Rambutan During Pregnancy: Is it Safe for My Baby?


The period of pregnancy is a time that the body of a woman craves bountiful fruits that are rich in nutrients. To meet the necessary quotient of healthy food on a daily basis catering to both herself and her baby, every woman needs a repository of good fruits to last her through the nine month long period. While apples, guavas and bananas may form a part of your daily diet, it is alright to crave for an exotic fruit once in a while. There are hosts of tropical fruits from which you can choose as many as you want, but the rambutan is one of the most popular choices. As a rich source of nutrients, the consumption of rambutan during pregnancy is encouraged by most medical professionals.

The rambutan benefits far outweigh any possible cons that the fruit might have and can be a great addition to your daily nutritional supplements.

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What is Rambutan?

Rambutan is not a fruit that you associate with everyday food. Almost like a delicacy, it is a tropical fruit that closely resembles lychee and longan fruits. Etymologically the name ‘rambutan’ is derived from the Malay word for hair, an allusion to the numerous hair-like fibres which characterizes the fruit externally. The fruit is most commonly found in tropical countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia but the juicy and succulent taste has made the exotic fruit popular worldwide.

Consuming rambutan benefits a pregnant woman as it can be a rich source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. The sugary sweet taste can fill any pregnant woman with a lot of energy, while also enriching her and the life within her with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and a large store of Vitamin E.

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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Rambutan During Pregnancy


There are many benefits of consuming rambutan during pregnancy. A few of these may be listed as follows:

Rich source of iron

Iron is an important mineral nutrient that a pregnant woman needs and it is also intrinsically linked to the development of the baby. Iron reduces fatigue in a pregnant woman by keeping the haemoglobin levels intact in her blood, and is present in plentiful percentage in a rambutan.

Source of  Vitamin E

As a rich source of vitamin E, rambutan benefits include a host of advantages for your skin during and after the period of pregnancy. It prevents acne, itchy skin and dullness of skin and tone and also helps reduce stretch marks.

Fights dizziness and nausea

Two of the major issues most commonly faced by women during their period of pregnancy are episodes of dizziness and almost regular nausea. The sweet taste of it may provide some reprieve from these conditions prevalent in all the trimesters of pregnancy.

Fights common ailments and aids digestion

The rich content of phosphorus in rambutan benefits all women in their pregnancy by aiding the process of digestion and reducing diarrhoea or constipation which may occur during this period. Including rambutan in your daily diet can also fight common cold, flu and ailments like influenza.


Controls cholesterol levels and blood pressure

A regular consumption of rambutan enhances the proper circulation of blood in the body of a pregnant woman keeping the blood pressure normal and consistent. It also helps keep cholesterol levels in check and reduces any swelling in the forelimbs and hind limbs.

Detoxifies the body

Rambutan can help prevent many diseases from occurring by eliminating any toxins from being accumulated in the body of a pregnant woman. This can help combat most common ailments and help promote better health for the mother as well as the child.

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Improves immunity

The developing body of a pregnant woman must make way for many changes in the anatomy, as a result of which her immunity may become a lesser priority. Rambutan boosts the immune system of the woman helping both her and the child growing in her womb.

Possible side effects of Rambutan During Pregnancy

While rambutan is generally regarded as a great fruit for consumption, there are two main side effects. These should be considered in the context of a pregnant woman wishing to have the fruit:

  • Potential presence of alcohol
    Over ripened rambutan may have traces of alcohol that may be harmful to both the mother and the baby when consumed in excess.
  • Gestational diabetes risk
    Overtly sweet rambutan can pose a risk of blood sugar for a baby in a woman with the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Possible allergic reaction
    Although it is rare, allergic reactions to the fruit are possible rambutan side effects that you should consider before including it in your diet.

Precautionary Measures While Taking Rambutan during Pregnancy

Here are a few precautionary measures you can keep in mind in order to safely consume rambutan during pregnancy:

  • Make sure that you buy vivid red rambutans to truly enjoy the flavour of the fruit. Fruits with dark red fibres are the most desirable.
  • Make sure that the fruit you buy is ripe enough to be sweet, but not over-ripe. The latter may be harmful for it contains alcohol.
  • If the external fibres are dried up, do not buy the fruit.


If you are looking for more fruits to switch things around in your daily intake of fruits and other nutrients, rambutanis a great option that you can consider. It is juicy and succulent and can satisfy any pregnant woman craving fruits. Additionally, rambutan benefits include a host of health advantages as well.


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