Sarahah App: 7 Reasons Your Teen Should Not Use It


It is the latest buzzword in the domain of technology with teens talking about it big time! With nearly 10 million downloads, it has become an overnight sensation.A message comment tool, honest feedback is provided to an individual on condition of anonymity. It is a recipe for disaster! Things could work out to be really nasty if the feedback is revengeful and nasty.

For kids it is a fun tool as you can link it up with your Snap chat account. It is enjoyable and constructive criticism is ok, but most women do go on to receive secret proposals through this medium. It is harmless, but a cloud definitely hangs over it.

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The working module of the app

It is simple and easy as it gets. This app can be downloaded free and it is available on both IOS and Android platforms. Just you need to create an account with a user id and a password. Then you can go on to share the link with your friends on various social media tools. If sending messages is your objective, then there is no need to login in as well. This app is incorporated with blocking features which means that you can block messages that you do not want to receive.

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Sarahah App

Reasons On Why Teens Should Not Be Part Of It

1} A single channel of communication

The moment you go on to share the link and start receiving messages, in no way it implies that you would need to respond to messages. For trollers it works out to be a lucrative option in harassing unsuspecting people. Anyone who is aware about the details of your account should be able to send you anonymous messages. A search bar is also enabled to figure out who are registered with this tool.

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2} Bullying a cause of concern

It is a popular app and the main objective in formulating the app is to encourage positive feedback in consortium with constructive criticism. The true value of this app is lost when people start to vent their frustrations online. As a teen you are allowed to rate this app and from your personal to financial details you are allowed to post anything online. Since the feedback pouring in is anonymous, kids are really confused on who is thinking negative about them.

3} Issue of anonymity

You will be in a dark world on who is sending you the message whether it is good or bad. This problem is made worse by the fact that without logging in you can send messages as well. On conditions of anonymity, trollers can vent out their frustration on innocent teens. Being considered as a social development platform it should have sufficient filters in place, so that no stranger can play with emotional quotient of teens.

4} Hacker’s paradise

The users and parents have real concerns about this app. They feel that privacy is a serious problem considering the fact that the app is at a naïve stage.  Data being leaked online is not an uncommon issue and this could happen with the app as well.


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5} Dubious websites

The craze of this app catching up is another problem. Everyone is pretty curious to know who send them the messages whether good or bad. There are some websites which have emerged claiming that they can identify the sender of the messages.

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6} Can users be followed on this tool?

This app allows you to take stock of received comments, favourites and the ones received. This is the nearest you can achieve if you are looking for a follow up option. This would mean sending continuous feedback to the users. As per this app there is no option of expressing your like for a message, but the app has promised it is seriously working on this option.

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7} You cannot delete your account in Sarahah

In this app there is no option to delete your account. Once created it remains lifelong and the only option are to go to settings and then click log out. In the WAP or desktop go to settings and here you will locate the option of remove account. Finally your account will be removed.


To sum it up, in Arabic the app means honesty and all the right intentions are presented, but sadly the reality presents a different picture altogether. Numerous teens have reported of being harassed on this app.

These are some of the reasons on why it is not a good idea in downloading Sarahah app.

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