Scarlet Fever During Pregnancy: Is the Baby at Risk


Well, who isn’t excited about the arrival of a new member in the family? But it is vital to note that this gestation period of nine months has a lot to teach and a lot many obstacles that may endanger the health of the mother and the child. One such risk that may threaten the future of the mother and the baby is the threat of Scarlet fever during pregnancy. As the name suggests itself

Scarlet fever is the reddening of the skin with the prevalence of excess rash, sore throat and mild fever. It is primarily caused to people with sensitive skin and a strep throat. The major risk associated with the danger of Scarlet fever is that it easily spreads through skin contact and sneezing. The main question that comes to mind is whether this disease can harm the unborn baby of an expectant mother who may have caught the disease somewhere along the pregnancy.

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Is it dangerous to get Scarlet Fever during Pregnancy?

Scarlet Fever During Pregnancy

Many couples often ask their gynaecologist about the best way to nurture the new life and surely you must be one of them. Scarlet fever makes you concerned about its effect on the health of the child.  As per the recent studies one can draw a breath of relief since no studies and cases till date prove that Scarlet fever harms the unborn baby along with the mother. Catching Scarlet Fever while you are pregnant will not harm the baby but it is essential to note that if the mother still suffers the disease while giving birth, the child may also get infected. Scarlet fever as stated above spreads from skin to skin contact and the skin of the child is extremely sensitive making him prone to the disease.

It is always advisable to never delay your visit to the doctor as soon as you discover the possibility of Scarlet fever in the body. Generally children between the age of two to eight are susceptible to this disease but at times due to low immunity and direct contact with the infected environment may increase the possibility of breeding this disease in an adult body also.


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Symptoms of Scarlet Fever During Pregnancy

Scarlet fever has few distinct symptoms which makes it easily recognizable. One can always rely on early treatment to get rid of any future problems and also delete the risk the disease may project for the unborn baby. Some of the most widely known and recognizable traits of Scarlet fever are during the preliminary stage are

  • Sore throat
  • Stomach ache
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Red developing rashes all over the body that is sensitive to touch and also spread from skin contact. It is always advisable never to scratch these rashes as the fluid they emit may increase the severity of the condition.
  • The tongue becomes coated with a white sheet of growing bacteria making it difficult to chew and swallow.

The rashes on the body develop completely over a period of 1 to 2 days and spread from the face to the neck. In severe cases the back and the arms of the patient also develops these sand paper like rashes that cause immense irritation and itching all over the body. Once these rashes have fully grown the severity of the symptoms also worsen in the body. Some of the most prevalent symptoms that are observed after full grown rashes are;

  • A continuous fever above 101 degrees. Such kind of fever tires the body of the mother and makes her feel lethargic and may cause restlessness.
  • A very sore and strawberry red colour throat that makes swallowing a major challenge. At times yellowish patches also develop on the periphery of the mouth and causes permanent stinging sensation.
  • Enlarged neck glands that are tender to touch may be caused as a result of the infection in the throat.
  • The nodes on the tongue start swelling and become extremely sensitive to touch thus making eating, drinking and swallowing a challenging task.

It is important to note that even though while pregnant the scarlet fever poses no direct risk to the baby until the time of birth yet the symptoms associated with the disease may lead multiple problems in the growth of a healthy child. Since the mother will be unable to swallow and eat properly due to sore throat and swollen tongue the child becomes deprived of adequate vitamins and minerals which may lead to a weak and underweight baby. Nausea will drain the mother’s body also making it difficult for her to support another budding life.

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What are the ways to prevent Scarlet Fever?

There are multiple practical tips that a pregnant mother can incorporate in her diet to prevent the risk of the fever and also ensure the all-round growth and development of the baby. Some of them are;



It has many anti-bacterial properties that can be used during pregnancy to strengthen the immune system of the expecting mother and decrease the risk of scarlet fever in the body. Honey mixed in a glass of warm water is extremely good for health and has no side effects on the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A mixture of apple cider vinegar along with Epsom salt and honey can be mixed in the bath of the mother to help the skin remain free of any bacteria as well as cut off any bacterial growth that may have inhabited the body.


Sleeping properly and for adequate number of hours is essential for the mother as a tired body becomes weak and prone to diseases that may adversely affect the health of the mother. Therefore proper rest and care is an essential step during pregnancy.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a strong antibacterial agent that has the ability to fight multiple infections breeding near the surroundings and since scarlet fever spreads from contacts it is important to keep a bottle of tea tree oil in the vicinity of the mother.

Thus here was a list of some of the most important elements and prevention techniques that will not only ensure the health of your baby but also help you have a happy pregnancy with lots of good memories.

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