21 Second Trimester To Do Lists


The second trimester of pregnancy is a stage where a pregnant woman becomes extrovert. This begins at around 13 weeks and extends to 27 week. After the feeling of morning sickness or nausea in the first trimester she does feel better. The glow of pregnancy is reflected and from her interior and exterior the feeling of pregnancy stems out. Typically this is a happy go stage for a mother as she deserves all the attention she gets.

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21 Second Trimester To-Dos for Pregnant Women

second trimester

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women. It is a challenging phase as a woman is prone to various physical or mental changes to cope with a new life inside the womb. During the starting phase of pregnancy, a woman is focused on adapting this stage as a new identity in her life. Once the stage progresses an acceptance of a child as an integral part of her life emerges. The first heartbeat of the baby or a trigger movement entices excitement levels inside her.

It is not that a woman only experiences symptoms of pregnancy, it could spill over to the partner (father as well) it becomes easy for them to accept their wife. In fact there are some important to do lists as part of your second trimester illustrated below

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1} Be aware of antenatal appointments

 Between 16 to 21 weeks an anamoly scan will be performed. This scan will provide insights on growth patterns of your baby.

2} Be aware about the sex of your baby?

Surprise! A boy or a girl! Once an anamoly scan is performed it is easy to figure out the sex of your baby.

3} Do feel the first movement of your baby

At around 20 weeks of pregnancy, you will encounter the first movements of your baby. If it happens to be your first baby, fluttering sensations may take a wee bit longer.


4} Choice of a birth partner

During second trimester you need to converge on a decision on whom you need at the time of delivery. A supportive partner could be all the difference at this juncture. It necessarily does not have to be a dad, it could be any person.

5} A holiday at the last minute

If you possess the necessary resources and time, then a last minute holiday would be a great idea. If you have a healthy pregnancy you can travel up to 36 weeks.

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6} Educate your sibling about a new arrival

Educate your toddler about the new arrival of a boy or girl in your family. Ask them to touch your belly gently and if they want ask them to murmur a few words as well.

7} Celebrating half way stage

Hurray! It is the half way of your pregnancy and the occasion calls for celebration. Plan for a day at the massage, exfoliation, body spa or wraps.

8} A visit to a dentist

A visit to a dentist during pregnancy is suggested as pregnancy hormones could have an impact on your gums. It is prone to bleeding and possibility of infection arises. Formation of plague on your teeth cannot be ruled out.

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9} Note down your pregnancy dreams

At this stage due to inadequate sleep, recollection of pregnancy dreams is common. Why not record those dreams and what about a journal to document them. You can involve your partner by sharing stories with them.

10} Be aware of extra pounds

It is obvious that you will gain weight during pregnancy. The focus is to be a balanced diet when the baby grows. With yoga stretches you can calm your body and mind. In the second trimester of pregnancy you would like to enrol yourself in prenatal yoga.


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11} Increase intake of water

It is important to be hydrated during pregnancy. Around 1.5 litres of water should be consumed on a daily basis. Wherever you go, carry a bottle of water with you as water reduces the chances of infections.

12} Trim down the baby name choices

By now you would have had a handy baby name list. At your free time trim down the list to a bare minimum.

13} Shop for maternity dresses

Even if the belly is not in full glare, it is high time you start purchase of maternity clothes. A good idea would be to purchase a few items now and when the bulge gets bigger get more. If your budget is tight, look for discounts on the online stores.

14} Begin childcare search

Though the list may seem long, it is better to weigh in your child care options. Find out the ones in your vicinity and glance through their reviews

15} Plan to sleep by the side

Once baby hump develops, a comfortable position is not a desired outcome. Try to sleep on your back or left side whichever seems comfortable for you. For extra support rely on pillows (wedges)


16} Plan out a small place for your baby to sleep

There is no soothing effect than allowing the baby to sleep in the same room with the mother. As they sleep beside you do not fall into the false notion of planning a nursery.

17} Request friends to donate their unwanted baby items

Purchasing baby items eats into your budget. Your friends could lend you unwanted items that they longer need. A cot or a mattress is some of the common things for grabs.

18} Plan maternity leave

In the event of you working, plan your maternity leave and be aware of entitled leaves. Inform you employer at least before 15 days that you are pregnant and when you intend to go on leave.

19} Resort to exercises and sports

During pregnancy exercise is good for both the mother and pregnant baby. For example swimming is a great exercise to be in active mode with the size of bump increases. Stay away from exercises where a hard fall is expected.

20} Quality time with your better half

In spite of the developments happening around you, spend considerable amount of time with your partner. A candle lit dinner or a movie date would be a nice way to cap off things.

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21} Establish emotional connect with your baby

From 23 weeks, a baby is able to hear sounds. Sing and talk to the baby once they are able to identify sounds. In the initial phase you could be a bit self-conscious but you will overcome it.

To sum it up, the second trimester of pregnancy isthe middle three months of your pregnancy. It gives a woman a real feel of pregnancy and she is in her best phase now. A lady will be bubbling with energy after having gone through the tough times during the first trimester.

For a lot of women she is a in a comfortable space, and by now most of the early symptoms of pregnancy would have faded away.

It is suggested that a pregnant woman should be active at this point of time.  This works wonders for both the mother and a developing baby. You are well equipped to handle the challenges which labor presents.

Towards the end of this phase, the bulge, on the lower side of your abdomen might not resemble the large haunch, and it is more of a pregnant belly.