difficult to handle. It can be easily dealt with humor, knowledge and openness.

Body Issues

Most men may or may not realise this but many women get uncomfortable with their bodies after childbirth and especially after the first child. there are stretch marks, loose skin, gained weight and all of which can affect the self-esteem or confidence in one way or the other. Not only this but it does affect the pleasure, personal and mutual, of physical intimacy as physical pain can. These bodily changes are just different, while some of them can lead to more pleasure, others can lead to less.

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The Fertility Facts

Of course, it is going to take a couple of months for you to get your periods again and even more in some cases. But there is still a possibility of another pregnancy. Although, breastfeeding releases hormones that reduce the chances of conception. But if you do not want to have another child right away, make sure that you keep minding your birth control because fertility may not work exactly as you plan it to be, after the pregnancy.

Sex is More Important Now

We do realise that limited or lack of physical intimacy does affect your relationship somehow. A friend of mine told me that she hasn’t had sex with her partner after her pregnancy and her baby is already 8 months old now. Women do have their reasons of not having it but would you let that affect your relationship? Well, neither do I mean that you have to rush into things but it’s better to start with cuddling or kissing and then, let that work your way up to post-delivery sex.

Afternoons can be Delightful

I know many of us think of having sex at the end of the day? But is that mandatory? I mean, you do realise, we have the rest of the day as well, right? Generally, we get too tired to even think of sex at night, especially when we have been with the little one for the rest of the day. So, the perfect solution is to make those afternoons or the weekends the best time to have it. eventually, you will start liking it.


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You will want Postpartum Sex Again

It is important that you be honest and open to your partner. There will be days when you just wouldn’t want to have it while there will be some when you would want more of it. most women believe that more children equal to less sex but this is absolutely not true. At some point, you will realise that you just have to keep going with certain things, even sex and that can be a lot more fun, if you want it to be.

Foreplay Becomes Your Best Friend

Many of us do not want it to be a long-drawn out session and that’s pretty much the case with most of us. Have your partner do whatever it takes to get you turned on and then, you do the same. all I mean to say is, that you just have to be present in the moment. Do not think of what you baby last ate in the evening or anything like that. Try out something interesting, focus on what is going on or what he is doing to you.

Sex May Get Even Better

The genitals become more alive and thus, increases the pleasure potential after giving birth. In addition to this, childbirth also leads to a shift of the internal parts into the right place that makes them more sensitive to stimulation. This may be a little unbelievable but a lot of women do say they enjoy sex more now than they did before.


You do not have to rush into things. While some women may not get comfortable for even weeks or months after pregnancy, there are others who may not take that much of time.





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