7 Best Remedies For Rash-Free Period


Remedies for rash-free period include changing pads regularly, wearing loose clothes, staying dry and clean, using antiseptic gels and creams, and applying a warm compress and ice packs.

Along with bloating, pain, and scary mood swings, a slip in the hygiene department can take this discomfort during periods to another level. Period rashes are agonizing, the trick to avoid the pain and discomfort is to practice proper hygiene by being clean.

The two major causes of vaginal itching or rashes around the thighs or groin area during periods are heat and dampness. Wearing sanitary pads for too long will make the vagina damp and continuous rubbing of a pad against the skin can cause rashes, inflammation, and itchiness on the skin.

Rash-Free Period

7 Effective Remedies For Rash-Free Period

Don’t stop changing

While on periods keep changing the sanitary napkins. Some women tend to keep the first napkin on for the entire day which is not right. It can be because of anything ranging from the unavailability of clean bathrooms to a low blood flow. Keep in mind that pads should not be worn for more than four hours in any situation. No matter what the reason, ensure that you at least change the pad twice a day. It will be better, cleaner, and rash-free. Some women opt for cloth sanitary pads, although these are environment-friendly and comfortable but change them too in a day.

Wear loose clothes

While on periods avoid tight and skinny clothes. It is better and recommended to stick to loose and comfortable clothing during periods. Wearing harem pants or a flowing maxi or comfortable midi skirt would really help put during dreaded days. Loose-fitting bottom wear will ensure proper airflow in and around the pubic area which will keep sweat-free. A build-up of sweat in the pubic area can cause rashes, so be careful.


Stay dry

Applying talcum powder to the vagina area or pubic area before wearing a sanitary napkin is a great way of preventing rashes during periods. The use of powder prevents the absorption of sweat by sanitary napkins. In this way, the pad remains a lot cleaner and moisture-free. Applying powder also helps prevent friction between the skin and the pad, thereby preventing rashes and the formation of boils. Make sure to do this each time changing the napkin.

Stay squeaky clean

During periods, make sure to take ample precautions to keep the vaginal areas clean. In between household chores and running errands, make sure to wash the area with water. Do this after every 4 hours. It is also recommended that to wash the vagina to prevent the formation of bacteria. This is one way of dealing with rash problems while on periods.

Antiseptic gels

To avoid itchy skin during periods, apply an antiseptic gel or cream around the vaginal or pubic area. The cream or gel should be applied whenever changing the sanitary pad. Make sure that the cream does not spread to other sensitive areas of the body. If skin happens to react negatively to the gel or cream, stop applying it immediately. It is recommended that to consult the doctor before buying a particular gel or cream.

Warm compress

One of the effective home remedies that can be done to reduce period rashes is warm compress. A warm compress can soothe those ugly and itchy rashes on periods. Apply a warm compress on the vagina. Take a clean cloth, soak it in warm water, squeeze out the excess water, and then place it on the vagina. Warm compresses not only reduce the rashes but provide relief from the pain and are easy to do.

Ice packs

Cold compress and ice packs work well for treating period rashes. Place an ice pack on the vaginal area, it will soon soothe the itching and relief the pain. If you don’t have an ice pack, wrap some ice cubes in a clean cloth and place them on the vagina. This will also work.

Also, when on periods, maintaining cleanliness is a must. Clean the vagina with warm water but don’t use any sprays, soaps, or other chemical-based products to wash the vagina as it can irritate the sensitive skin around the vagina and even worsen the rashes.


Apple cider vinegar will reduce the itching and help promote rash-free period.


These remedies and tips can prevent rashes during periods. Stay fresh and hygienic throughout the day. Ensure to stay clean by washing thoroughly and changing the napkin frequently.

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