My Favorite Self-Stick Design Wallpapers For A Nursery


Imagine thinking about using wallpaper inside your home 30 years ago. The idea of having wallpaper inside homes was not common. Those people who chose to install it acted with bravery and soon realized that what they did wasn’t one of the best decisions. The world has slowly progressed with time and things have changed drastically having a positive effect on the lives of many people. The things that we used to think are normal and in fashion are outdated now and the outdated stuff is on the covers of magazines these days. 

wallpapers for nursery

The same is the situation with self-stick wallpaper. Although self-stick wallpaper wasn’t available a few years ago it has rather made a very grand entry into the market of interior designing making heads turn and attracting many customers. 

Self-stick wallpaper:

Some people are not familiar with the word self-stick wallpaper. It is important to understand the word itself and dive deeper into its world. Self-stick wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper that has a peel-off backing at the back of the wallpaper. This backing can easily be removed and the wallpaper can be pasted on the wall without any hassle. While the peeling off of the backing is one of the main features of the self-stick wallpaper there are some other obvious features that you can look into if you are decorating a nursery for your child. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle-free 
  • Mess-free 
  • No time consumed 
  • Add color to the room
  • Come in a wide variety of patterns 
  • Best for arts and crafts 
  • Vinyl laminated coating
  • Easily removable 

Wide variety of designs 

Many websites on the internet provide a wide range of wallpapers that you can choose from if you are decorating your baby’s nursery. Whether it is a girl nursery wallpaper or a baby boy nursery wallpaper the categorization on the website will make it easier for you to understand what section to go into. 

These wallpapers are designed by highly professional designers who put a lot of effort into designing each wallpaper. After going through a series of tests these wallpapers are then put up on the website. So you don’t have to worry about the quality or the design of the wallpapers as you are in safe expert hands. 


While you are free to choose whatever you like there are some wallpapers that I personally think would look perfect inside a baby’s nursery. 

  • Neutral Fern leaves: Neutral colors don’t have any restrictions. They can be used in a baby boy’s room and well as a girl’s room. Adding a neutral fern wallpaper to your baby’s nursery will help you choose different kinds of furniture with it. You could either go with pure white-washed furniture or traditional wood furniture. The neutral colors of the wallpaper will give life to almost anything. 
  • Animal Kingdom: An animal kingdom wallpaper has no creativity restriction. All children love animals and using a wallpaper that has tons of different animals on it will make them curious about the animals around them and maybe as they grow up they can learn from the things that are around them. 
  • seWatercolor polka dots: While using paint is an option a wallpaper with watercolor on it can always be used in a nursery. These days everyone is going for more neutral looks and in my opinion, you can play around with these kinds of wallpaper more.